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Best Cheap VPS Hosting - Updated January 2023

The Best Cheap VPS Hosting of 2022

Looking for the best, and cheapest, VPS hosting in 2023? Perhaps you’re currently on a shared hosting environment and you are looking to move your websites to a VPS for better performance? Or maybe you’re a developer or hobbyist looking for one of the best cheap VPS to run/develop scripts on. Regardless of what your use case is – in this post, we’ll outline some of the cheapest VPS hosting deals available on the marketplace today. This post has been updated as of January 2023, to provide you with the most relevant information possible.

Before selecting your ideal cheap VPS hosting provider you may wish to consider learning more about the technology behind VPS hosting, which we’ve covered in a summary explanation along with more detailed information on KVM Virtualization and OpenVZ Virtualization. Each technology is different and is best suited for different needs – for example a shared resource OpenVZ based VPS may be less expensive and better suited for hobby use than a higher performance VPS with dedicated resources, based on KVM Virtualization. 

Criteria for providers mentioned in this post include overall reputation within our community, reported user experiences, and provider’s attentiveness to reported issues.


RackNerd VPS HostingBest Cheap VPS Hosting: RackNerd

RackNerd has been featured here within the LowEndBox community numerous times. They are active both on LowEndBox and LowEndTalk, and receive positive feedback from our community. RackNerd is considered a resident host here on LowEndBox and offers submitted by them are generally highly commented by community members. RackNerd is owned by Dustin B. Cisneros who established the company as an LLC, and also has recently shared their office space expansion with the community. Certainly a significant player within the industry who is making a lot of positive contributions and who routinely ranks number one in our most commented offer threads in each month.

RackNerd’s cheapest VPS package includes:

  • 1x vCPU Core
  • 10 GB SSD Storage
  • 768 MB RAM
  • 1000GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 1Gbps Public Network Port
  • 1 Dedicated IPv4 Address
  • KVM / SolusVM
  • Available in Multiple Locations
  • Pricing: $10.28/year

Additionally, you may be able to find a better deal by browsing on LowEndBox for RackNerd’s latest offers. Be sure to search through recent posts for RackNerd! A lot of the feedback is positive! Kudos to RackNerd.


HudsonValleyHost VPS HostingBest Cheap VPS Hosting: HudsonValleyHost

HudsonValleyHost is a trusted hosting provider here on LowEndBox! Their brand manager, Nick, has been active around this community for many years and is known to provide excellent customer service with his friendly professionalism. HudsonValleyHost is a good candidate to consider if you are looking for a cheap VPS hosting provider that has a solid track history, having been in business for over a dozen years you can count on them knowing how to properly run a business with lots of happy customers. HudsonValleyHost has service locations all across the United States ensuring that every major region is properly covered by their hosting platform and they also offer both cheap Linux VPS plans along with Windows based options. 

HudsonValleyHost’s cheapest VPS package offers:

  • 1x vCPU Core
  • 128MB RAM
  • 15 GB Storage
  • 1x IPv4
  • 200 GB bandwidth
  • All Linux flavors supported
  • Pricing: $1.25/month

Additionally, you may be able to find a better deal by browsing on LowEndBox for HudsonValleyHost’s latest offers. Be sure to to search through recent posts for HudsonValleyHost!


DediPath - VPS and Dedicated Servers in Los Angeles and New JerseyBest Cheap VPS Hosting: DediPath

DediPath is a fresh and exhilarating example of what “dedication to customers” should be. DediPath is owned and managed by industry veterans whom has extensive experience in the IaaS industry. Since their inception, they have strived to be both affordable and trustworthy amongst industry users and companies. They offer excellent Reseller/Affiliates program that can also be tailored to customer needs.  They work to constantly add new customer facing products and features like their fully automated customer control panel, monitoring and backup solutions.

DediPath offers a wide range of affordable solutions such as pure SSD VPS (OpenVZ, KVM, Windows), Dedicated Servers, Colocation, IP Transit, and DDoS Protection.  DediPath currently offers their services in Los Angeles, NYC Metro, Las Vegas plus more.

DediPath’s value package includes:

  • 1x vCPU Core
  • 512MB RAM
  • 10GB SSD Space
  • 1x IPv4
  • 1Gbps Unmetered bandwidth
  • All Linux flavors supported
  • DDoS protection included
  • Pricing: $1.67/month

Don’t be afraid to reach out to @Dominic on LowEndTalk for any custom pricing needs or to inquire about their programs. Be sure to search through recent posts for DediPath on LowEndBox.


CloudServer - Inexpensive Cloud and VPS Hosting ServicesBest Cheap VPS Hosting: CloudServer

CloudServer – it’s all in the name. A newer entrant to the LowEndBox marketplace, CloudServer is offering value-centric inexpensive Cloud and VPS hosting services hosted in North America. If you are looking for a flexible and professional provider for your cloud hosting needs, be sure to check out CloudServer! All of the VPS plans offered by CloudServer, including the particular package shown below, are hosted on KVM – offering dedicated resources and higher performance than comparable OpenVZ powered VPS packages, which often times are plagued by oversubscription on the host nodes.

CloudServer’s cheapest VPS package offers:

  • 1x vCPU Core
  • 512MB RAM
  • 30GB Pure SSD RAID Storage
  • 1000Mbps Port
  • 1TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Full Root Access
  • 1 Dedicated IPv4 Address
  • KVM/SolusVM
  • Pricing: $1.50/month


LosAngeles VPS HostingBest Cheap VPS Hosting: LosAngelesVPS

LosAngelesVPS.com is a VPS provider, which as you can probably tell by their name, provides VPS solutions hosted out of Los Angeles, CA. Their name catches our attention, as well as the feedback we see from the community, which has been quite positive on their past offers on LowEndBox! If you are looking for a Los Angeles VPS, this is a solid candidate to consider as they were recently featured in our short “Best Los Angeles VPS Providers” article.

What’s noteworthy about their offers is that they include unmetered 1Gbps bandwidth with every package regardless of size. This is something we don’t usually see, another reason why they qualify for the best cheap VPS hosting. For those who don’t want to ever worry about a bandwidth overage, or actually plan on utilizing bandwidth this is an excellent option to consider.

LosAngelesVPS’s least expensive VPS package offers:

  • 1x vCPU Core
  • 1GB RAM
  • 20 GB SSD Storage
  • 1x IPv4
  • 1Gbps Unmetered bandwidth
  • All Linux flavors supported
  • Pricing: $5.99/month

Additionally, you may be able to find a better deal by browsing on LowEndBox for LosAngelesVPS.com’s latest offers. Be sure to search through recent posts for LosAngelesVPS!


LETBox VPS HostingBest Cheap VPS Hosting: LetBox

LetBox has been featured within the LowEndBox several times (their first feature on LowEndBox was all the way back in 2012 — they’ve been around for quite some time). LetBox is also a trusted host here on LowEndBox, because of their long tenure on our websites, which is an added bonus. We also believe LetBox is a popular choice within the community considering we’ve noticed in the past their stock levels depleted. Recently LetBox has focused their offerings on NVMe, which is a growing trend in the cheap VPS hosting marketplace because NVMe based storage offers IO speeds often times much higher than traditional spinning disks or standard SSDs. Given the growing demand for NVMe storage based cheap VPS offers we created a category on LowEndBox to highlight them specifically

LetBox’s least expensive VPS package includes:

  • 1x vCPU Core
  • 512MB RAM
  • 11 GB NVME Storage
  • 1x IPv4
  • 2TB Bandwidth
  • All Linux flavors supported
  • Pricing: $1.25/month

Additionally, you may be able to find a better deal by browsing on LowEndBox for LetBox’s latest offers. Be sure to search through recent posts for LetBox!


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