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HiFormance – 512MB OpenVZ for $7.50/yr and other specials for 2018!

Kyle from HiFormance is back with some amazing deals for the start of 2018, and we’re pleased to be able to pass them along to you guys!

Here’s a note from the company

“My name is Kyle from HiFormance.com and we are fast growing SSD VPS company. We would like to offer the LEB community with exciting deals. We currently offer 6 mainstream locations with both KVM and OpenVZ virtualization (NEW).

Our focus is to offer the highest performance at the most affordable pricing. We have highly experienced and dedicated staff members that will go above and beyond support. We are about customer experience and satisfaction guarantee!”
Their WHOIS is public, they’re currently working on registering as an LLC, the accept PayPal and Credit Card, and you can find their legal docs at the following links:
**Pre-pay 3-years to get double CPU, memory, SSD or IP address!**

Here’s the offers: 

OpenVZ Offer #1:
1 x vCore
512MB Memory
5GB Pure SSD
2TB Bandwidth
1Gbps Port
1 x IPv4
[ORDER] $7.50/yr (Pre-pay 3-years to get either Double Memory, IP’s, CPU or SSD space)

OpenVZ Offer #2:</div

1 x vCore
1GB Memory
10GB Pure SSD
2TB Bandwidth
1Gbps Port
1 x IPv4
[ORDER] $15.00/yr (Pre-pay 3-years to get either Double Memory, IP’s, CPU or SSD space)

Additional Offers/Network Info:  

OpenVZ Offer #3
2 x vCore
2GB Memory
20GB Pure SSD
4TB Bandwidth
1Gbps Port
1 x IPv4
[ORDER] $30.00/yr (Pre-pay 3-years to get either Double Memory, IP’s, CPU or SSD space)


OpenVZ Offer #4
4 x vCore
4GB Memory
50GB Pure SSD
6TB Bandwidth
1Gbps Port
2 x IPv4
[ORDER] $60.00/yr (Pre-pay 3-years to get either Double Memory, IP’s, CPU or SSD space)

Network Info: 

Buffalo, NY – – Looking Glass
Chicago, IL – – Looking Glass
Dallas, TX – – Looking Glass
Los Angeles, CA – – Looking Glass
Atlanta, GA – – Looking Glass
New York, NY – –Looking Glass

OpenVZ Host Node Specifications:

Hardware RAID10
1Gbps Uplink

Please let us know if you guys have any questions, comments or concerns in the field below and enjoy!



  1. Any ipv6?

    January 26, 2018 @ 11:03 am | Reply
    • HiFormance-Kyle:


      I’m sorry we do not currently support IPv6.

      January 26, 2018 @ 10:28 pm | Reply
  2. David:

    Personal Vpn and Personal game server are allowed? According to your ToS they are, just asking because I don’t want to misunderstand

    January 27, 2018 @ 7:11 am | Reply
  3. Juan:

    is there some offer with kvm?

    January 27, 2018 @ 1:28 pm | Reply
  4. Ashlay:

    Atlanta Looking Glass not working.

    January 28, 2018 @ 9:05 pm | Reply
    • Shivanthi:

      Hi, the Atlanta LG seems to be working fine

      January 29, 2018 @ 2:17 pm | Reply
      • Ashllay:

        host, mtr, ping and traceroute does nothing.

        January 31, 2018 @ 9:49 am | Reply
  5. Kaly:

    Curious if there are any yearly plans that offer more than 6TB monthly traffic? If not that’s okay. Also, is the last plan enough to transcode and stream at least 2 simultaneous Plex streams?

    January 29, 2018 @ 2:17 pm | Reply
  6. Do you have refund term if order Pre-pay 3-years

    January 30, 2018 @ 3:12 am | Reply
  7. I’m renting a modified Offer #4 and it working fantastic for hosting a Minecraft server with 40 or so plugins. Me and my users are really liking the performance so far.

    January 30, 2018 @ 10:46 am | Reply
  8. OpenVZ_USER:

    Experience: Purchased Offer #1 at Los Angeles, CA site. Took several hours to get server online due to a shortage of IP Addresses. Once that was solved, the Ubuntu 16.04 seems a rather corrupted image: “apt update” shows tons of duplicate sources and write errors, and simple things like “apt-get install nano” fail to work.
    I re-installed, no help. Next, I re-installed with Ubuntu 14.04 and will upgrade it to 16.04 manually. The Ubuntu 14.04 x64 image seems usable so far.

    February 5, 2018 @ 4:22 am | Reply
    • OpenVZ_USER:

      Things are going downhill. Spend 20 minutes upgrading Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 manually. “apt-get install nano”, but “apt-get install apache2” fails with errors. I try to open a support ticket, but find the ticket system doesn’t work? https://hiformance.com/support# (clicking it does nothing). The only support is via online chat? And that is taking a rather long time to respond.

      February 5, 2018 @ 4:42 am | Reply
  9. neutronscott:

    things are OK with Debian 9 image in NYC but host doesn’t use NTP. Offset is 47sec but cannot run own ntpd.
    for $22/3yr i don’t expect much so it’s done pretty well.

    February 8, 2018 @ 9:07 pm | Reply
  10. JohnsonY:

    CS is great with response and solve my issue within a day. It does as the promo let you pickup double CPU, RAM or SSD storage when u pre-pay for 3years. So far I am feel okay with this provider.

    February 20, 2018 @ 4:54 pm | Reply
  11. Linh:

    Everyday our site is down for 2 hours, from 19:30 to about 21:30 (server time). Contacted support many times to report disk IO issues (under 10 MB/s). The response was there was an abuser on the node and they didn’t manage to fix it.

    After putting a lot of heavy words on them, many days later, they said they terminated the abusive user, and after 2-3 days things was fine, and now it happens again. I think they didn’t terminate the users, they just re-enable the user service and allow the abuser to abuse their service.

    Our usage is about 0.1 vcore consistently when the node is good on the 2vcore plan, but every days there was 2 hours period that the average load could reach a few tens, some time more than 100. This is a night mare for small users like us.

    February 21, 2018 @ 5:28 am | Reply
  12. Hiformance vps down time is too high, after fix the prob its down again.

    February 21, 2018 @ 12:47 pm | Reply
  13. Kent:

    be careful, low service, always no reply. don’t buy

    March 11, 2018 @ 9:19 am | Reply
    • Kent:

      my vps ip:

      March 11, 2018 @ 9:21 am | Reply
  14. HFbad:

    slow respond!! bad network!! no solutions!!

    March 18, 2018 @ 1:07 am | Reply
  15. Md Abdul Hakim:

    Service ordered March 17th, 2018. Payment method PayPal. On March 21st, 2018 my service suspended for no payment! What the f**k! Today my service is Terminated. No reply since March 21st, 2018 (23:29). I think they are scam. Their PayPal account is not verified. Stay away from them.

    March 24, 2018 @ 11:18 am | Reply
    • Md Abdul Hakim:

      Problem resolved.

      March 27, 2018 @ 2:20 pm | Reply
  16. Wahalla:

    Paid for my VPS after receiving a warning that the invoice was overdue but the VPS was terminated anyway, When I complained that I paid for a VPS that had been terminated, Their response is no refunds. They have no backups so if your VPS get wiped then you are on your own

    April 2, 2018 @ 9:47 am | Reply

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