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Host4Fun Offers 2GB VPSes Around the World with a Special Discount for LEB Readers

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Host4Fun contacted us to share an offer with the LowEndBox community.  They offer VPSes in 20+ global locations including Asia, Europe, and America.

They’re a brand of QuadSpark IT Solutions Private Limited and have been in business since late 2014.  They started the Host4Fun brand in early 2015. They are registered in India (U72900TN2015PTC103047). Their Terms of Service is available on their web site. They accept PayPal, Debit/Credit Cards , Bitcoin WebMoney, and AliPay.

  • LowEndBox readers can use the code LEB10  to get 10% discount on first month on different VPS Packages!

They were last featured on LowEndBox way back in 2017 and its great to see them back on LowEndBox!

Have you been a Host4Fun customer? Please share your experience in the comments below.

Now read more to see the offers!


LowEndBoxTV: How to Get a Free VPS

Is cheap cloud hosting not cheap enough for you?  Can you really get a VPS for free? Yes! In this video we review a variety of offers from various providers. Some are 1-year trials, some are shorter-term trials, and some are truly free forever.

This is a video follow-up to our article on Free VPS Providers.

Providers mentioned:

Free Trials – Big Public Clouds

Free Trials – Other Players

Ultra-Short-Term Trials

Long Term Really Free

We would appreciate your likes, shares, and above all subscriptions on LowEndBoxTV.  We’re also interested to know what kind of content you’d like to see – please comment below!

The Best Cheap Windows VPS Hosting Providers in 2021

The Best Cheap Windows VPS Hosting

Looking for the best, and cheapest, Windows VPS hosting? Perhaps you’re looking for the benefits and convenience of a remotely accessible Windows desktop environment or you’re looking to run .ASP applications, or maybe you just want to browse the Internet privately on a Windows VPS using Remote Desktop — whatever you’re reason we just completed a new page on LowEndBox that focuses exclusively on the best, and the cheapest, Windows VPS Hosting! 

So head on over to the new page to check out the great options from leading providers of cheap Windows VPS Hosting!

Not to spoil the surprise, but 4GB Windows VPS packages are starting at just $4.50 per month!

So what are you waiting for? Check out those hot deals now!

Best Cheap Windows VPS Hosting (Remote Desktop Included)

Criteria for providers mentioned in the link above include overall reputation within our community, reported user experiences, and provider’s attentiveness to reported issues.

As always we appreciate and value feedback, so please consider leaving a comment below!

Meme Monday: The First Step is Recognizing You Have a Problem

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And it’s not even Black Friday season yet.

LowEndBoxTV: I Agreed to…WHAT?!?

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When’s the last time you read your hosting provider’s Terms of Service? You may be in for a shock. We certainly were when a LowEndTalk member shared a horrific clause!

This video refers to this LowEndTalk thread.

Community News: AMD Ryzen VPS in Dallas with NVMe by RackNerd Now Available!

To continue LowEndBox’s new “interesting news” series, we recently received a submission from Dustin Cisneros at RackNerd to feature yet another expansion of theirs! They are now offering AMD Ryzen based KVM VPS’s riding on pure NVMe SSD storage, located out of Dallas, Texas!

Recently voted #1 by the LowEndTalk community, RackNerd is no stranger around these parts, with positive reviews/feedback from the community regarding its services and support. We’re happy to see that RackNerd is continuing to expand their Ryzen footprint to multiple datacenter locations.

Here is the announcement piece we received from them:

“RackNerd currently offers AMD RYZEN VPS (powered by KVM virtualization) in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Seattle. We already had a decent footprint of Intel based VPS services and dedicated servers deployed out of Dallas, and today we’re pleased to introduce our Dallas AMD Ryzen VPSproduct line to this location as well. Dallas naturally has an established history and reputation for being a universally-respected location for hosting services, thanks to the latency it is able to offer throughout North America, and to some parts of South America.

The city’s proximity to encompassing areas in the United States and South America has greatly contributed to Dallas’ growing demand in the world of datacenters, making it a sensible location for cloud / hosting services.

We are extremely committed to this product line — we’re expanding in multiple regions, and we’re eliminating time from the equation by scaling this product line very quickly. We recognize the importance of having diversified datacenter locations available for deployment at our customer’s fingertips. Now, more than ever before, is a perfect time to expand your services with RackNerd, as you can now deploy high performance Ryzen NVMe based VPS’s in multiple locations, instantly. We look forward to continuing to dominate the Ryzen VPS market with our aggressive offerings, excellent performance, and datacenter location options.

For those seeking test IPs/files – a looking glass for our Dallas location can be found here

RackNerd also mentioned that you can find more news about this on their blog, and that you can take a look at their Dallas Ryzen Linux VPS specials by clicking HERE

Are you a hosting provider, VPN provider, or similar with interesting industry news? We’d like to hear from you. You can do so easily, either by sending us a message directly on LowEndTalk or by submitting a ticket on our helpdesk.  There are many ways we’d love to partner with you!


Limitless Offers Shared Hosting Starting at Just $3/Year in Germany, Chicago, or Singapore!

Limitless Hosting is back! We last had an offer for them on during Black Friday 2020.  If you’re looking for cheap shared hosting, Limitless Hosting has you covered:

  • $3/year will get you DirectAdmin shared hosting in Europe, Singapore or the USA
  • Or get reseller hosting with 30 accounts for $24/year

They are registered in UK (12610439). Their Terms of Service is available on their web site (AUP, Privacy Policy). They accept PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, and Skrill.

Here’s a little about Limitless Hosting in their own words:

Limitless Hosting is on a mission to help people in developing their startups, small and medium size businesses, and big corporate to run their online business. We have been changing continually on technology front. But our commitment to support customers never changed. We have great plans at Limitless Hosting which allow you to choose a suitable package per your blog or website’s need.

The LEB community thrives on reports from our readers about the companies they patronize, so please comment below about your experience with Limitless Hosting.

Now read more to see the offers!


LowEndBoxTV: Weekend Update for May 8, 2021

Want to win some cool Star Wars prizes? Looking for a cheap Windows VPS starting at only $4.50/mo? Want shared hosting for $3/year? Want a cheap domain? Do you run exim in a state of security ignorance bliss? All this and more in this week’s LowEndBoxTV weekend update!


LowEndTalk Offers Weekly Roundup (May 8, 2021)

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We feature many great offers here on LowEndBox, but you’ll also find some unique provider postings on our sister site, LowEndTalk.  If you’re in the market for great, cheap hosting, be sure to check both sites.  Here’s a summary of what offers have been posted on LowEndTalk this week!

NexusBytes offered some great Ryzen VPSes in NYC, Miami, LA , Netherlands, UK, Singapore, and Japan.

HostHatch brought us some more storage and NVMe goodness in Amsterdam.

SSDBlaze has restocked their Dallas E3 offer.

WebHorizon has Hong Kong-based IPv4+IPv6 NAT VPSes.

Hazi.ro is Radu, Teodor, and Florin, three students of the Faculty of Informatics from from Iaşi, Romania.  Let the adventure begin!

Hostingbot has some Ryzen servers in DAL/LAX/JAX.

Check out CloudStick, a Server Management Tool and their introductory offer.  They say their product is “far superior to ServerPilot & RunCloud”.

NetDynamics LLC is offering Backup Storage with 1 TB only at only 4.80/mo.

HostNamaste has KVM Storage VPS in US at $30/year and OpenVZ 7 VPS in Canada and France at $20/year.

You can get 40% off recurring all AMD Ryzen NVMe kvm VPS plans from Hotline Servers.

Check out QuadraNet’s Buy Two get One FREE (Expires on May 15th) offer.

Dedipath has a dedicated Server blowout for Los Angles and New York Market.

MivoCloud offers 20% off on their dedicated servers.

AlphaVPS: fast, realiable, and production-readly EPYC KVM in Europe.

Time4VPS (who has the most beautiful women in the world on its web site, I swear), is offering 50% OFF on new orders.

Leapswitch is offering a 2GB RAM, 1 core, 30GB SSD VPS for $5 in Mumbai, USA, Germany, Portugal, and Spain.

CloudCone has a pure SSD KVM Flash Sale, starting at $1.99.

Limitless Hosting offered an AMD Ryzen VPS starting at $3.50/month

LaunchVPS has plenty of KVM VPS Deals starting @ $1.98 mon

LevelOneServers has done a “MASSIVE”  E5 restock with E5v4 128GB dedis starting at $83.99/mo and E5-2660v3 dedis starting at $72.99/mo

WiredBlade is offering VPSES with NVMe SSD, 4GB of RAM, and 2 CPU at only $5/mo.

Hostodo’s May special is a double disk upgrade with KVMs starting at $20/yr

How to Setup Secure Remote Desktops With VNC on Your VPS

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How to Setup Secure Remote Desktops With VNC on Your VPSMost of what you do with your VPS may take place either at the command line or by interacting with various web pages.  But what if you need to run a desktop GUI application?  That’s where VNC (Virtual Network Computing) comes in handy.  You can “remote desktop” into your VPS.

In this tutorial, I’ll setup a Gnome desktop on Debian 10 and connect to it from both macOS and  Windows.  Because VNC is not a secure protocol, we won’t serve it over the Internet but instead tunnel it over ssh.

Setting Up the VPS

In this tutorial, I’m using a Debian 10 VPS at Linode’s Fremont, CA datacenter named vnc.lowend.party.  After imaging, I login as root and install the Gnome desktop.


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