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LowEndBox Kickstarter - Voting Underway!

LowEndBox Kickstarter – Voting Underway!

Voting for the LowEndBox kickstarter is now underway. There are 15 contestants to choose from. We will leaving voting open for a week or two (depending on how active this thread is). I will give prior warning ahead of the deadline.

I realise there is a lot of applicants for interested forum members to go through. Therefore we will be randomly selecting a bunch of voters from this thread prizes (free servers, money/vouchers, etc).

The way the voting will work, is that you can choose two Contestants. If when we count there is a tie on the first preference, the second preference will choose the winner.

Signup, or login to your account, to vote. http://lowendtalk.com/discussion/13764/leb-kickstarter-competition-your-time-to-choose#1

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