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Interview: Q&A with DediPath CTO Ernie Quick on His Company and Making Success Happen


As we continue our Low End Box Interview Series, today we are talking to Ernie Quick, Founder and CTO of DediPath, a hosting company that specializes in IaaS, Colocation and DDoS Protected Services. DediPath has been in business for a few years and has enjoyed tremendous growth over that period of time. Ernie has spent most of his career in the hosting industry and so we are excited to learn more about his methods and perspectives.

So, let’s get started with the interview!

Tell me about your background and your company’s history?

DediPath was launched with the vision of providing a unique approach to Infrastructure as a Server (IaaS). To ensure the success of those that partnered with us, DediPath is committed to three foundational pillars. First, a focus on pure performance, encompassing not only network capacity, network latency, and hardware product offerings, but also supporting cast of experienced support staff. Second, DediPath focuses on the value of our offerings: providing a great experience at a predictable price, and allowing our partners to grow with us, by finding savings for them to allow us to all succeed together. Finally, DediPath ensures that we provide our partners with the utmost in flexibility, by providing a full gamut of solutions that include managed services, colocation, cloud offerings, bare metal, and DDOS protected transit. This focus allows DediPath and our partners to work together harmoniously to provide a premium solution.

What would you tell someone looking to start a hosting company today? What advice would you offer?

Having seen both sides, as a hosting customer as well as the infrastructure provider, it really comes down to understanding your needs and ensuring that your provider meets those needs in the context of your fiscal restraints. It is easy to ‘sort by cheapest’ or ‘sort by most expensive’ hoping to compensate for the performance of the cheapest or expecting the most expensive to be the best. I recommend that you take the time to see what kind of facilities a provider offers, take the time to perform ping and trace tests against their servers, and even reach out to their team to ask the questions important to you. A great organization will explain where there is a good fit, and where there it may not be. We always strive to be such a great organization.

Where do you think the future takes the hosting industry?

With world events driving a new wave of ‘work from home’, we are all starting to see more office work taking place online. Face to face office meetings have found themselves now taking place over VOIP phone bridges and live video group chats. We see offices moving their on-site infrastructure to cloud based infrastructure that can still maintain control over. With this you will likely see a continued demand for virtual desktop and VDI environments for remote workers to access while still having them managed by organizations. We will also likely see those office server closets start to make their way to datacenter colocation for those specialized appliance and server configurations.

Tell me about your top two failures in business? What did you learn from them?

A specific facility selection was one of our biggest learning experiences for sure. Having just completed a migration from the facility, we can recommend ensuring an in-depth research and selection period as well as a forecast for future growth and whether the facility can grow with you. I always recommend investing a little more time up front, which will pay dividends later. We learned from the experience and partnered with top notch facilities who offer massive expansion opportunities as well as outstanding on-site engineering teams.

Tell me about your top two successes in business? 

The people I work with as partners are what I enjoy most. I enjoy focusing on the positive in that we continuously come together. We find solutions in the hard times. We learn from each other and through each experience. I take pride in our team for giving it all, every day. I also have the honor of applauding their professionalism and experience every day.

What do you enjoy most about your role? What do you find most difficult?

I enjoy being able to see everything from a 30,000 FT overview. I think for me the most enjoyment I get, is when I see customer growth and a lot of orders in the kitchen so to speak, and watching our teams outperform and crush goals.

It is also nice to be challenged continuously as it keeps you sharp and on your toes.

Both personally and professionally, what guiding principles ground you?

Coming from a background of public service and nonprofit work, I find that those experiences have driven my direction and guiding principles. I think it is crucial that we focus on how else we can help others grow and with that, we grow as well and enable others to do the same. Knowledge sharing is crucial, as in that when one of us learns a lesson, we should recover and then begin to share that lesson with others so that they do not repeat it. With that shared experience and learning, the industry continues to grow and support those that depend on us.

Give us some details on new and exciting things you are working on?

We have one major new offering coming soon as well as an expansion of one we currently offer. Working hand in hand with the migration to residential connections and wireless connections as people move to work from home, we are continuing to expand our presence near the network edge. This edge concept means that we are constantly working to get server infrastructure closer to the end user. We have started this expansion in Las Vegas, NV and Jacksonville, FL and look to expand to 10 new locations by the end of the year.

Our next major product offering is a true clustered cloud backend storage that works with our entire set offerings. Offering nearly limitless storage expansion abilities to virtualized services, bare metal, and even colocation, we are excited to begin offering high availability storage with redundancy and replication built in with a turnkey solution for our partners.

Why should customers trust you and your business?

The organization is founded and run by industry professionals who have been building great relationships for a long time. We have a massive combined experience to pull from and have always placed the growth of our partners first. There are no corners cut as we always look to provide the best in facilities, network, and support. We continue to add features and capacity, many times at no additional cost. Our partners are our business and supporting them is the priority!

Final thoughts and anything you would like to add?

We find ourselves in the unique position of being able to support others grow their own business during a time of monumental change in both end user needs as well as exponential growth our partners are also seeing. We enjoy the candid and open conversations we can have with our partners and look to continue to grow with and support them!

Check out DediPath by clicking their banner below!


  1. Thank you for the interview and the opportunity to share some information about myself and DediPath with the community.

    November 22, 2020 @ 3:23 pm | Reply
    • Great interview Ernie, thanks for taking the time to chat with LowEndBox!

      November 22, 2020 @ 5:57 pm | Reply

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