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Interview: Q&A with LowEndTalk Member jsg

Tags: , Date/Time: August 14, 2020 @ 12:00 am, by raindog308

LowEndTalk member @jsg has been on LET for a little more than two years.  In that time he’s gained a lot of respect in the community for the depth of his technical understanding on many fronts.  From chips to code, @jsg brings a ton of experience and often insightful commentary to LET.  I talked him into doing an interview.  At first, he thought no one would be that interested but I think as you read the interview, you’ll find out a lot about paths the average LET reader doesn’t often tread.

Q: What part of the world you live in?
A: Western Europe

Q: What is your background with computers?
A: Electronics, haha. As a boy I got an electronics “lab” kit as a response to my, uhm, plenty sufficiently voiced interest. About 10 years later I earned my living during uni studies (physics) designing and building diverse electronics, among others for/at a large American corporation. Back then a software engineer I had come to like asked whether I was willing to help them because they were way behind their schedule on some important project. When objecting that I knew plain nothing about software he simply said “don’t worry, you’ll learn it quickly”. Well, as my own project there was all but finished and as I liked (him and) the company and felt like staying he asked the big boss and he agreed to me staying but now for software.

One point worth mentioning is how they “got me started” because it was a very hard school and I hated it but today I’m glad about it: they gave me a copied multi-100 pages C compiler manual and a Compaq PC with a (I think it was an IBM) C compiler. And that was it. Forward skip some months and I had got myself the K&R bible and had managed to create some useful routines for the project. Small stuff but it (mostly) worked. I guess that coming from electronics actually helped me because I usually knew what some line of code would actually do in hardware.

Since then I have worked on many different projects and have gained some experience with some languages and architectures usually working on code relatively close to the “metal”. One field I tried to stay away from is anything to do with graphics and one field whose importance I learned (the hard way) is security, first as in “safety” and “reliability” and later as in “crypto”.


CreeperHost – 3GB OpenVZ VPS from just $3.33/month – Wow – In many global locations!

CreeperHost - VPS and Minecraft HostJake from CreeperHost sent in their first offer to LowEndBox and we’re glad they did – because they’ve been a big player in the Minecraft Hosting space for years. Today’s offer is for a couple different game server friendly OpenVZ deals that are worth checking out. Each package is available in a long list of locations including the UK, Los Angeles, Sydney, Hong Kong, Dallas, Buffalo, Chicago, Tokyo, Brazil and so on.  Because CreeperHost is using Intel Xeon E-2288G CPUs in many of their locations we are designating this offer as “High CPU” because those are some fast processors!

You can check out their TOS on their website and their WHOIS is public. Accepted payment methods: AMEX, MasterCard, VISA, BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Direct Debit, Bank Transfer, PayPal. CreeperHost is a registered company in the UK (#08401051).

In their own words:

“CreeperHost is the provider of the ultimate game server toolbox. We pride ourselves on our custom-built panel, just for your gaming-server needs. We offer a wide variety of game servers, voice software, MySQL, Docker, NGINX, VNC Desktop, OpenVPN installations – all with just 1-click installs. Our servers also come with full file access via sFTP and also root console access over SSH. We have been a game hosting provider since 2011, and have adapted to provide the best quality product to our customers. Unlike many hosts, we have a completely custom-built panel for our services, tailored to each games needs.

Not only have we served over 315 thousand services, but our involvement in the Minecraft community has made a significant global impact. Our partnership with the United Nations Block by Block initiative has helped turn neglected urban spaces into beautiful new landscapes. Feed The Beast have also been long-time partners, and their new FTB App is backed by our infrastructure, providing over 360 million requests a month.
We’re proud of our contributions to the Minecraft community and hope to continue serving it for years to come!

Here are the offers:

Magma Cube

  • 750MB RAM
  • 2x vCPU
  • 3GB SSD space
  • 3TB transfer
  • 1Gbps uplink
  • 1x IPv4
  • OpenVZ/CreeperPanel
  • 24/7 Expert Game Support
  • Coupon: LOWENDBOX
  • $3.33/month
  • [Order Now]

  • 1000MB RAM
  • 2x vCPU
  • 5GB SSD space
  • 3TB transfer
  • 1Gbps uplink
  • 1x IPv4
  • OpenVZ/CreeperPanel
  • 24/7 Expert Game Support
  • Coupon: LOWENDBOX
  • $4.45/month
  • [Order Now]
Chicken Jockey

  • 1500MB RAM
  • 3x vCPU
  • 15GB SSD space
  • 3TB transfer
  • 1Gbps uplink
  • 1x IPv4
  • OpenVZ/CreeperPanel
  • 24/7 Expert Game Support
  • Coupon: LOWENDBOX
  • $8.35/month
  • [Order Now]

Note: Use the coupon for LowEndBox exclusive offer of 10% off for 6 months!

More information, including network details after the break. Be sure to leave your experiences in the comments below.

How to Run a TOR Node on Your VPS

Tags: , , , , Date/Time: August 13, 2020 @ 12:00 am, by raindog308

TOR (The Onion Router) is FOSS software to allow onion routing. It is designed to defeat traffic analysis. In this tutorial, we’ll talk about the three kinds of routers you can run to contribute to the project. If you’re merely interested in using TOR, please visit the TOR home page and click “Download Tor Browser”.

What is Traffic Analysis?

Imagine I’m a surveillance agency and I want to gather information on you, so I watch your network traffic. Even if it’s encrypted, I’ll be able to see which web sites you visit. I won’t be able to decrypt your bank password, but I’ll know the name of your bank. I won’t be able to know what you said to your friends, but I might be able to see that you said *something* and build a list of your friends, etc.

How does TOR defeat this?

TOR defeats this by onion routing. Your connections are routed through a mesh of 7,000+ (as of this writing) servers, and the paths chosen change with each browser click you make. This makes it impossible (or at least very difficult) for someone to trace your connection. This is a gross simplification of how TOR works – check out Wikipedia for a fuller overview.

Note that this does not magically make you invisible on the Internet. The purpose of TOR is to enhance individual privacy, not enable a legion of superhackers.


Create Your Own Self-Hosting Mailinator With inbucket

Tags: , , , Date/Time: August 12, 2020 @ 8:32 am, by raindog308

Create Your Own Self Hosting Mailinator with inbucketDoes this sound familiar: you want to look at the content on some web site, but it requires you to sign up with your email address.  You know that if you do, you’ll be spammed continuously until you go through the chore of unsubscribing.  You’re tempted to make up a random email address, but you figure you’ll have to confirm the email by clicking on a link mailed to you.

Mailinator solves this problem by providing the Internet with unlimited disposable email addresses.  If you go to mailinotor.com, you can make up any email address @mailintor.com you want – flaming.hotdog, burpingtoad, xyz123, etc. – and any email sent to that email address will show up on mailinator.  You don’t have to pre-register the email or sign up or anything – just make up any email address you want (@mailintor.com), give it out, and then return and read the email by going to that mailbox on mailinator.com.  Sweet!  But…


PhillipDi.com – VPN Proxy Service for $9.99/year – Among the lowest we’ve ever seen!

Tags: , , Date/Time: August 11, 2020 @ 6:54 am, by Jon Biloh

Phillipdi - The Cheapest VPN Proxy Ever - $3.99/yearPhillip Di recently submitted their first offer ever to LowEndBox and wow is it a good value. For just $9.99 you get a full year of VPN/Proxy service.

Phillip himself wants you to know that 7 years ago he got his start by purchasing his first ever LowEndBox right here, on LowEndBox! So you could say that he’s a product of our community. We like that! They accept PayPal, Credit/Debit Card and Bitcoin as payment methods.

Here is their offer: 

VPN Plan

  • Traffic allowance: “reasonable use”
  • Locations offered: Sydney, Singapore, Los Angeles, London
  • Payment Options: Paypal and BTC
  • Refund Policy: If there’s a fault we refund
  • Types of VPN offered: OpenVPN and Outline
  • Coupon: lowendbox2020
  • Order Now

More information plus network information and host node specifications after the break.

Remember to leave your feedback in the comments below!


Interview: Q&A with Mailcheap Founder Pavin Joseph on Staying Ahead of the Pack, Evolving with the Market and his Career

Tags: , , Date/Time: August 10, 2020 @ 5:35 am, by Jon Biloh

Earlier in mid July we talked to Data Wagon Founder and CEO CJ to talk shop and today, as we continue our Interview style Q/A sessions, we’re chatting with Pavin Joseph, the Founder and Chief Engineer of Mailcheap, a leading email delivery service. Mailcheap has been featured on Low End Box in the past and is an active member of the Low End Talk community. So let’s get started with the interview!

What can you tell us about yourself, how you got to where you are today, and your role at your company?

Hi, I’m Pavin Joseph, founder and Systems Engineer at Mailcheap. My journey with computers began in the year of ’97 when my father who was working away from home at the time bought a Compaq PC so that my mother could email him. I later learned that did not work out as my father intended but it gave me a very early introduction to computers and I’m very grateful to him for that (among many other things). At that time, it came pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows and I was only preoccupied with playing games. I can fondly remember Road Rash, NFS 2 SE, Age of Empires and then later Microsoft Flight Simulator 1998. I was totally and utterly hooked on the latter and for the better part of my life I’d wanted to be a pilot. So in the year Deep Blue beat Garry Kasparov and the web as we know it was still in its infancy (both of which I wasn’t aware of at the time), these games showed me the potential of what could be done with a computer and to a child the possibilities seemed endless (even now, it does!) and thus was born a lifelong fascination with all things computer.

My introduction to programming came later in life with Logo, BASIC and then Java/C in high school & university. At university, I was also introduced to the wonderful world of Linux and it truly was a turning point in my life. Up until that point, even though I knew how to program a computer, the underlying operating system was an enigma, a black box which I couldn’t really understand or even thought was possible to understand. From there, the fascination quickly grew into an obsession with experimenting and hacking together single-board computer (SBC) projects using Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi and later VPS’es. My first dip in the hosting pool was from these initial forays in securing a cheap VPS and experimenting with what could be done with it. This also gave me the opportunity to better understand web hosting and development by creating simple HTML pages with PHP for server-side processing.

The first time I setup a mailserver was after Edward Snowden’s global surveillance disclosures in late 2013, more as a personal challenge and to test my Linux skills than as a potential business. It wasn’t until 2015 when I became more familiar with bash scripting, working with APIs and KVM VPS/cloud servers that I considered I could create a business out of providing dedicated mail servers without the traditional per-user/per-domain limits imposed by shared email providers, namely Gmail for Business, Office 365, etc.

From the outset, I wanted to provide a service that was cheap, fast, and good. Some consider this to be an impossible combination, they say you can pick any two but not all three at once. It took almost 5 years of hard work and constant iteration to get to a point where I can confidently say Mailcheap became all three: cheap, fast, and good.

Today, I work as a Systems Engineer at Mailcheap with my day-to-day activities ranging from sales to development and system administration but most of my time is spent on design & development (using Python, Javascript, Bootstrap, Vuejs to name a few in the stack).


Venus Web Solutions – Shared Web Hosting Plan or $2.37/month

Tags: , Date/Time: August 9, 2020 @ 6:37 am, by Jon Biloh

Venus Web Solutions - Cheap Shared Web Hosting Venus Web Solutions recently submitted their first ever LowEndBox exclusive offer for their shared web hosting plan. It’s been a little while since we’ve featured a shared web hosting package, but sometimes you just can’t beat the low cost and simplicity of shared web hosting. Venus Web Solutions WHOIS is not public, and you can find their ToS/Legal Docs on their website. They are a registered company in India (#27BSJPK2416A1Z6). They accept PayPal and Credit/Debit Card as payment methods.

A little about Venus Web Solutions in their own words: 

“We provide website hosting services across Linux, Windows and WordPress Hosting platforms. Our servers are highly configured and can handle DDoS attack upto 1TBPS. We are using 100% SSD Disks. We provide separate disk space for the emails as per the plans you will get the additional Email disk space. We use customized control panel which is configured with the inbuilt apps like File Permission checker, Malware Scanner, Website Builder ETC, We provide more than 70 one click installs so you will get the wide range of the apps to install on your website. We provide Free SSL certificate to all the the sites hosted on our servers.”

Here is their offer: 

Windows / Linux Shared Hosting

  • 1 Website
  • 100% SSD Web Space
  • 2 GB Web Space
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Windows / Linux Hosting Platform
  • 50 x 1GB Mailboxes
  • 1 x 1GB MySQL Database
  • 10 x Sub Domains
  • Order Now

More information after the break. Remember to leave your feedback in the comments below!


Community News: New DDoS Protected VPS Service by RackNerd

Tags: , , , Date/Time: August 8, 2020 @ 7:21 am, by Jon Biloh

Interesting Web Hosting and VPS Hosting Community News

As part of LowEndBox’s new “interesting news” series we will be publishing, we recently received a submission from Dustin at RackNerd. RackNerd has been featured here many times. RackNerd is a resident host on LowEndBox with positive reviews from the community regarding its services and support and they routinely rank among the most popular offer threads on LowEndBox, including most recently in the month of April

Here is the announcement piece we received from them:

“RackNerd has soft-launched its 60Gbps DDoS Protected KVM VPS plans in Los Angeles and seeing that LEB is interested in sharing interesting news we figured we’d reach out and share some interesting yet exciting news! RackNerd is leveraging Sharktechs network in Los Angeles and is naming this Los Angeles DC-05 which happens to be a solid, especially for the Chinese community. Speaking of which, the Chinese community enjoys diversity, options and various networks to choose from. This is because the network fluctuates in that region and certain customers prefer a specific blend over the other based on their local ISP. Not only that, these VPS are also very solid for the American market, as Los Angeles also serves as a dominant West Coast location. For those interested in the carriers within Sharktechs network now RackNerd’s newest location, here are some to name a few: NTT, Comcast, GTT, China Unicom, China Telecom and China Mobile.”

For those interested here is the facility information provided by RackNerd: 

Location: Los Angeles, CA (RackNerd LA-DC05) – Sharktech Datacenter

Test IP:

Test File: http://lg-lax05.racknerd.com/100MB.test

We are always looking for interesting community news!

Are you a hosting provider, VPN provider, or similar with interesting industry news? We’d like to hear from you. You can do so easily, either by sending us a message directly on LowEndTalk or by submitting a ticket on our helpdesk.

Interview: Q&A with HostSolutions’ Marius (@cociu)

Tags: , Date/Time: August 8, 2020 @ 12:00 am, by raindog308


From the World’s Longest fsck to sharing picture of his wedding to sisters jokes to ever-amazing deals and specials, @cociu’s HostSolutions.ro has been a long-running fixture on LowEndTalk. It’d be a rare LET member who hasn’t had a HostSolutions VPS at some point.  In this interview we hear from Marius (@cociu), HostSolutions‘ founder about his experience in hosting, how he sees the world, and how to make your marriage work.

Q: Where in the world do you live?
A: I live normally where I like.  For the moment I am in Romania and I like it.

Q: Tell me about your background and your company’s history
A: This company was born after some bad experience with some local hosting company.  We sell perfumes and in a Black Friday when we have been prepared all year to sell in good prices some top perfumes our competitors was flooding us and I decide to invent in my own DC. In the company there are a total of 8 persons right now and we plan to get 4 more in the near future. I like to call my company a very small one but with huge grow every year which is good.


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