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Changes (are coming) to LowEndBox

As you may have noticed (especially if you visit LowEndTalk occasionally) we’re working hard to make LowEndBox a better website. As part of this effort we have recently found a plugin that brings back the functionality to subscribe to e-mail notifications for comments on a topic, or for replies to one of your comments. This allows you to stay up-to-date on offers or tutorials that you like by getting notified when a comment is posted.

We’re also going to do some other things differently about which I’d like to tell you more!

Offer categories

Starting with the next offer post going live, we’re going to introduce four categories into which we will group offers. This will give you some sort of guidance or overview of what kind of offer is being posted and what to expect. These are the categories we’re going to start with:

  • “New Provider!” – Providers that are featured for the first time.
  • “Exotic Location” – Alaska, Antarctica, or Santa Town.
  • “Resident Host” – Providers that have been around for a while, are registered businesses or at least have a face linked to them.
  • “Vauxhall Vectra Host” – The ones with a bit of an iffy reputation. They still get you there and offer a service, but there may be some bumps along the road and they’re not made for a grand prix!

We hope that this adds a different dimension to the site and we’re looking forwards to receiving your feedback on this!

Offer contents

For years now, offer posts have been mostly listing information either sent to us or found on the internet. While there is some added value in that, as not all information is available publicly, it’s not really helpful to our visitors. Therefore we’re going to focus more on making offer posts a bit of a review at the same time. What do we notice about an offer? Is something off based on the offer, the host’s website, or anything else? Did something happen with a provider recently you need to be aware of? Is what a provider is saying or offering making sense? What were the comments on the last post like?

We hope that by doing this we’ll give our visitors a bit of insight into what to pay attention to when buying and make them aware of the ups and downs of providers/offers.

More tutorials

ColoCrossing has asked a writer they have hired for their own (corporate) blog to also write tutorials for LowEndBox. You should see these appearing about once a week on a variety of topics.



  1. Sounds like a plan.

    November 14, 2015 @ 7:49 am | Reply
  2. So glad to see changes are being made

    November 14, 2015 @ 9:06 am | Reply
  3. PaulH:

    Why ‘Vauxhall Vectra’? Vauxhall is only a brand in the UK, so ~99.2% of your potential audience won’t understand the reference.

    November 14, 2015 @ 10:30 am | Reply
    • FM:

      Thank you for clarifying ‘Vauxhall Vectra’ is a brand in the UK. Yet, I don’t have a clue what my ‘Vauxhall Vectra’ means. :)

      November 14, 2015 @ 11:09 am | Reply
      • FM:

        “In 1998 a Top Gear customer satisfaction survey condemned the Vauxhall Vectra as the least satisfying car to own in Britain”

        November 14, 2015 @ 11:15 am | Reply
    • Chris:

      In other countries it was Holden Vectra / Chevrolet Vectra or Opel Vectra, but I agree it’s kind of a very special description of a “not so good, but working” thing.

      November 14, 2015 @ 12:54 pm | Reply
      • Maarten Kossen:

        It was the first thing that came to mind when thinking of the categories. I’m open to suggestions.

        November 14, 2015 @ 1:58 pm | Reply
      • FM:

        I guess *all* cloud providers could be classified as “not so good, but working” :)

        November 14, 2015 @ 2:47 pm | Reply
  4. ricardo:

    >“Vauxhall Vectra Host” – The ones with a bit of an iffy reputation. They still get you there and offer a service, but there may be some bumps along the road and they’re not made for a grand prix!

    shouldnt that say ‘colocrossing host’?? :D

    jk congrats on change.

    November 14, 2015 @ 5:53 pm | Reply
  5. colibri:

    What are you going to do about the folks sniping providers in your comments area and it pretty much seems unmoderated or unwatched? It may encourage providers to contact you. If I was a provider, I wouldn’t honestly have an offer posted on here until a change is made in the comment area.

    November 15, 2015 @ 2:58 am | Reply
    • Maarten Kossen:

      If you have any issues with a comment feel free to open a ticket at our helpdesk to share your concerns.

      November 15, 2015 @ 1:47 pm | Reply
      • colibri:

        I’m not doing your legwork. You asked for feedback.

        November 16, 2015 @ 5:25 am | Reply
  6. Wulfy:

    So your suggesting the moderation of free speech? When does a valid complaint become “sniping” ? Sometimes (not all) comments here will prompt a provider who may ignore a ticket into action (good/bad) as no one wants to see there company flagged as a possible headache.

    My thoughts are this is meant to be a business run by adults, you can’t please everyone and will always get some bad feedback, how a provider deals with it in a public forum is important in my eyes, do they act like a petulant child or like a sensible adult?

    Over to you….

    November 15, 2015 @ 7:09 am | Reply
    • whattheflux:

      Couldn’t agree more.
      I had a provider ignore my ticket for a refund (they never activated my service for some obtuse reason) but when I called them out on leb I was refunded the next day.

      November 15, 2015 @ 11:53 am | Reply
      • colibri:

        So basically you were unable to handle things, as an adult, then blasted to get what handling the issue through your payment provider could had achieved.

        November 16, 2015 @ 5:24 am | Reply
        • boxelder:

          He handled things like an adult, and he actually did them a favor by not contacting the host’s payment processor. Your critique of “sniping” is easily resolved – simply respond to the comments like an “adult” as they arise.

          November 24, 2015 @ 4:09 pm | Reply
    • colibri:

      You must not be on here much. Anybody who resells OVH gets a shitpost by a guy going “why pay double for what OVH offers”

      November 16, 2015 @ 5:23 am | Reply
      • Wulfy:

        You’d be wrong.

        Secondly to answer that comment: Those who are not comfortable in managing hardware themselves or want the security of having a technical support team to assist to resolve issues.

        Ultimately no one is holding a gun to anyone’s head to use a particular provider

        November 16, 2015 @ 6:14 am | Reply

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