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IRC Rules

Here is a summary of the rules we expect you to follow during your stay on the #LowEndBox IRC channel on FreeNode Network.

What if?

  • What if someone asks for you root password offering help? – Ignore them and report it to the OPs.
  • What if I have a massive log I want to share? – Screenshot it or use a pastebin.

Do Not

  • Do not evade your ban, it will become permanent
  • Do not randomly PM OPs asking for help or for voice/ops
  • Do not botnet the channel or nick spam
  • No randomly calling out users/botspam


  • No posting hacking tools
  • No talking about what you have done
  • No nulled software exchanging
  • No links to hacking, hacking software or nulled software

Hate Speech

  • Incitement to racial hatred (FreeNode Network)
  • Incitement to religious hatred (FreeNode Network)


  • No offensive language
  • No trying to start drama


  • No porn videos allowed
  • No porn images allowed
  • No sexual fantasy talk
  • No live stream video (Chaturbate, etc)
  • No lewd or suggestive anime

Have an issue with your ban?
Feel free to PM us on IRC – Ishaq, [Derek], Amitz, or jarland
On LowEndTalk PM Ishaq, Derek, Amitz, or jarland