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Alvotech.de - 512MB €16,39 ($21) half-yearly Linux vServer in Germany or Los Angeles

AlvotechMichael from Alvotech.de sent us an offer way back in August however after a problem due to human-error it was never posted. Michael has confirmed the offer is still valid.

VPS VL3 – Linux vServer

  • 512MB RAM
  • 2048MB Burstable Ram
  • 30GB Diskspace
  • 1000GB Bandwidth*
  • 1000Mbps Port
  • Linux vServer
  • 1 IPv4
  • €16,39/half year (€19,50 with VAT)- Direct Signup
VPS VK6 – Linux KVM

  • 512MB RAM
  • 1 vCPU
  • 20GB Diskspace
  • 1000GB Bandwidth*
  • 100Mbps Port
  • SolusVM /\ Linux KVM
  • 1 IPv4
  • €12,35/quarter (€14,70 with VAT)- Direct Signup

* After 1000GB of Bandwidth has been used, the port will be limited to 10Mbps.

Michael informs us that Alvotech has been growing very fast, and to keep up with their growth, they have now expanded into the US Market with a presence in Los Angeles at the One Wilshire datacenter. It doesn’t stop their, since they were last featured in July 2011, they have began offering KVM VPS and became a RIPE NCC member. Alvotech have created a special page for this promotion with information regarding both plans.

Their last promotion recieved both positive and negative reviews. It’s probably worth reading them yourself to make your own mind up. Customer support is now available in English, German, Spanish and Turkish. PayPal, Moneybookers and 2Checkout (Creditcard) are all accepted payment methods. They offer a full 14 day refund policy. They offer additional discounts for yearly payments (10%) and 2 year payments (15%).

Network Information:

Test IPv4 (Düsseldorf, Germany):
Test IPv4 (Los Angeles, California):


  1. josh:

    Is it Burstable Ram or vSwap space? please clarify.

    October 15, 2012 @ 4:42 pm | Reply
    • snape:

      It should be swap, because this is vServer, not OpenVZ.

      Alvotech are awesome, FWIW.

      October 15, 2012 @ 4:45 pm | Reply
      • Szymon:

        Their “Burstable RAM” is a nice marketing term for SWAP. Also, be aware that with Avotech /proc/sys/vm/swappiness is set to 0 and you cannot set it to another value…

        October 15, 2012 @ 5:41 pm | Reply
        • josh:

          so they are using allocated HD, so actual HD is 28G, isn’t it?

          October 15, 2012 @ 6:05 pm | Reply
        • snape:

          Well, yeah, ’cause that’s, AFAIK, how vServer works – you don’t have access to /proc/anything, being that it’s more like a BSD jail than Xen or KVM.

          October 15, 2012 @ 6:50 pm | Reply
        • snape:

          Also, mine has a full 30GB of disk space on /, not 28GB.

          October 15, 2012 @ 6:53 pm | Reply
  2. Szymon:

    Their support is sometimes arrogant. In my case my VPS was being killed when some process ran out of memory. Took me a lot of stress, had to spam their facebook profile, but they fixed it in the end. For more details check this link: http://www.facebook.com/Alvotech/posts/409314189096577

    October 15, 2012 @ 5:35 pm | Reply
    • iNVi:

      Wow, reading it made me permanently avoid Alvotech. Thanks for posting this.

      October 22, 2012 @ 5:23 am | Reply
      • Szymon:

        Oo-oh, the discussion is “Unavailable” for me on facebook. Weird…

        October 23, 2012 @ 12:29 am | Reply
    • Bea:

      For me they were always friendly and have solved a problem when i had one.

      October 22, 2012 @ 8:58 pm | Reply
  3. LowEndCriticus:

    They have a weird written ToS IMHO. It looks more like it’s aimed for people who want to use the colocation services of them, IF they had.
    It looks like Alvotech just copypasted the ToS of the datacenters used by them for their own ToS.

    October 15, 2012 @ 6:15 pm | Reply
    • Tom:

      Dont want to bother checking it now, but at first point their tos was auto translated from german, imagine how that looked?

      October 15, 2012 @ 8:08 pm | Reply
    • Michael:

      It’s basicaly right, in german this the TOS is call AGB (global and general terms), in the past our main business was colocation including managed services, we start with VPS in 2010. The terms are overlapping for all our products. In this case also colocation terms are included but not relevant for VPS customers.

      October 15, 2012 @ 8:42 pm | Reply
      • LowEndCriticus:

        So let’s make it more concrete for VPS custumers:

        Is Adult content allowed?
        Is IRC traffic allowed? Is IRC Server allowed? Is IRC Bot/Bouncer Allowed?
        IS private/public proxy allowed?
        Is hosting the website of Chechen Resistance or the Anti-Kim-Jung-Un-movement allowed?
        Is torrent traffic allowed?
        Is hosting a pro-costumer website of ‘How to remove the bundestrojaner’ allowed?

        October 16, 2012 @ 4:24 pm | Reply
        • Michael:

          You may install anything on your servers without restriction, within the limits of applicable German, Netherland or US Law (datacenter location depend).

          October 19, 2012 @ 12:35 pm | Reply
  4. Chris:

    Why charge for VAT?, and no option to remove VAT if not from EU..

    October 15, 2012 @ 7:58 pm | Reply
    • Michael:

      If you select in the order form a country outsite of EU, the vat will reduce on the second overview page.

      October 15, 2012 @ 8:32 pm | Reply
  5. connercg:

    Test file for download?

    October 16, 2012 @ 1:42 am | Reply
    • Michael:

      We offers test vps, please contact our customer support for this.

      October 19, 2012 @ 12:37 pm | Reply
  6. m:

    Can old clients change to another location?

    October 16, 2012 @ 3:02 am | Reply
    • Michael:

      You are able to cancel your vps on the current site and order a new one eg. in LA. A switch with your current IP is not possible.

      October 19, 2012 @ 12:38 pm | Reply
  7. tinyray:

    They collect all personal information, just not SSN.
    are they trustable?

    October 16, 2012 @ 3:32 am | Reply
  8. Damien:

    I’ve been with them for more than a year now… Very stable and fast network.

    October 16, 2012 @ 11:38 am | Reply
  9. q:

    On their FAQ page, it mentions that they may do some sort of telephone verification: https://www.alvotech.de/vserver/faq/

    Unfortunately I don’t have an active telephone service (in fact I don’t see much point in getting one since I never use it anyway).
    Do they actually do this? Even for people not in Germany?

    October 17, 2012 @ 12:18 pm | Reply
    • Michael:

      The call is based on our anti fraud system, not all customers receive a verification call.

      October 19, 2012 @ 12:36 pm | Reply
  10. dane:

    i’ve bought several vps for alvotech, the speed is slow ,do not charge 2048MB Burstable Ram, they were useless.

    October 17, 2012 @ 4:13 pm | Reply
  11. Muhammad:

    I want to buy vServer VL5 package is there any discount on it? You are even charging setup fees for this package? Do you allow MoneyBookers or Credit Card?

    October 28, 2012 @ 7:55 pm | Reply
  12. are crooks with prices if you want to leave services.

    December 14, 2012 @ 5:41 pm | Reply
    • SwordfishBE:

      I cancelled my vps without any trouble.

      December 14, 2012 @ 6:51 pm | Reply

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