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Burst Networks - A$5.95 128MB OpenVZ VPS with VePortal

Updated July 2011 — BurstNetworks.com.au is now redirected to DedicatedServers.net.au after the acquisition.BurstNetworks Via this offer at WHT.au. BurstNetworks has just finished testing their VePortal backed OpenVZ VPS to replace their old HyperVM-based offers. They are now offering special discount on their base VPS for A$5.95/month (~$4.98/month). You get:

  • 128MB guaranteed/256MB burstable memory
  • 10GB storage
  • 20GB/month data transfer
  • OpenVZ/VePortal

Now, the “really good part” is that the VPS is actually hosted in Brisbane, Australia — where equivalent VPS has been much more expensive there. BurstNetworks also offer US based VePortal-backed OpenVZ servers with 512MB guaranteed memory for A$8/month ($6.70/month).

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  1. Just got my VPS activated. Debian 5. CPU is Pentium Duo Core E5200 (i.e. slow desktop proc). Well. At this price for a VPS in Australia I won’t complain.

    Edit: `apt-get upgrade` pulling less than 60kbps from Canberra. FAIL!

    August 26, 2009 @ 12:23 am | Reply
  2. noname44:

    I’ve noticed several (multi-hour) periods of downtime since signing up last week. Also, the default root password (which is used, even though I’m pretty sure the signup process prompted you to provide a root password) is so simple that the VPS was 0wned before I’d set it up.

    September 1, 2009 @ 8:01 am | Reply
  3. Yes there was a huge downtime over the weekend and it was caused by the server that runs VePortal (according to Burst Networks). Even as of a few hours ago the latency between that VePortal box and the next hop out was around 300ms!! Bad bad bad.

    I also agree with the default password being so easy it’s guess. Some VPS that I’ve been with would install DenyHosts by default — not at BurstNetworks (which they ought to on a fresh VPS which they can’t instant provision).

    September 1, 2009 @ 9:17 am | Reply
  4. Jamie:

    yum upgrade from my Australian VPS gave me over 8MB/s, and the CPU is an Athlon 5200+. Fine for a budget VPS, and i definitely can’t complain.

    September 3, 2009 @ 5:44 am | Reply
  5. Just noticed that when you visit Burst Networks’ vePortal VPS page, it now says:

    Our SolusVM servers are run with the openVZ virtulisation technology. The SolusVM control panel allows you to start, stop, restart, re-install and alot more!

    Looks like they are changing again?!

    September 7, 2009 @ 2:48 am | Reply
  6. Yes, we are changing one last time to solusVM, we have finally found a good home for our openVZ VPS servers. We are still keeping them at a low cost with VPS starting at $8AUD per month with 256Mb Ram.

    These are now hosted on Dual Core AMD 5200+ and Dell Quad core Xeon servers.

    September 13, 2009 @ 10:02 pm | Reply
  7. Steven:

    I dealed with these guys once, never again.
    They often have ping issues, also if you try to ever short of cash on the DAY of payment they threaten you with massive fees (even though you offer to pay promptly when your cash clears)
    Id suggest to read their TOS (which didnt even exist when I signed up, then they tried to force them evil fees)
    They are pretty much the worst Aussie VPS provider selling services out of one of the “cheapest datacenters” in Australia with really poor links

    January 2, 2011 @ 11:57 am | Reply

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