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HyperVM and Kloxo Now Open Sourced, Hosted at LxCenter

Early in June I posted RIP KT Ligesh of LxLabs, as the owner of LxLabs passed away leaving behind two great products that pretty much created this “low end virtual server” industry — HyperVM and Kloxo (formerly known as LxAdmin). Their future were cloudy back then, but it appears that there is at least some hope.

Today I received an email from Arthur Thornton from LxCenter, the new home for the now-open-sourced HyperVM and Kloxo.

They (HyperVM and Kloxo) will be open sourced when we release the vulnerability fix versions of both panels and we will continue to support them from then on.

The reason I want you to post this is because your site seems to be popular and I think there are many people still worried about the products and this could reassure them.

Another note is that they will be free to use completely. But the most important part is that they will live on, most likely in an AGPL license (off the record), rather than dying with Ligesh.

Sounds like a great news to me. For the last month and half, the VPS scene has been hectic. Tons of half-baked control panel programmes flooded the market, and there are some open sourced ones trying to grab some shares as well. Although I doubt any is offering the functionality of HyperVM at its price point (otherwise it would be a clear winner by now). It is also a time to find out which hosts are one-man show and which ones are capable — from their strategies in developing custom in-house panel, or in migrating customers to new backend, etc.

Also note the clever choice of AGPL which means those made customisations/enhancements and then deploy them onto public network must also contribute back. That would only mean good things to the community.

Well. I guess we just have to wait to find out.

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  1. Thank you for making this post as I requested of you.

    I would like to clarify that they aren’t yet open sourced and the license isn’t yet chosen, but that we will decide completely on the license in the coming days.

    We will be working on them for the next month at least fixing bugs and vulnerabilities. The first release we make as LxCenter will make them open source.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to post this.

    August 1, 2009 @ 10:16 pm | Reply
  2. Thats great news ! :) I hope you gonna keep us updated Sir Admin..

    August 2, 2009 @ 9:53 pm | Reply
  3. sBEast:

    Is this the reason that there is no updates to my lxadmin panel for last two months? Or am I missing something.

    August 11, 2009 @ 4:36 am | Reply
  4. @sBEast — yes that would be the reason. It has been rebranded as “Kloxo” for a while, and is now moving to be open sourced.

    August 11, 2009 @ 4:56 am | Reply
  5. sBEast:

    Do you have a link handy to kloxo update? sorry to bother you with this crap, if not, thank you for answering my question, as I must have read for last two hours about the ‘anti-christ’s’ suicide, I know I have been out of the loop for at least 2 months.

    August 11, 2009 @ 4:58 am | Reply
  6. Sorry I have no idea. It appears that you can still download LxAdmin/Kloxo from LxCenter/LxLabs:


    It would probably be the last released version (which might contain security issues). The new version is still under development.

    August 11, 2009 @ 5:08 am | Reply
  7. sBEast:

    Lowendadmin, thanks alot for your help with this, I really appreciate your blog!!!

    August 11, 2009 @ 5:14 am | Reply
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