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BoomerHost: Shared Hosting for $7/Year in Norway with Many Extras!

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BoomerHost Logo

BoomerHost is back! We last had an offer for them on July 27, 2021.  This time they’ve got a feature-filled shared hosting offer for you:

  • 10GB of disk
  • 1TB bandwidth over a 10Gbps link
  • Unlimited domains, databases, etc.
  • ApisCP
  • MailChannels to ensure your mail is delivered
  • …for only $7/year!

That’s a pretty cool deal. Besides the rock-bottom price you’re getting some nice trimmings and you’re on solid hardware (see below).

BoomerHost is registered in USA. Their Terms of Service is available on their web site. They accept credit cards.

Here’s a little about BoomerHost in their own words:

We have been around for many years and we’re now more than 2 year old. Why choose us? It’s quite simple. The boomer always (thinks he) knows the most and is the smartest. Get yourself a boomer host and you can feel good that at the other end there’s always a monster drinking support specialist ready to share his boomery knowledge with you!

If you decide to give BoomerHost a try, please tell others how it goes in the comments below.

Now read more to see the offers!


GT Host has Hot Deals on Dedicated Servers in 15 Locations!

GTHostAre you looking for a cheap dedicated server in Ashburn?  Or  Atlanta?  Or Chicago?  Or for that matter, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Santa Clara, Seattle, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Frankfurt, or London?

If so, GT Host has you covered with some great pricing on dedicated servers:

  • Get an E3-1260Lv5, 16GB DDR4, 480GB SSD, IPMI, with 300mbps unmetered bandwidth starting at $59/mo!
  • Or get an E5-2650v2, 64GB, 2x480GB SSD, IPMI, with 300mbs unmetered started at $79!

And yes, you can upgrade the bandwidth.

They also offer daily rentals, which is kind of neat.  If this sounds interesting to you, head over to the LowEndTalk thread to check out all the details, get Looking Glass links, and see the options, upgrades, and offers!


Free Books from Green Tea Press on Python, Java, C++, and Much More

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Green Tea PressAllen Downey is a professor of Computer Science at the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering in Massachusetts.  He’s written numerous books and I was delighted to discover that many if not all are available as free downloads on his web site, Green Tea Press.

You can get free boosk on:

  • Python
  • Java
  • Data Science
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Statistics, Probability, and Bayesian Analysis
  • C++
  • Perl
  • Operating System Design

He also has some articles on why he publishes in this way and his experience with it.

If you’re looking for some free knowledge, check out Green Tea Press!

RackNerd’s 11.11 Sale – KVM VPS from $12/Year in Los Angeles, San Jose, Dallas, Chicago, New York and Seattle!

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RackNerd 11.11 Offer

Time flies, almost a year has passed and if you remember anything at all about last year’s 11.11, RackNerd’s previous 11.11 offers went viral and were extremely popular/well received within our community! Today, RackNerd is back with their new 11.11 holiday deals to share with the LowEndBox community, and we are happy to see they’re back with some attractive offers for the community. For those who don’t know about this holiday, 11.11 is known as China’s Black Friday, though within our community – it’s celebrated by both consumers and providers even by those outside of China. Therefore, RackNerd is inviting anyone from anywhere in the world to participate and grab an awesome 11.11 VPS deal! Around this time of the year, traffic activity surges massively here on LowEndBox & LowEndTalk. If you are in the market for a VPS, now is a great time to grab an awesome deal.

RackNerd frequently receives positive feedback from the community, this makes them very special to our community and we enjoy their contributions. RackNerd’s 11.11 KVM VPS offers are based on KVM Virtualization, meaning your resources such as RAM and SSD storage are dedicated to your VPS, and you have the flexibility to run your own kernel.

The below KVM VPS specials are available to deploy out of the following datacenter locations: Los Angeles, San Jose, Dallas, Chicago, New York and Seattle (looking glass/test IPs below).

All plans are instantly set up after payment. Their WHOIS is public and you can find their ToS/Legal Docs on their website. RackNerd is a registered business, with real office space (you can view their office photos here). They accept PayPal, Credit Cards, Alipay, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, USDT, UnionPay, iDEAL, India NetBanking, India UPI, and Boleto as payment methods.

Now click more to see the offers!


Third Giveaway Code Video Now Live: cPanel Price Going Up AGAIN!

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LEB Giveaway cPanelIf you’ve noticed your cPanel prices steadily rising over the last few years, then you’ve been paying attention. By next January, the price of running cPanel will have increased a mammoth 500%!

We’ve got the full analysis here, plus a shout out to the community’s favorite alternate, DirectAdmin.

PLUS this video has the third and final bonus code for our October 2021 Giveaway!




Have You Heard About Black Friday?

Tags: Date/Time: October 21, 2021 @ 11:14 pm, by raindog308

Black FridayWe’re little more than a month away from Black Friday 2021 here on LowEndBox and LowEndTalk, which is the biggest annual global event on the planet!

In years past, we’ve featured incredible deals, such as:

  • $1 per year and other cheap VPSes
  • hugely powerful VPSes for absurdly low prices
  • dirt-cheap storage servers
  • special doorbuster offers with limited quantities for those who jump on them
  • and more!

So set your calendars, cash in some of your 401K, and schedule some PTO because Black Friday 2021 is coming soon!


Stratagem: £15/year VPS in the UK!

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StrategemAre you looking for a good deal on a VPS in the UK?  How does £15/year strike you?  That’s what a hosting company named Stratagem posted on LowEndTalk.

What if it also came with 2TB of bandwidth?  Now we’re talking.  Actually, we’re talking triple that, because if you post your order number in the LowEndTalk thread where this was offered, Stratagem will triple your bandwidth!

This offer from Stratagem (their Tritium line) includes 1GB RAM, 20GB SSD, and both ipv4 and ipv6, with 2TB of bandwidth at 200Mbps.  If you want more port speed, step up to their Argon VPS and get 2 cores, 2GB RAM, and 3TB at 1Gbps.

They also have deals on colocation, starting at £24.50/mo.

If this sounds interesting to you, head on over the LowEndTalk thread and check it out:


AlmaLinux Announces ELevate Project: Migrate/Upgrade Between Any RHEL-based Distro!

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Alma Linux LogoAlmaLinux announced today the ELevate Project, which is their initiative to allow users to upgrade or migrate between any RHEL- based distro.  Using this technology, currently you can easily move between CentOS 7.x and any of these distros:

  • AlmaLinux 8.x
  • CentOS Stream 8
  • Oracle Linux 8.x
  • Rocky Linux 8.x

“Until today, it simply wasn’t possible to dream of migrations like these and that need has become very acute for CentOS users,” said Jack Aboutboul, community manager for AlmaLinux.

What he’s referring to is CentOS’s change from being downstream of RHEL (and essentially an exact copy of it) to being an upstream dev playground with no guarantee of RHEL compatibility.

Jack Aboutboul continued: “This is a cause the whole community can get behind. We’re often asked if there are any plans for collaboration between the various downstream projects and this is a great example of something that everyone, AlmaLinux, Oracle and Rocky communities can contribute to. We’re working with upstream on the tooling while creating a PES that is free and open to all for this reason. Oracle was very gracious to contribute a nice chunk of the metadata set and our hope is that the Rocky community and developers will be receptive as well.”

The ELevate code is released under the Apache 2.0 License.  You can learn more at the AlmaLinux Elevate site.

Why Do My Files Have Quotes in the Them When I Use ‘ls’?

Tags: , , , Date/Time: October 20, 2021 @ 12:00 am, by raindog308

Bin LSIf you’ve upgraded to a recent Linux version, you may have noticed a change in the output of your ls commands.

Specifically, files that have spaces or other special characters in them are quoted.

For example, when you run ‘ls -l’, your directory listings that used to look like this:

# ls -1
Screen Shot 1.png
Screen Shot 2.png
Screen Shot 3.png
Screen Shot 4.png

Now, depending on what version of Linux you’re running, they look like this (Using ls -l here for variety but ls -1 or plain ls will show the same):

# ls -l
total 37044
-rwxr--r-- 1 andrew andrew  9468684 Oct 18 09:41 'Screen Shot 1.png'
-rwxr--r-- 1 andrew andrew  8468468 Oct 18 09:41 'Screen Shot 2.png'
-rwxr--r-- 1 andrew andrew  9473048 Oct 18 09:41 'Screen Shot 3.png'
-rwxr--r-- 1 andrew andrew 10514923 Oct 18 09:41 'Screen Shot 4.png'

In fact, you may first encounter this when you copy something from Windows or macOS (where spaces in filenames are more common) to Linux, and then wonder if Linux has suddenly added quotes to your file names.

It has not.  The GNU Project did this to you.  Allow me to explain, and how you can eliminate this idiocy.


1 in 10 Chance of an “Internet Apocalypse” Before 2031

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Solar StormScientists at the University of California at Irvine predict that if a rare solar superstorm comes to pass, it could cause a months-long outage for key parts of the Internet. Particularly vulnerable are undersea cables – approximately 1.3 million miles’ worth, on which intercontinental Internet depends.

Solar storms are not new, but obviously disrupting the Earth’s magnetic field didn’t matter much in the 18th century. In our current day and age, with so much of human activity dependent on the Internet, disruptions to these vital links could be devastating particularly if they are long-lasting.

The odds of this happening are between 1.6% and 12% per decade. However, the last time there was a major solar superstorm was 1921 (exactly 100 years ago). If a similar storm took place today, up to 40 million people could be without electricity for up to two years. Under the ocean, Internet links are made up of millions of miles of cable, which transmit signals in the form of light. Every 30-90 miles there is a repeater to amplify the signals, and these repeaters are vulnerable to electrical disruptions.


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