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[CYBER MONDAY] ChicagoVPS - $60/3 years 2GB OpenVZ VPS in Buffalo and Chicago

ChicagoVPSChris, from ChicagoVPS, writes us with a new “Cyber Monday” offer. This mind-blowing offer is exclusive to LowEndBox.com. Enjoy!

3 Year Special

  • 2GB RAM
  • No vSwap
  • 4 vCPU Cores
  • 50GB Disk space
  • 2TB Bandwidth
  • 100Mbps uplink
  • 2x IPv4 address
  • OpenVZ/Custom
  • $60/3 years | Order

ChicagoVPS, who was one of the first with the $7/month 2 GB VPS back in 2011 (https://lowendbox.com/blog/chicagovps-7-2gb-openvz-vps-in-chicago/), and are not afraid to make killer deals, offer all of this for just $20 per year, as long as you buy for three years! With ChicagoVPS’ new web site design, their KVM machines, and their current focus on the SSD VPS market (all VPS are now either SSD cached or pure SSD plans) they’ve established themselves even more as an all-round provider. Orders will be set up instantly, so you can get started right after ordering!

ChicagoVPS accepts the following payment methods: major credit cards, personal check, cashier’s check, PayPal, electronic check, and money order. Their refunds policy states that “Refunds are subject to approval by ChicagoVPS on a case by case basis”. ChicagoVPS guarantees a 99.9% uptime with all services. Free central backups, free automated weekly node backups and free DNS hosting are all included. For more information, take a look at their Terms of Service.

Network Information:

Buffalo, NY, USA:
Chicago, IL, USA:



  1. jcaleb:

    wow 2 ipv4

    December 2, 2013 @ 12:35 am
    • John:

      I did not heed the many warnings of people here to stay away from ChicagoVPS, I thought they were stupid or being mean, and I too wanted to believe you could get so much for so little money. You get what you pay for.

      If you’re looking for a server that is constanly down at random times and for hours at a time. Then Chicago VPS is for you. Despite what anyone says, especially customer support replying to my comment I can assure you that if you buy a server with chicagoVPS it will be down at least for an avg of 1 hr per day.

      You have been warned!

      Please don’t make the same mistake that I did and ignore all the warning on here. Don’t fool yourself and think you will be the exception. I’m surprised ChicagoVPS is in business, they can’t keep their servers up.

      Again, please listen to what I”m saying, if you choose to ignore my warning just know that you will be disappointed.

      You can not in anyway host a website on Chicago VPS, the site WILL be down often. You have been warned! I promise you I’m not a troll and I ignored all the warnings from people on here to give Chicago VPS a fair chance. I made a mistake. Please don’t repeat my mistake. If you’re reading this you might now understand the sorrow until you actually pay for it and experience your server being down constantly. You just might now understand until it happens to you. I mean this from the bottom of my heart, don’t make the same mistake I did. If you respect yourself and the internet and humanity in general you will not be with Chicago VPS. There is a reason they are offering a $19/month plan for $1.67. Don’t be fooled like I was, I let myself ignore my common sense because I wanted to believe that it was true. It’s not. You will regret it. Don’t do it ok. Don’t repeat my mistakes.

      December 17, 2013 @ 2:03 am
      • drboyd:

        I’ve had my OpenVZ VPS from ChicagoVPS for about a year now, and its been up way more than 23 hours a day. I run a clan website and some gaming servers on the VPS, and they don’t lag, which is saying a lot for an inexpensive VPS. Their customer service has always been courteous and prompt, and even though my VPS only makes $40 a year for them they have always treated me like I was their best customer.

        Just saying, not everyone has an equal experience. John apparently had a bad one. I’ve had a good one. This deal for a 2GB VPS for $20 a year is killer, and even if it were true that the VPS only ran 23 hours a day its a hell of a deal.

        Now if we could only get someone to write a string iptables module that worked on OpenVZ (lol).

        December 19, 2013 @ 10:31 am
        • Paul:

          I’ve been with Chicago VPS for 2 years, apart from a few problems here and there (abusers on the same node apparently), everything been running smooth.

          I’ve had a great experience with them.

          December 25, 2013 @ 9:30 pm
    • manny brobbey:

      I have been with them for quiet some time now, and I could not fault their service so far so I bet to differ. sorry I walk a different path

      February 27, 2014 @ 2:17 pm
  2. PpR:

    Oh no…

    December 2, 2013 @ 12:36 am
    • PpR:

      My initial comment was a surprise, that rather than hitting up further on the ram race, they chose to give a super-long commitment for a LEB deal. But think of it this way. They already offer 30/yr for a similar deal, and now its pay for 2 years and get a FREE year and a FREE IPv4.

      To be fair, CVPS is good on support, quick to accept their mistakes and offer remedy and their performance after the hack-hack saga is good and their recent servers perform very well. I shall include a recent benchmark from a similar 2GB VPS, however am on a semi-annual plan on a Gbit port from LA.

      Am happy with CVPS with my deal the way it is and would be a PLUS if they allow me to tag me into this deal.

      CPU model : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1240 V2 @ 3.40GHz
      Number of cores : 4
      CPU frequency : 3401.000 MHz
      Total amount of ram : 2048 MB
      Total amount of swap : 0 MB
      System uptime : 48 days, 3:43,
      Download speed from CacheFly: 111MB/s
      Download speed from Coloat, Atlanta GA: 27.2MB/s
      Download speed from Softlayer, Dallas, TX: 31.4MB/s
      Download speed from Linode, Tokyo, JP: 11.6MB/s
      Download speed from i3d.net, NL:
      Download speed from Leaseweb, Haarlem, NL: 7.40MB/s
      Download speed from Softlayer, Singapore: 4.30MB/s
      Download speed from Softlayer, Seattle, WA: 841KB/s
      Download speed from Softlayer, San Jose, CA: 96.7MB/s
      Download speed from Softlayer, Washington, DC: 16.0MB/s
      I/O speed : 370 MB/s

      December 3, 2013 @ 12:56 am
  3. Just $1,6/month for 3 years?
    Really good offer :)

    December 2, 2013 @ 12:45 am
    • Hey, it’s Cyber Monday and we’re feeling generous! :-)

      December 2, 2013 @ 12:59 am
      • Denis:

        Will you guys be here in 3 years :) (hint:sarcasm) ?

        December 2, 2013 @ 2:29 am
        • Hi Denis!

          We have already been here for more than 3 years and are backed by a parent company (New Wave NetConnect LLC). Along with the fact that our company is only continuing to grow steadily I believe the answer to that is pretty obvious (yes we will be!) :) Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

          We appreciate you.

          December 2, 2013 @ 11:42 pm
          • John:

            Why has my server been down since 10PM? It’s now 1AM and there is no response to my support ticket and my server is not back up.

            Not only that but my server has been down the majority of the time.

            December 17, 2013 @ 2:07 am
      • zijo:

        Right, then why don’t you refund me for 2 servers $60 + $25 I have with you where from Jun that constantly have problems.

        Feel sorry for someone pays you for 3 years and have such servers where he can’t install a web site without been down every second day.

        December 9, 2013 @ 1:46 am
        • John:

          zijo, I read your comment and I ignored it, I also purchased the plan, I feel like such a fool, I fell for it too but even after you warned us.

          :( I hope people reading this will not ignore the comments, they are all true, nothing has changed with ChicagoVPS, your server will be down constantly, and forget about securing your data.

          I’ve come to the point where I’ve begun to accept that this is just how ChicagoVPS is, that if you buy something from them it won’t be up very often. It’s almost funny to me now that I’ve begun to accept it. I am a fool.

          December 17, 2013 @ 2:10 am
  4. Hello!

    Many thanks to Maarten and the team for featuring our Cyber Monday sale, we appreciate the opportunity to be offering the community with an awesome and unbeatable deal! If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


    December 2, 2013 @ 12:58 am
  5. Lucas:

    Are you sure keep your business for more than 3 years? Just avoid long time terms, because everything changes all the time.

    December 2, 2013 @ 1:06 am
    • Lucas, as it stands we’ve been in business for more than 3 years already. We are continuing to grow steadily! :-)

      Thanks for the interest.


      December 2, 2013 @ 1:08 am
      • Lucas:

        Are you sure? Basically you offer Cyber Monday jail for 3 years with CVPS :)

        December 2, 2013 @ 12:05 pm
  6. dotnetnoob:

    Do custom mean Windows or custom linux?

    December 2, 2013 @ 1:07 am
    • This is a Linux VPS, you can choose your desired Linux OS flavor in the order form or reinstall your VPS to another operating system via our VPS control panel available in the client area.


      December 2, 2013 @ 1:09 am
  7. iPon:

    Does this plan using SSD?

    December 2, 2013 @ 1:10 am
  8. skizoid:

    can change to this offer for existing member?

    December 2, 2013 @ 1:19 am
  9. leon:

    Very nice offer, thank you!

    What about CPU power/allocation for this offer? there is no info about that.
    Also, is TUN/TAP-PPP available? it will be for VPN.


    December 2, 2013 @ 1:33 am
    • Hi Leon!

      Thank you for the interest. You will receive 4 CPU E3 processor with your VPS. TUN/TAP and PPP can be enabled for VPN purposes.

      December 2, 2013 @ 11:44 pm
  10. we need higher ram, may 4GB
    is there any cyber monday promo for KVM chicagovps
    I am interested in corporate kvm package

    December 2, 2013 @ 1:36 am
  11. texteditor:

    oh shit, I’ll take 10 how could this possibly go wrong

    December 2, 2013 @ 1:46 am
  12. Chase:

    “Free central backups, free automated weekly node backups”

    Really. I can’t find anything about it on their site or management console, and if the SolusVM debacle was any insight, their automated backups are non-existent. Please, show me where I can make a backup.

    December 2, 2013 @ 2:21 am
    • Hi Chase,

      We are now taking automated backups of every node on a weekly basis with our new and improved backup system.


      December 2, 2013 @ 11:46 pm
      • Chase:

        I am just curious, how is this any different?

        I lost my box as well in the last breach. I wasn’t really using it for anything but after that I setup some backups with Tarsnap. It’s so dirt cheap, I think I’m paying 10 cents a month or something crazy. So now I am free to shop for the best value, and not worry about data. I think CVPS is run rather poorly, never talked to support, but sound like dicks to me. They deserve the bad press and trolling they have received, not because of the Solus breach, but because of their terrible response.

        Now, that being said, as far as the actual service, I’m quite pleased. If you’re going to be buying budget boxes, you can’t assume data durability (why do you think people choose AWS, etc when it’s more expensive). The benchmarks are very solid at least on my node, and 9 months or so in it isn’t completely oversold yet. So just tossing my hat in the ring here, everyone got what they deserved: people who got screwed learned a lesson and should have had backups, and the awful response by CVPS and their other history follows them around.

        December 3, 2013 @ 2:53 am
  13. Silvenga:

    If only I had $60.

    December 2, 2013 @ 2:24 am
  14. et:

    Oh damn….

    I just renewed my cvps 2 days ago for $30…. Can I get upgraded for this offer if i pay the difference :D ? Basically paying additional $30 and getting an additional year and ipv4 ?

    December 2, 2013 @ 3:07 am
    • Hello!

      That is something you’ll need to speak with our billing department about, please open a billing ticket and our billing manager will work with you.

      -ChicagoVPS Sales

      December 2, 2013 @ 11:34 pm
  15. et:

    Also, Minecraft still allowed?

    December 2, 2013 @ 3:13 am
  16. heaton:

    ChicagoVPS is the most shit vps supplier I met.I lost all of my data two times from two different vps of them!

    December 2, 2013 @ 3:30 am
    • Heston, yes it happened but atleast have your hate pointed in the right direction. It happened due to SolusVM, not due to neglect. Remember that it also happens to many many other hosts.

      December 2, 2013 @ 2:43 pm
    • jimpop:

      > I lost all of my data two times

      You probably shouldn’t tell people that. I mean once is understandable, but twice?

      December 2, 2013 @ 7:44 pm
    • Maarten Kossen:

      You probably should have made backups after the first time you lost your data.

      December 3, 2013 @ 12:22 am
      • texteditor:

        Way to handwave away the issue of the provider still losing all data on the server, twice. He never said he had no backups, hard to deny having to do full restores is a pain in the ass either way

        December 3, 2013 @ 12:39 am
        • jimpop:

          > the issue of the provider still losing all data on the server, twice.

          There are quite a few ways for a provider to loose your data. Not making backups is being just as irresponsible as those who suggest that it should be impossible for a provider to loose data. Hardware can fail, Software can fail. There are no guarantees at LET/LEB prices.

          December 3, 2013 @ 12:17 pm
          • ClownJugglar:


            December 3, 2013 @ 3:06 pm
          • Jancis:

            backups are soo easy! i have cheap raspberry pi with usb drive hooked up and doing daily backups from my vps. simple an effective!

            December 8, 2013 @ 2:42 pm
        • Maarten Kossen:

          Sorry, that was not my intention to do. It was meant jokingly, with a wink :-)

          December 6, 2013 @ 11:16 pm
  17. derek:

    I just paid for an annual service few days ago. Any chance that I can top up the balance and enjoy this offer? I’ve submitted a ticket on this – #GMM-999147. Let me know! *fingers crossed* Thanks!

    December 2, 2013 @ 3:35 am
  18. dotnetnoob:

    The reviews on ChicagoVps seem to be mixed. I’m not going to use it for production or anything important (I’m a .Net developer and mostly want to try out Asp.net on Mono) but don’t want the service to be down too often. Is it possible not to commit for 3 years? Can you do $20 per year? In case the service doesn’t work out.

    December 2, 2013 @ 3:46 am
    • Hello,

      This price is for the given time period. We very rarely have downtime and support 99.9% uptime. Some reviews you may be referring to are when out SolusVM got breached because it was not secured by the company itself and had zero day exploits.

      December 2, 2013 @ 2:46 pm
    • jimpop:

      > I’m not going to use it for production or anything important

      You won’t put something important into a $20/year VPS!?!? :-)

      December 2, 2013 @ 7:50 pm
  19. Site is not reachable?

    December 2, 2013 @ 4:04 am
    • Hi Rudolf,

      We are not receiving any other reports of this. Please email support@chicagovps.net with a traceroute if you are still having a problem.

      December 2, 2013 @ 11:46 pm
      • Tnx. I think the site was blocked in the company where I was.
        Ordered a package from my home computer yesterday in the afternoon :-)

        It’s up and running!

        December 3, 2013 @ 9:23 am
  20. Fritz:

    Wow, 3 years deal? Seriously?

    December 2, 2013 @ 4:28 am
    • Hi Fritz that is correct, we hope that you enjoy our Cyber Monday offer!

      December 2, 2013 @ 11:47 pm
  21. lj:

    omg your serious lets get a 3 year lease to lose data and get wiped and get dicked about with lies and more lie stay well clear you have been warned 3 times since i had there service i lost data never looked back since iniz

    December 2, 2013 @ 4:53 am
    • jimpop:

      > 3 times since i had there service i lost data

      Are you saying that you lost your data 3 times in a row? Really?

      Did it ever occur to you to make a backup? offsite?

      December 2, 2013 @ 7:52 pm
  22. et:

    What’s with all the haters?

    Anyone that use a LEB without a personal backup is an idiot.

    My CVPS has been very stable for the last year. I had 162 days up, and now its 32 days up

    io & network seems great aswell

    dd if=/dev/zero of=iotest bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync
    16384+0 records in
    16384+0 records out
    1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 2.58268 s, 416 MB/s

    Connecting to ipv4.download.thinkbroadband.com||:80... connected.
    HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
    Length: 209715200 (200M) [application/zip]
    Saving to: â200MB.zip.1â

    100%[======================================>] 209,715,200 18.6M/s in 12s

    2013-12-02 13:51:07 (17.0 MB/s) - â200MB.zip.1â

    December 2, 2013 @ 5:52 am
    • anar:

      can you info what location you buy it and what plan ssd cache or pure ssd ?

      December 2, 2013 @ 9:31 am
      • et:


        Not sure if its pure or cache ssd, i got it from last year’s black friday promo

        December 2, 2013 @ 11:02 am
    • Glad to hear!

      December 2, 2013 @ 11:47 pm
  23. James:


    December 2, 2013 @ 5:53 am
  24. jcaleb:

    if ipv4 become more scarce, will you still honor 2 ipv4 within the 3 year commitment?

    December 2, 2013 @ 6:10 am
  25. W1V_Lee:

    This is actually a one year deal. You need to allow for the 2 years of downtime or other ‘issues’ that may prevent you getting to use it.

    December 2, 2013 @ 8:49 am
  26. anar:

    i just affraid at middle time we got suspended with many reason is no sense and not valid
    this offer very good but, must thinking again i fill this will be have someting wrong

    running 1 year okey next year how know it, will be many reason for suspended wtf that abuse cpu, use big resource or etc only they now it

    December 2, 2013 @ 9:28 am
    • Anar,

      Not sure if I am following your English, but if you are experiencing any issues we are more than happy to assist in any way that we can. Please email us at support@chicagovps.net and let’s talk!

      December 2, 2013 @ 11:36 pm
      • Rocky Shah:

        lol they cant even talk to you through ticket system and they say they will talk if you e-mail them on support@chicago###.###
        Now that woukd be news that they know how to sort problems out
        as I got a vps from them on the 11th Sept and 10 days later still they cant sort it out as it keeps on getting suspended after a couple of hours

        September 21, 2014 @ 10:54 pm
    • jimpop:

      LOL.. Ping doesn’t identify the cause of the P/L, where’s the traceroute?

      December 2, 2013 @ 7:55 pm
    • Anar,

      Jimpop is correct, without any more details this really means nothing. Make sure you don’t have CSF firewall rate limiting ICMP requests either. Contact our support department and let’s talk, our email is support@chicagovps.net


      December 2, 2013 @ 11:37 pm
      • Rocky Shah:

        Dont bother contacting them as they are not 24/7 support as they mention on their site and I have had problems for last 11 days and they keep on turning the vps ONLY TO BE TURNED OFF AGAIN BY THEIR SCRIPT AFTER A COUPLE OF HOURS

        September 21, 2014 @ 10:57 pm
  27. adrian:

    Terrible provider.. they should be banned from lowendtalk.
    The offer should be written as US$60 for 3months.. because thats about the longest their oversold crap lasts

    December 2, 2013 @ 9:52 am
    • Do you know who own LEB/LET?

      December 2, 2013 @ 10:01 am
    • Adrian,

      I’m sorry that you feel that way. We have thousands of satisfied clients and ChicagoVPS is committed to customer satisfaction. We would like to resolve any outstanding issues with you directly. Please email us at support@chicagovps.net so we can communicate with you.

      I appreciate your time.

      December 2, 2013 @ 11:39 pm
      • Rocky Shah:


        September 21, 2014 @ 10:58 pm
  28. initialo:

    So yeah, oops. Don’t forget to turn off any proxy you’re using when you go to order this. Wonder how long my ticket will take to get resolved :o

    December 2, 2013 @ 10:03 am
    • Hi Initialo,

      Sounds like you’re triggered our MaxMind anti-fraud system. If this has not been resolved for you yet please post a ticket ID so I can get that approved for you.


      December 2, 2013 @ 11:32 pm
    • Rocky Shah:

      LEVEL 0
      LEVEL 1
      LEVEL 2

      September 21, 2014 @ 11:01 pm
  29. Is this a recurring price? That is, after the initial 3 years, will I be able to continue service at this price (either for $20/year or another $60/3-years), or is this only an introductory price?

    I currently have a VPS with this company already, and I bought it at $30/yr with a coupon code. That price is recurring, which they confirmed when I ordered.

    December 2, 2013 @ 10:28 am
    • Although, in three years, it may be more cost efficient to get an upgraded vps. Technology gets faster and cheaper with time, so 3 years from now, this service at this price may be subpar.

      December 2, 2013 @ 10:30 am
    • Stephen,

      It is a recurring locked in price guarantee, meaning that the price will never increase in future renewals after you have secured your order with us. It will remain at $60 per 3 years.

      Our new VPS’s are as new and up to date as it gets, we utilize the latest and most cutting edge E3 processors with SSD caching technology. Technology being outdated will not be a problem because due to our robust infrastructure we can always live migrate containers to newer hardware and you wouldn’t notice any downtime during that process either.

      On that note, we are also working on getting other nodes that are not SSD cached (from nodes that are over a year old) live migrated over to SSD cached nodes, we are committed to staying innovative and updated and offering both old and new customers nothing but the best.

      Thanks for the opportunity.

      December 2, 2013 @ 11:31 pm
      • Rocky Shah:


        September 21, 2014 @ 11:04 pm
  30. Lets see if CVPS can promise to satisfy these Cyber Monday clients.

    December 2, 2013 @ 12:14 pm
  31. Loyd:

    Have had ChicagoVPS 2GB in Buffalo, NY box since March for $40/y and using it currently for parking microwebsites. Box runs at 200k RAM eating almost no CPU and very little bandwidth. Was not monitoring it, but found it down or crapped once or twice, so use with caution. No VPS provider is immune to resource hoggers and abusers (yes, you folks), but shortly after I opened ticket machine went back, maybe someone got the boot. Setup rDNS via ticket, response was literally in minutes.

    ChicagoVPS has 99.9% availability guarantee, not sure what it means, but I would expect if the long-term availability falls under this, they should refund the remainder of your money. Check with them.

    Here is the specs of my box:

    Virtual/Physical …. Virtuozzo
    CPU model ……….. Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1240 V2 @ 3.40GHz
    Number of cores ….. 4
    CPU frequency ……. 3401.000 MHz
    BogoMips (1 core) … 6800.20
    Total RAM ……….. 2048 MB
    Used RAM ………… 206 MB
    Total swap ………. 0 MB
    Total HDD ……….. 51200 MB
    Used HDD ………… 1778 MB
    System uptime ……. 11 days, 13:31,
    Kernel ………….. Linux 2.6.32-042stab078.28 x86_64
    Entropy level ……. 151
    D/L (cachefly) …… 23.3MB/s
    I/O speed ……….. 370MB/s

    Stop kicking the tires, this is not Mercedes E-class, but a Ford Fiesta so anyone who expects Mercedes is going to be frustrated. You never plan using your OpenVZ box down to it’s full resources, get at least 4x bigger container than your average need is. These cheap providers are oversold to oblivion, there is no other way for them to make living. My main business website at different provider runs in a smaller 1GB container for $200/yr.

    December 2, 2013 @ 1:44 pm
  32. Law:


    Do you guys allow minecraft servers? I don’t see anything against them in thr Acceptable Use Policy.

    December 2, 2013 @ 3:15 pm
    • Hi Law,

      Thank you for your interest. Good news, ChicagoVPS allows Minecraft servers! If you have any additional questions please let us know.



      December 2, 2013 @ 11:21 pm
  33. Bill:

    I’ve been very pleased with ChicagoVPS, which I have had since Black Friday last year. Almost no downtime, excellent support responsiveness.

    Ping times for my current server in Buffalo are excellent with no dropped packets: http://cloudmonitor.ca.com/en/ping.php?vtt=1386016417&varghost=

    December 2, 2013 @ 3:54 pm
    • anar:

      you have diffrent ip with the offer and i think diffrent node

      December 2, 2013 @ 10:13 pm
    • Hi Anar,

      Of course we have plenty of IP blocks and servers in every location, its not like we only have 1 server in every location :) However all servers in each location is all in the same network/datacenter, so the test IPs will give you an accurate idea of the latency and network you can expect in that specific location.


      December 2, 2013 @ 11:23 pm
  34. Gonzalo Neira:

    Avoid ChicagoVPS, their service is lousy, the support takes 12 hours or more to react. I do not recommend unless you want to test only.

    my server who i use as a dns:

    December 2, 2013 @ 6:10 pm
    • Hi Gonzalo,

      Sorry to hear about that, but your screenshot is small and not readable. Please provide me with a ticket ID so I can identify your account and work with you to resolve any outstanding issues.

      December 2, 2013 @ 11:24 pm
  35. Can i using this server, for server game Ragnarok Private Server?

    December 2, 2013 @ 6:39 pm
  36. wm:

    I am a previous Chicago VPS. I was on a one year plan that just expired and had no issues with it. The singular support ticket that I opened early last spring was to have my VPS migrated to an updated node so that I could run a 64 bit version of Linux. The only reason I did not renew is because the website I was running, I no longer have time to devote to it. There are a lot of much worse VPS providers out there then CVPS…Been there, wasted the money.

    Now I am really thinking hard about this latest CVPS offer and might snag one even though I don’t really need it at this time.

    December 2, 2013 @ 6:52 pm
    • Hi Wm!

      Let us know if there is anything we can do for you, we would love to see you back! Thank you for the opportunity.

      December 2, 2013 @ 11:40 pm
  37. Law:

    Not that great for a forge-modded minecraft server (using mcpc). There was some block lag and the new chunks/regions were generating quite slowly. Might be suitable for a small vanilla or spigot-based server.

    I/O results:

    root@server:~# dd if=/dev/zero of=iotest bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync; rm iotest
    16384+0 records in
    16384+0 records out
    1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 8.67661 s, 124 MB/s

    Have hit a max of 157 MB/s, nothing higher as of yet.

    Also no vSwap :(

    December 2, 2013 @ 7:53 pm
    • Hi Law,

      We never advertised any vSwap with this offer. we can add some vSwap to your VPS for a small additional fee if you contact our sales department and let us know how much you are looking for. In my experience, Minecraft servers perform better with some vSwap.

      December 2, 2013 @ 11:25 pm
  38. kalvin:

    How many times during the 3 years will my personal data get leaked? Do you guarantee at least 5 tickets per year of mine won’t get answered?

    December 2, 2013 @ 8:11 pm
  39. Chris:

    Not enough official info.

    Does this offer include any CPU?
    Does this offer include vSwap?
    The RAM is guaranteed or burst?

    December 2, 2013 @ 9:18 pm
    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your interest. The VPS will be allocated 4 CPU E3 processor. The RAM is guaranteed however no vSwap will be included.

      If you have any additional questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask!


      December 2, 2013 @ 11:27 pm
  40. Dyl:

    Just purchased one, took about 2 minutes for set up.
    Internet speeds are insane (~925mb up/down) http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3140711966
    I’m hoping speeds don’t slow as more people start to use these VPSs, but either way, quite happy with this right now.

    December 3, 2013 @ 1:00 am
  41. Could you take a look at Ticket #TVW-895328.

    December 3, 2013 @ 2:41 am
  42. Michael:

    Do you have any LA based VPS slot for this offer? Connection to Asia is important to me…

    December 3, 2013 @ 3:04 am
  43. Raghavendra:

    Chicagovps is one of the best budget providers.

    I have their LA vps for more than a year and it rocks.

    And recently ordered a vps from Chicago location. Unfortunately, did miss this cybermonday deal :( .

    If they improve a bit on support response times, they will be a very good contender for LET top providers.

    December 3, 2013 @ 6:26 am
    • It looks like the deal is still active. I can add it to my cart and proceed to checkout.

      December 3, 2013 @ 11:44 am
      • Raghavendra:

        If you are referring me, i already ordered, paid and online already, just 2-3 days before this offer.

        December 3, 2013 @ 1:22 pm
    • Hello,

      We have added additional staff members to our team over the past couple weeks. You’ll find that our support has improved dramatically Raghavendra!


      December 16, 2013 @ 2:29 am
  44. abc:

    How about pure ssd? Even with half of hd?

    December 3, 2013 @ 6:51 am
  45. Observer:

    Could you take a look at Ticket #TVW-895328.

    December 3, 2013 @ 7:59 am
    • zijo:

      Just wait few days they will respond if not, then ask again, then within 7 days they will respond.

      December 9, 2013 @ 1:52 am
    • Hi Observer,

      Ticket TVW-895328 was resolved a while ago, but I also wanted to comment that we have added additional staff members over the past couple weeks and you will notice that our support response times have improved significantly.

      December 16, 2013 @ 2:31 am
  46. W1V_Lee:

    If it suits you take it, whilst I am not a fan of the operation they are far from the worst. Providing you set you expectations at a level equal to $1.66 per month then you should be fine.

    December 3, 2013 @ 2:14 pm
  47. ClownJugglar:

    Some company that cares about it’s clients would at least offer a small refund window. 3 days or 24hrs even, of course dependant on your usage. I got in last black friday and the server was unresponsive for the 10hrs I was at work (“working”). Decided for a refund, I mean I never got to use it. They told me to shove it. My credit card company told them to shove it.

    Pay with a CC that has your back, or Paypal.

    December 3, 2013 @ 3:13 pm
    • ahmiq:

      Hi ,

      If i pay with CC or Paypal , i can do that? i heard most of the time the company has benefit because they say its virtual goods.

      December 4, 2013 @ 3:24 am
  48. leon:


    what would be the cost of upgrading to a 1000Mbps uplink?

    Thank you for answering my questions

    December 3, 2013 @ 4:07 pm
  49. David:

    Hey, could you accept Bitcoin payment? It’s faster, no fee and more secure than other.

    December 3, 2013 @ 4:32 pm
    • texteditor:

      It’s actually none of those 3 things….

      December 3, 2013 @ 5:11 pm
    • At the moment we do not accept Bitcoin

      December 16, 2013 @ 2:33 am
  50. kyaky:

    3 years… oh boy…

    December 3, 2013 @ 8:02 pm
  51. Can i use this vps for video encoding?

    December 3, 2013 @ 8:34 pm
  52. To be fair, CVPS is not as bad as you haters here, especially with their good cost for a budget / low-end box.
    During my 1 year hosting there, the only downtime is when they had problems with SolusVM, and honestly I decided to leave due to the long delay on solving problem (7-10 days as I remember). If there is no down-time during that period, the performance and uptime was quite good (my Chicago node). I cancelled the service last month and currently did move my VPS to some another providers. Anyway, for this cost, it is good deal to have a backup VPS IMHO.

    December 5, 2013 @ 4:05 am
  53. x0054:

    As long as you ok with CVPS employees snooping through your files without telling you, not answering your support tickets for 5+ hours, and having your VPS on nodes that randomly hardware crash and no one even tries to fix it until you submit a ticket (and they get around it some time next day), go for it!

    December 5, 2013 @ 5:03 am
    • zijo:

      If it is like that that wouldn’t be bad. I have far worst experience with them.
      Moved to a different provider and forgot about problems.

      December 9, 2013 @ 1:41 am
    • Sorry to hear about your experience but that does not sound correct. Here at ChicagoVPS customer satisfaction is our goal and we would very much appreciate the opportunity to speak with you to validate and investigate your claims. Please email us at support@chicagovps.net and we look forward to hearing from you.

      December 16, 2013 @ 2:35 am
  54. Cyber Cakra:

    is it still working now? where should i find the url to get it? i’ve try to search on their site, but there’s no url for that kind of application :(

    December 5, 2013 @ 9:34 am
    • The offer is still available, you need to use the order URL specified in the LowEndBox article as this is an exclusive offer for LEB.

      December 16, 2013 @ 2:36 am
  55. Siddeswara Koppisetti:

    I have had a VPS with them for a while now and whatever anyone says, I must say I am happy with the service provided to me and this is a really good offer. So, one question… Would it be possible for me to upgrade my existing package to this deal or should I have to buy a new VPS? :(

    December 6, 2013 @ 12:05 pm
    • Siddeswara,

      That is something that our billing manager would be able to better assist you with. Please open a support ticket to our billing dept and I am sure they will work something out with you.


      December 16, 2013 @ 2:37 am
  56. rapscallion:

    link’s still up. gave it a shot.

    at that price I can look over the bad reputation. hope the deal is still on!

    December 7, 2013 @ 2:32 pm
  57. zijo:

    They took from me $60 for 2 GB server also $25 for 512mb but never made it running. For few months i was issuing ticket after ticket but they have so bad customer support. For some tickets i had to wait 7 days to be answered. I couldn’t log in to the server they constantly resSeting password or changing IP’s without my knowledge. Few times they suspended server because used all data even i have had nothing installed on the serveR …etc.

    I tried to get money back but they always refused, and want me to try again. On the end i just gave up, still have 2 servers with them but there is no point having any site on them.



    December 9, 2013 @ 1:34 am
    • Sorry to hear about your experience but that does not sound correct. Here at ChicagoVPS customer satisfaction is our goal and we would very much appreciate the opportunity to speak with you to validate and investigate your claims. Please email us at support@chicagovps.net and we look forward to hearing from you.

      December 16, 2013 @ 2:37 am
      • John:

        Oh it is correct, that was cute how you did the usual customer care response publically (“contact us we’ll resolve this right away, no questions asked”)

        Guys what this man is telling you is true, you can not host a site on Chicago VPS, I am currently a customer and my Server is constantly down.

        December 17, 2013 @ 1:54 am
  58. crnkoj:

    i take it ipsec isnt supported on these?

    December 10, 2013 @ 6:44 am
  59. MidGe:

    I did take advantage of this offer. I had a couple of issues. ChicagoVPS has been the most responsive company.

    I do not expect instantaneous response to e-mails. With time differences I would worry if it took longer than 40 hours or so. ChicagoVPS provided me with what I consider timely responses. More importantly, at all times, they displayed a straightforwardness and a willingness to try to accommodate, that was most obvious.

    Really, at this price, and this level of support, it seems very hard not to consider!

    Considerations of whether it will survive etc… I have no clues about. In my opinion, it still is good value even factoring in this risk.

    December 13, 2013 @ 6:48 am
    • Hi MidGe,

      Thanks for the kind words! We have been working hard to improve our support response times over the past couple weeks by adding additional staff members to accommodate our growth and I am glad that the results are noticeable :)


      December 16, 2013 @ 2:38 am
    • John:

      That’s a cute comment, but my server has been down for hours with no sign of anything being done.

      December 17, 2013 @ 2:14 am
  60. Cam:

    I too must say I’ve been pleased with Chicago as a whole. I’ve been a client for little over a year. I did go through the mess with the compromise; and while I wasn’t happy about it I thought they handled pretty well. At least they communicated well with me. My nodes are fast both disk and throughput wise, and I monitor their uptime so I know they’re up. For the value it simply can’t be beat.


    December 15, 2013 @ 3:50 pm
  61. Michael:

    Can you get a full WHM with this package included for the $10/month extra?

    December 16, 2013 @ 8:46 pm
    • Michael:

      I may as well answer this myself. Not sure why Chicago didn’t answer. I was able to get the full cpanel added to my account with the help of the support/sales people. Since I’m just tired of editing files manually I got the cpanel and it just makes things much easier if you are hosting or using the services in that fashion. Saves a lot of time. Anyway, so far so good. They aren’t as stable and consistent as another VPS service I have, but that cost $400/year. Thanks!

      December 21, 2013 @ 12:35 am
  62. james buckingham:

    Good company sofare. been runing a minecraft server off of the vps and the vps has yet to reset unexpectedly, so seems great :)

    December 17, 2013 @ 10:44 pm
  63. I’m surprised with so many negative comments. I also had problems few times with CVPS but a lot less than I had with more known providers like Dreamhost and the customer service has been really responsive.
    Overall I’m very happy with CVPS, once I started business with CVPS, never looked somewhere else. I get 100% up time at least for 9-10 months in a year.

    December 20, 2013 @ 6:39 pm
  64. goobert:

    seems like a great vps so far and for the price why complain usually for this price you only get 128/256 megabytes and 500 gigs max transfer

    December 22, 2013 @ 10:37 am
  65. Methinks those of us who have been happy with our service from ChicagoVPS just haven’t been as vocal about it as those who were displeased? No complaints here.

    root@widening:~# uptime
    14:07:32 up 271 days, 15:18, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

    December 23, 2013 @ 5:18 am
  66. I bought this server three weeks ago. Paid through PayPal. The server worked one day, then went down. I sent a ticket, they rebooted it. The same happened 7 times during two weeks. For no reason the server was switched off and I had to submit a ticket in order to get it up online. Not even once I’ve heard any excuses. Finally I asked for a refund. They refused. I asked PayPal to help me and created a dispute. ChicagoVPS refused again. Finally, they asked me to give a proof of downtime. I’ve sent them my pingdom statistics and they refunded immediately.

    The bottom line is that ChicagoVPS can’t handle technical issues and is not ready to take responsibility for them. I would not recommend to use them.

    December 30, 2013 @ 8:37 am
    • Hi Yegor,

      Sorry to hear about your experience but that does not sound correct. Here at ChicagoVPS customer satisfaction is our goal and we would very much appreciate the opportunity to speak with you to validate and investigate your claims. Please email us at support@chicagovps.net and we look forward to hearing from you.


      December 30, 2013 @ 4:29 pm
    • Muhammad Zeeshan:

      You are absolutely right. I have make a mistake and purchase two vps from them. In a month they have roughly 50% uptime. I have open support tickets but nothing. It is one of the worst vps host i have every try.

      January 18, 2014 @ 1:02 pm
  67. goobert:

    Please see Ticket #RYW-019919 the low is offly high and often at times affecting my vps’s performance.

    December 30, 2013 @ 4:15 pm
    • A support technician is currently working on your support ticket.

      December 30, 2013 @ 4:31 pm
      • goobert:

        Things are sorta slow can you speed it up. Or find out who is still slowing down this box its been 4 hrs since i opened the ticket originally.

        December 30, 2013 @ 7:36 pm
  68. xaux:

    to me that you’re saying goodbye = (
    I like their service chigavovps back very soon I think I’m faithful payer…

    January 1, 2014 @ 2:18 am
  69. vibol:

    do you plan to available Live chat? It really great if u have it

    January 17, 2014 @ 10:49 pm
  70. I am (still) a satisfied CVPS. Really. I’m hosted with them for about a year.
    However almost for the last two weeks my website has down almost daily.
    When I logon to management console my server is either Offline (need to boot) or worse Connection Error.
    The last ticket I opened was “I am fine if you want to do maintenance. But at least please boot my server”.
    I am a patient person. But I have my limit.
    There would be nothing worse than a dissappointed customer.

    January 19, 2014 @ 11:16 am
    • Agree. Cheap dose not means to leave our vps offline after maintenance.

      June 12, 2014 @ 4:36 am
      • Ian:

        I’ve been having the same problem and it’s been occuring more and more frequently. I would report the problem via a support ticket, but I would often get a response along the lines of “We’re looking into it” only to have it closed after a while with the issue still unresolved. I’m still having the “connection error” as we speak. I’m unable to manage my VPS at all.

        July 30, 2014 @ 3:41 pm
  71. I’m staying away from this provider.

    Last time I bought a box, there was compromised several times, I lost all my data. I build my OS and try to use it again. Next, my bandwidth depleted and I don’t know why, I rebuild it again and it is still the same. I lost all of my bandwidth, even I’m not using it for anything (just the centos installed).

    Then I asked to the support, and he said that I must pay for some bucks to get additional bandwidth. Suck! I turned off the box and leave it.

    February 17, 2014 @ 2:18 am
  72. Chris:

    I clicked on this deal and it looks like it’s available. I want to jump on it but I have a VPS with uniquegeek and was hoping that I can just convert that promo into this promo. I have an open ticket for it. Can you please respond (#576680)? Thanks

    April 9, 2014 @ 7:30 pm
    • Chris:

      Since no one is answering my support ticket after replying that the ticket has been escalated I decided to cancel service with uniquegeek and NOT get this offer since that’s probably indicative of future support.

      April 12, 2014 @ 5:38 pm
  73. Rocky Shah:

    we have 6 servers from this company but now they have a new support guru who doesnt have a clue about servers or anything he has been dealing with me for the last server we ordered
    and he keeps on saying the server is online :(
    When I check it, it says OFFLINE
    for the whole week he has done nothing but lie to us
    if you get this support guru (James Burkowitz) then I pray for you that one day you might have a running server
    I will not recommend them to anyone any more

    September 19, 2014 @ 12:23 pm
  74. Rocky Shah:

    24/7 Support (ha ha ha ha)
    Should be 7 people supported in 24 months
    Please dont waste your money with these guys ( they say they do not Refund ) but there again they dont know the Law regarding refunds
    Still awaiting to have a working VPS from them now 10 days and still they cant sort anything out


    September 21, 2014 @ 11:37 am
  75. Rocky Shah:

    Since the Company has been Sold by Chris
    The New Owners of this company have a great support team now and they are quick to sort things out
    Keep up the great work guys

    April 22, 2016 @ 5:30 am

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