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Interviewing Christopher Cantwell

You may or may not be familiar with Christopher Cantwell. It doesn’t matter.christopher cantwell

If you aren’t already, you will be by the end of this article.

However, I will say a spectacular Christopher Cantwell crash course is the infamous Vice News documentary he’s featured in:

In it you can see Cantwell marching with white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia, as well as being pepper sprayed. Part of the “Unite the Right” rally that resulted in actual deaths. Here’s Cantwell’s own video describing Charlottesville.

Everyone in mainstream media that you could imagine has covered Cantwell in some form or fashion. Though, they usually use the name “The Crying Nazi” rather than Christopher Cantwell.

Given the fact Cantwell is a member of LowEndTalk (because who isn’t?), I decided to utilize this unique connection and reach out to Cantwell directly, getting his personal take on many of the situations that mainstream media has covered one sided.

The following 7+ hour (edited down) interview took place as a result. I want to make clear that Christopher Cantwell’s opinions don’t represent LowEndBox, LowEndTalk, me, or anyone else affiliated.

Without further ado…

The Christopher Cantwell Interview:

Sir Foxy: “Alrighty, let’s start from the top. What do you consider yourself? A journalist? Radio personality? Activist?”

Christopher Cantwell: “I am a ‘Professional Entertainer’ – My entertainment products and services span basically all forms, writing, podcasts, video, live performances, wherever the creative impulse happens to strike me. I also have very strong political views, and since these inspire my passions, there is a good deal of advocacy involved in my art.”

Sir Foxy: “What would you define your political views and content as being? Also, do you feel most of your audience shares the same political views as you?”

Christopher Cantwell: “My political views are more nuanced than the labels that tend to describe them. But the most prominent feature these days, is ethnonationalism. I do not think all groups of people, who have evolved for thousands of years in different climatic conditions sharing different gene pools, evolved precisely the same, and due to this, the inborn genetic differences of groups cause them to have different interests. If they share a system of government, conflict invariably is the result. Rather than waving our fingers at people and scolding them, we should acknowledge that these are legitimate conflicts of interests, and separate our governments, largely along ethnic lines.”

Sir Foxy: “One would likely argue ethnonationalism is a euphemism for racism. What would you respond to that?”

Christopher Cantwell: “I would say that racism is slur for ethnonationalism. It’s a nonsense stupid buzzword conjured from the minds of dishonest people to do nefarious things. By any use of this word in the common parlance, I am a racist, and I don’t care about euphemisms. I’m not trying to soften my tone. I don’t mind calling myself a Nazi or a fascist if it gets the point across. I used the word ethnonationalism in this context, because I meant to convey a clear explanation, which is more than I can say for most people who make frequent use of the word ‘racist’.”

Is Christopher Cantwell a Nazi?

Sir Foxy: “But you wouldn’t consider yourself a Nazi or Fascist? I noticed you discussed Mein Kampf on your site christophercantwell.net — how much influence does legitimate Nazi ideology hold over you?”

Sir Foxy: “Specifically, did Hitler’s plans fit into your idea of ethnonationalism or do you have a less radical take?”

Christopher Cantwell: “The Nazis were a German political party from another century, and the word ‘Nazi’ was actually a word a Jewish guy came up with to deride them. They were the National Socialist German Worker Party, or NSDAP and they didn’t call themselves Nazis.

I’m an American. I’m a registered Republican. The year is 2023. I’m not a member of the National Socialist German Worker Party.

I don’t mind using the term Nazi myself, if in the context, it conveys the message I mean to convey. I don’t care if I shock people and hurt their feelings, and the type of people who are very concerned about racism are not the type of people whose respect I seek. So if they accuse me of being a Nazi, or I think this is the predictable result of describing my political views to them, a la Godwin’s Law. I’ll save us some time, and cut to the chase.

That said, I read Mein Kampf in the Charlottesville jail. It could have been written yesterday by an American. Just replace ‘The advocates of Social Democracy’ with ‘The Democrat Party’ and a couple of names, and this book is not history, it’s news.

He describes a situation in which violent communist agitators are destroying his country, and that he means to see those people stopped. In doing so, he outlines what the State is, what Citizenship is, how biology plays a role in the formation of these things, and he points out that those who wish to obfuscate these things, are actually working toward the destruction of the civilization.

I do not consider that ideological. I consider it obvious.”

Sir Foxy: “But do you consider solely ethnical mixing the cause of the United State’s problems? Outside of ethnicity/race, are there any other key talking points you discuss on your website and show?”

Christopher Cantwell: “If the Democrats weren’t constantly shoving race hysteria in the news I’d much rather talk about economics.

Most States were ethnically homogenous, and eventually ceased to be, which is prima facie evidence that other problems exist, otherwise they would not have made that error.

But there is no problem that ethnic diversity cannot make worse, and we witness the obviousness of this every single day in America.”

Sir Foxy: “So you would be comfortable as calling that a defining central message of your show for sure then?”

What Gave Christopher Cantwell the Nickname: ‘The Crying Nazi’

Sir Foxy: “Take us back to the video that got you the name ‘The Crying Nazi’ — in my opinion, this basically propelled your career, so even though it was negative, and people meme’d you for crying, in my opinion, all attention is good attention. Give us some background, and explain your take on that.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Quite contrary to my preferences, this features prominently in the content of the Radical Agenda.

I do two shows, SurrealPolitiks and Radical Agenda. I go to great effort to avoid centering on racial themes in SurrealPolitiks because I don’t want to upset the people I rely on for business services under that brand.

The Radical Agenda was completely blacklisted from the financial services industry in 2017. It was outright scary, what I went through, and it should concern people even if they do not share my views.

As a means of dealing with this, I launched a new LLC and a new brand and I avoid that subject matter under that branding.”

Sir Foxy: “What financial services?”

Sir Foxy: “Stripe? PayPal?”

Christopher Cantwell: “First it was PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Payments. Then MasterCard and Discover intervened.”

Christopher Cantwell: “I could not get credit card processing anywhere in the world.”

Sir Foxy: “What did they tell you?”

Christopher Cantwell: “I lost personal credit cards and checking accounts in some instances.”

Christopher Cantwell: “They simply invoked their right to turn away customers and never explained it. But the timing made it obvious. It was the media attention I was getting for Charlottesville, and the continued campaign that was waged against me by antifa sympathetic propagandists parading as journalism.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Also, crypto exchanges. Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp, to name a few.”

Sir Foxy: “We’ll double back on the de-platforming aspect in a bit, but let’s focus back on what gave you the name ‘The Crying Nazi’ first before we get too out of order.”

Christopher Cantwell: “I didn’t particularly appreciate being framed for a crime, and as I made a live streamed video about it, the emotional load became a bit much and I declined to stop the camera when that happened. As a consequence, I was subjected to one of the cruelest bullying campaigns in the history of communications.”

Christopher Cantwell: “This is a ridiculous insult thrown at me by people who hate me. It’s not an alias. I have never called myself this. No serious person calls me this. But Antifa sympathetic propagandists parading as journalists, gave steam to online harassment, and if any serious person attempts to remove this from my WikiPedia, it will simply be re-added by malicious actors, and their relentless harassment continues.”

What Brought Cantwell to Charlottesville

Sir Foxy: “Now, give us a bit of background on Charlottesville. Why are you there? What’s your purpose?”

Christopher Cantwell: “In August of 2017, I drove from my home in Keene, New Hampshire, to Charlottesville, Virginia as an invited speaker to a permitted demonstration. My intent was to promote my podcast, shake some hands. That’s not how it turned out.”

Sir Foxy: “Expand on that. Where did things go wrong?”

Christopher Cantwell: “Police, fearful of being called racists, allowed antifa to run amok. They attacked people ruthlessly. Our people, including your humble correspondent, defended ourselves. People got hurt. Most notably, a scared kid trying to get home to his mother, a boy by the name of James Fields, had an AR15 pointed at him by one Dwayne Dixon, and as he attempted to flee from the rifles of Mr. Dixon’s Redneck Revolt group, he was set upon with baseball bats by a mob, hit the gas to escape, and sadly, a woman died.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Not sure how long of an answer you’re looking for there. This could get a bit long in the tooth, as you know from reviewing Radical Agenda Stage Six Episode 28 – Closing Argument. We’re talking about probably 2,000 or more people were involved in this thing. There were legal actions in advance and subsequent.”

Christopher Cantwell: “It’s probably worth noting that the city tried to yank our permit prior to the event, and that these efforts added substantially to the chaos.”

Sir Foxy: “Can you explain your version of the events displayed in Vice News doc as well? Like being pepper sprayed, for instance.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Jason Kessler applied for a permit, the city tried to deny it, he sued them, the permit was reinstated. Then they tried a bunch of different lame excuses to yank the permit. The ACLU got involved, no friends of ours to be sure, but they represented our right to demonstrate and prevailed, ultimately, on August 11th, the day before the main event. All the uncertainty did not help the police in forming a coherent plan to keep the groups separated.”

Christopher Cantwell: “The key to these events is always to keep the groups separated.

Our side understands what’s going to be done to us in courtrooms. We seek to avoid those outcomes. Give us a barrier to stay behind, we stay behind it.

You need cops there to stop the Leftists from jumping the barriers and lobbing projectiles at us. If that doesn’t happen, riots ensue.

It’s 2+2. Very simple.”

Cantwell’s Response to the Deaths That Occurred at Charlottesville

Sir Foxy: “In the Vice News doc at 12:50, a BLM protestor says ‘we told the city council we did not want them here, they let them come’…’and now there are bodies on the ground’ — what would you respond to that?”

Christopher Cantwell: “The same way I respond to LowEndTalk participants who blame me for their bad behavior.

I am not responsible for your emotions.

The people who tried to prevent the demonstration caused the death of Heather Heyer, that is completely unambiguous to informed observers.”

Christopher Cantwell: “In places where the right of self defense is legally honored, the person who causes the hazard is responsible for the injury.

So, if somebody, say, pulls a gun on me, and I shoot at him, and an innocent person is hit by a stray bullet, it does not matter whose bullet hit the bystander. The person who created the hazard, the person who drew on me, they are the murderer.”

Christopher Cantwell: “I wasn’t avoiding your earlier question about the pepper spray, I should respond to that, but for the sake of temporal continuity, there is something else I should tell you about first.”

Christopher Cantwell: “The first crime to take place that weekend was on August 11th when I was falsely reported for brandishing a firearm.

I held a meetup for Radical Agenda listeners that day. But as time drew near it became obvious that there was a lot of danger to be reckoned with.

So I published the details of the listener meetup behind my website’s paywall, just after disabling new signups. This was designed so that somebody could not pay me the $10 just to find out where we were meeting.

That was not successful, because antifa spies had become my paying customers in advance. They confronted us at our rendezvous point, tried to pick a fight, but we declined the invitation.

I was open carrying a glock 19. They went and called police and said I pulled the gun on them, racked the slide, and threatened to kill them for being homosexuals.

I was fortunate to be wearing a body camera to disprove this, which I promptly offered to the police who soon surrounded us with long guns at low ready. The person who filed the false report did not present themselves to law enforcement, and they sent us on our way.”

Cantwell Gets Pepper Sprayed Multiple Times

Christopher Cantwell: “That sets the stage for what happened that evening.

I was pepper sprayed twice in as many days.

On the evening of August 11th at UVA – that event was supposed to be a secret. We were not supposed to come into contact with antifa. But they had infiltrated our communications. Not just my paywall, but also the discord server used by organizers. So they knew what we were doing before most of the attendees did.

Details of the August 11th march at University of Virginia were published to ItsGoingDown.org, which is a clearinghouse for violent anarcho-communist propaganda.

Jason Kessler informed me of this, I asked him if he had a permit for the UVA event, since this was news to me that day. He said no, and I told him I would not participate in the UVA event unless he got the cops involved. That is also captured on my body camera video, which I gave to the FBI and local law enforcement and used as a defense exhibit in the civil trial.”

Christopher Cantwell: “This is a blurred version of that video, edited this way to protect identities https://odysee.com/@DanTheOracle:d/utr-edit-2-normalised-audio:9

Christopher Cantwell: “Jason Kessler said he would call the police. Later in that video, Eli Mosely, aka Elliot Kline, my civil co-defendant, says he spoke to the police and they would be sending many officers and went so far as to say they’d be paying them overtime.

So when I go there, I’m expecting a police escort.”

Christopher Cantwell: “The police escort does not materialize.

The Antifa do.”

Christopher Cantwell: “We were attacked at UVA by, among others;

Thomas Massey, a Leftist criminal who was also arrested at the Trump inauguration day riots, and who was quoted in the Washington Post as saying ‘I wish it was more violent, I wanted to punch a Nazi’.


He got his wish on August 11th 2017 at UVA. He threw the first punches, several of them, on video. Before anybody even responded.

Another man whose name I do not know, but whom we have called ‘Beanyman’ on account of his hat.

And also, Thomas Keenan, who has been arrested all over the country for his role in political violence.

Paul Minton, who has previously been to prison for his role in a murder where he helped to hide the body.

Mike Longo Jr. who was on probation at the time Philadelphia for assault.

These are the ‘courageous group of Americans’ referenced in Joe Biden’s campaign announcement video for the 2016 cycle.”


Sir Foxy: “Can you go into the specifics of your Charlottesville charges vs. convictions?”

Christopher Cantwell: “When Massey punched somebody willing to punch him back, Beanyman jumped in. My associate knocked both men down.

When Beanyman moved towards me, I pepper sprayed him.”

Sir Foxy: “But you had a gun actively on you?”

Christopher Cantwell: “Not at UVA. It’s a gun free zone, and contrary to popular opinion, I am not a criminal.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Video of the fight I was involved in. This was edited by a Left wing outfit called Unicorn Riot.


Their purpose is obvious, but you can still see this is not a situation where I am pepper spraying some hippy for no reason.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Are you able/do you care to embed video in the post? I have all my trial exhibits right here and they help bring much clarity to the matter.”

Sir Foxy: “I can link/embed, just needs to be hosted already.”

Sir Foxy: “So what’s your take on that case. Do you think you’re guilty? Not guilty? Is there any basis?”

Christopher Cantwell: “Alright, I’ll upload them to my server and get you links when we’re done. For my reference later, that’s Exhibit 4.”

Is Christopher Cantwell Alt-Right?

Sir Foxy: “By the way, I wanted to ask you earlier, do you consider yourself alt-right? Or right in general. ”

Christopher Cantwell: “There is no Alt Right. The Alt Right is dead. It was fun while it lasted.”

Sir Foxy: “Expand on that”

Christopher Cantwell: “This is exhibit 2, where Massey grabs somebody’s camera.


Christopher Cantwell: “The Alt Right forgot Robert Conquest’s 2nd Law of Politics.

‘Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.’

Names notwithstanding, the Alt Right became home to many Leftists who simply figured out that ethnic diversity was standing in the way of their economic designs, and so they were accepted into the fold.

You can’t have a basic income guarantee and socialized medicine with open borders and a consistent pattern where one ethnic group is subsidizing the other. It breeds conflict to say the least of it. So Bernie Bros and all other types got involved in the Alt Right and their subversive activity as much as anything by the intelligence agencies, antifa, and the more traditional arms of government did to wreck the movement.

At present, what was once known as the alt right is most commonly referred to as the ‘Dissident Right’ and there is little agreement on what that means. The ‘movement’ to the extent it can be described as a singular thing, is trying to find new intellectual footing and leaders.

But, quite by design, this is being made impossible, because anybody who emerges as a leader is promptly crushed by the intelligence agencies and the media and the lawyers.

Notably among them, Roberta Kaplan, who sued both me and Donald Trump, and who considers her abuse of the legal system a cause of mass shootings, which she takes as an excellent tribute to her work.

‘So we send a message to other people that if you try to do something like this, the same thing will happen to you. And it already has been a deterrence. We’re seeing lone shooters now; we’re not seeing the kind of massively organized conspiracy we saw in Charlottesville. And I think that’s in large part due to our case.'”

Christopher Cantwell: “This video will be available from https://archives.radicalagenda.com/exhibits/Exhibit4-CantwellDefends.mp4

Christopher Cantwell: “This video will be available from https://archives.radicalagenda.com/exhibits/Exhibit2-Attack.mp4

Christopher Cantwell: “These files are also being uploaded to https://archives.radicalagenda.com/exhibits

Cantwell’s Podcasts

Sir Foxy: “Okay, and one thing I’m just now realizing we didn’t cover is:

Sir Foxy: “1) What is Radical Agenda? What does it cover?

Sir Foxy: “2) What is SurrealPolitiks? What does it cover?”

Christopher Cantwell: “Radical Agenda is my better known of two podcasts.

It began as two guys who had a few drinks after work and discussed politics under the branding ‘Some Garbage Podcast’ and was marketed as comedy.

My partner at the time got uncomfortable when the show started to build a following. He kind of expected nobody would listen to something so titled.

I rebranded it to the Radical Agenda after having a black economist named Walter E Williams on the show, and since I considered Mr. Williams a very esteemed guest, I felt stupid saying he was on Some Garbage Podcast.

A couple of episodes later, I rebranded to the Radical Agenda after being shocked to find nobody had registered the .com.”

Christopher Cantwell: “The show is fundamentally about whatever is on my mind and whatever the callers say. We get typecasted as racists because we’re not afraid of that, but that’s not what most shows are ‘about’. The subject matter varies tremendously.”

Christopher Cantwell: “SurrealPolitiks is basically just the same thing as the Radical Agenda, except I don’t curse and specifically avoid centering on racial themes.”

Christopher Cantwell: “The format is typically, I do a live read of a prepared opening monologue, for however long that takes, and then I read news and take calls from the audience for the remainder of each 2 hour broadcast.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Sometimes I do guest interviews, in which case, I do the monologue as an introduction of the guest, and the guest and I speak for the remainder of the two hours. If they are generous with their time, and things are going well, many of them go as long as 3 or 4 hours. We sometimes have the guests take calls, but most often I just talk to the guest and leave the phones disconnected for guest interviews.”

Cantwell’s Views on Racism and Respect (and Neil deGrasse Tyson)

Sir Foxy: “How can you be racist and respect Walter E Williams?”

Christopher Cantwell: “I do not believe my racism precludes respect. That’s a cartoon caricature conjured in the minds of the uninformed. Walter E Williams is a man no serious person can help but respect.”

Christopher Cantwell: “God rest his soul.”

Christopher Cantwell: “He died while I was incarcerated and I was very saddened by this.”

Sir Foxy: “What is racism to you? Where do you draw the line? You can still respect someone but believe they should be removed from your society?”

Christopher Cantwell: “Racism is knowledge of the fact that human beings are not cogs in a machine to be swapped around and replaced by the whims of ideologues.

Human beings are biological organisms whose traits are formed by a synergy of genetics and environment in constant flux, and just as any dog breeder understands the difference between a German Shepherd and a Doberman, I know the difference between blacks and Whites.”

Sir Foxy: “Let’s take Walter E Williams though. An intelligent person that can contribute to your society, but just so happens to be black. You’d still rather him exiled and removed from you because he isn’t your race?”

Sir Foxy: “Or what about a guy like Neil deGrasse Tyson?”

Christopher Cantwell: “Blacks commit half the homicides in the United States. The other numbers are no less staggering. That’s 13% of the population. But it’s worse than this because it’s not black grandmothers doing this, it’s young black males. So you’re talking about 3-6% of the population committing half the murders.

If I can cut the murders in half and Mr. Williams has to live on the other side of a geopolitical boundary, I’m happy to correspond with him over the Internet to save the lives of my people from his co-ethnics.”

Christopher Cantwell: “I do not consider Mr Tyson to be akin to Mr. Williams. Mr. Tyson is a fake intellectual, and actually represents the worst of black America in my book. He is an advertisement against affirmative action.”

Sir Foxy: “Many would argue that’s because of socioeconomics, and goes back to the conditions of black people still being disadvantaged from slavery and the consequences from it. What would you reply?”

Christopher Cantwell: “Many people are uninformed. They should read Charles Murray. Specifically, The Bell Curve, Human Diversity, and Facing Reality.”

‘Are Blacks Disadvantaged by Slavery?’

Christopher Cantwell: “Are blacks disadvantaged by slavery? Let’s pretend there is no dispute about this. There is dispute about this, but it would not be a productive use of our time to discuss it. It is fine to say that when you start with nothing, your descendants are not benefited by this. Are we to say the same of the African continent? You know, I recently had a guest by the name of Simon Roche, from South Africa. He is a White man trying to raise money for an emergency plan for Whites in the event of ethnic conflict and civil war, which seems more inevitable by the day. Those who inform themselves of the history of South Africa will discover that under the Apartheid government the black population and quality of life expanded tremendously, and that since the abolition of the apartheid system, life for everyone has gotten steadily worse, just like it did in Zimbabwe before them. When blacks rule the jurisdiction, the lives of blacks do not improve. Look at Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, or any of the worst cities in America, it is axiomatic.”

Christopher Cantwell: “So there is something else going on here. And you come to understand this quite intuitively once you have a grasp of how IQ and hormones work and the genetic origins of these traits. Low IQ high testosterone is a recipe for crime, this features prominently in black genetics. Poverty does not cause crime. It’s the other way around. Crime makes it impossible to do business. People who can flee, do, and who is left? Those without the means to flee. ‘Brain Drain’ it is called when this happens to a country. In America we call this ‘White Flight’.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Of course, when Whites move TO an area, and their increased economic activity increases property values, we call this ‘gentrification’ which is no less vilified, because Leftists cannot bear the thought of market forces dictating prices and generally cannot imagine a situation in which White people ought not be blamed for the dissatisfaction of those who cannot compete with them.”

Sir Foxy: “Let’s move to: What was jail like for the Charlottesville case? How was your time spent? How do you feel about the outcome of the case all together. Also, is there anything else you’d like to say about Charlottesville before moving onto the civil case?”

Cantwell’s Charlottesville Charges and Jail Time

Christopher Cantwell: “I was charged with 3 class 3 felonies in Virginia. 1 Count Malicious Injury by Caustic Agent against Emily Gorcenski. 1 Count Malicious Injury by Caustic Agent Against Kristopher Goad. 1 Count Malicious Release of Gasses. Each count carried 5-20 years. A District Court in Charlottesville dismissed two of the charges because there was ‘no evidence’ and in fact evidence to the contrary, of the accusation that I did or said anything to Kristopher Goad or Emily Gorcenski. The Court upheld the 3rd count of malicious release, saying it was for the tryer of fact to determine if my self defense claims were appropriate. But this was a legally indefensible position for him to take, because INJURY is also an element of the third charge, and no victim was presented save for Goad and Gorcenski. Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Tracci was a Republican who feared being called a racist if he did the right thing and let me go, he direct indicted me anyway, knowing his witnesses lied under oath. At this point, I was facing 40 year is in prison if convicted, and of course, the loss of my carry permit and 2nd Amendment rights, which I held dearer than almost anything. Rather than face a Charlottesville Jury with a prosecutor proven willing to suborn perjury, and a court system proven willing to make plainly invalid legal conclusions, I pleaded to two misdemeanors and protected my carry permit, in exchange for a sentence of time served, at which point I promptly left Virginia after 107 days in jail and 8 months on house arrest hundreds of miles from home.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Jail sucks. What is there to say about it? I read books, did pushups.”

Christopher Cantwell: “I sued Goad and Gorcenski for the false allegation, they countersued me for all types of nonsense, but upon taking the plea agreement, we signed a mutual release of all claims. This document is also available at https://archives.radicalagenda.com/exhibits/Exhibit20-GorcenskiRelease.pdf. This is the plea agreement I ended up taking. The document is available at https://archives.radicalagenda.com/exhibits/Exhibit21-SignedPlea.pdf. As an aside, that agreement is probably the reason I’m not in the Charlottesville jail right now.”

Sir Foxy: “You got away with misdemeanors with the plea, then? And kept your guns.”

Christopher Cantwell: “‘If the terms of this agreement are not violated, the Commonwealth agrees to bring no additional charges arising directly from the Defendant’s actions on August 11, 2017.’ My friends are being dragged out of their homes one by one for ‘burning to intimidate’ by a Soros backed prosecutor who defeated Mr. Tracci in the subsequent election, over the 8/11 torch march. This agreement protects me from that charge. I’d hardly call losing 11 months of my life ‘getting away’ but I escaped with my carry permit intact, yes.”

Cantwell Accepts Misdemeanor Plea Deal for Charlottesville, Moves On to Civil Case

Sir Foxy: “Okay, now let’s move on to kind of the next chapter, which I only want to briefly cover because it’s not all that significant. Discuss some of your civil case here before we move on to the federal one.”

Christopher Cantwell: “There’s much overlap between all of these things. The civil case stemmed from the events at the heart of the Charlottesville criminal case. Roberta Kaplan, the same lawyer who smeared Andrew Cuomos sexual assault victims and sued Trump on behalf of the lunatic E Jean Carroll, sued me and my associates alleging we had conspired with racial animus to cause the violence at the Unite the Right Rally. I’ll ask you to link or otherwise reference Radical Agenda Stage Six Episode 28 – Closing Argument, so your readers can get a better understanding of what happened than would be a productive use of our time to repeat here.”

Sir Foxy: “But a summarization, in your own words.”

Christopher Cantwell: “There were six counts to the action. The first two counts were federal laws and alleged a racially motivated violent conspiracy. The 2nd two counts, were Virginia laws pursued under the same theory of liability. The fifth and sixth counts were against James Fields, and since he had already pleaded guilty to murder and was prohibited by the terms of his plea agreement from making exculpatory statements, there was nothing that could be done to protect James. The jury did not reach a verdict on the federal counts. They found us liable on the Virginia statutes, which, though we were sued for a violent conspiracy, the statute’s text said we could be found liable for mere harassment. James Fields was, obviously, found liable. What this tells you is that we were found liable for something other than a racially motivated conspiracy. Namely, the harassment theory of liability which attached to the Virginia counts. But we were not sued for harassment. We were sued for violence. If we had been sued for harassment, our free speech claims would not have been ignored by the Court in our motions to dismiss. One cannot show up to a political demonstration and claim that their feelings got hurt, and one cannot be liable for that which they were not sued for. This constitutes the bulk of my appeal pending before the 4th circuit.”

Christopher Cantwell: “I was rendered destitute by all of this lawfare in combination with the deplatforming, and thus could not pay my attorneys. Thus I was made a pro se defendant when they dropped me as a client in 2019. The day after I filed a 300+ page document with the Court in the Sines v. Kessler suit explaining my side of things, the FBI broke my door down and off to prison I went. When the civil trial took place, I was a prisoner, and had to conduct all of my legal defense in that condition. The government actively and repeatedly worked to sabotage my defense in aid to the Plaintiffs’ attorneys, who are very powerful people within the Democrat Party.

Due to the hysteria of COVID, the Court made available a 500 person listen line that people could hear the courtroom audio of the trial as it went on.

Someone recorded that audio, and several of my cross examinations of the Plaintiffs’ are currently uploaded to an Oydsee channel belonging to one Fascist Freddy






This is the document I filed before being arrested. Though styled as an “Objection to Evidentiary Sanctions” it largely explains the case as I understood it as of January 20th 2020.


This is my opening brief in the appeal before the 4th circuit.

Here is the full docket of the Civil Lawsuit

Did the Feds Target Cantwell?

Sir Foxy: “So, you think the feds basically were targeting you?”

Christopher Cantwell: “It’s not in dispute that the feds were targeting me. They have been after me no later than 2012.”

Sir Foxy: “Why do you think they started coming after you in 2012?”

Christopher Cantwell: “Because my friend did a year in jail over refusing to wear a wire on me.”

Sir Foxy: “Expand on that?”

Christopher Cantwell: “Just a sec.”

Christopher Cantwell: “In 2012, shortly after I moved to New Hampshire (I’m originally from New York) I found myself in a conflict with some Left wing libertarian activists I met upon my arrival.”

Christopher Cantwell: “At the time, I was still in thrall to libertarianism, and didn’t mind saying that the government should be abolished in its entirety, by force if the opportunity presented. These activists took to Facebook saying I was basically the next Tim McVeigh, and this, unsurprisingly, caught the attention of the JTTF in Boston (Joint Terror Task Force).”

Christopher Cantwell: “We were regularly gathered at what we called the ‘Keene Activist Center’ one side of a home owned by my radio colleague Ian Freeman, who himself was just sentenced to 8 years in prison for the crime of selling Bitcoin to willing and vetted buyers. JTTF wanted to get a wire into that building to listen in on our conversations.”

Christopher Cantwell: “To do this, they engaged in one of the most disreputable schemes you could possibly imagine.”

Sir Foxy: “Such as?”

Introducing Keene Police Department

Christopher Cantwell: “My friend, Rich Paul, sold marijuana. And he did not much care who knew about it. He considered this activism.”

Richie Dupont was a heroin dealer in Keene.

The JTTF approached the Keene Police Department (KPD Herein) and said “We need to get a wire in that place, how do we get somebody?” essentially.

They busted Dupont for selling heroin.

Christopher Cantwell: “They said to the heroin dealer “Go buy weed from the weed dealer while wearing this hidden camera/mic, and you’ll get away with your crime wave”

Christopher Cantwell: “They let the heroin dealer go, to get the weed dealer.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Then they brought my weed dealer friend into an interrogation room, and told him ‘We’ve got you on all these buys, we’re going to charge you with each of these individually, you’re looking at 81 years in prison. But you can get out of this, if you wear a wire into that building and discuss political violence with your friends'”

Christopher Cantwell: “They didn’t mention my name, but it was obvious from the context of the time what they were after.”

Christopher Cantwell: “He said he would take their offer under advisement if they would set him loose for the time being. They set him loose. He promptly came to the activist center and informed us about what happened.”

Christopher Cantwell: “He was charged with the drug sales, went on trial, and pursued a jury nullification defense.”

Christopher Cantwell:” The prosecution, hoping to avoid exposing the malfeasance of those involved, offered him a plea before trial. No jail time, just a felony mark on his jacket.

Rich, caring for his 2nd amendment rights and outraged at their malfeasance, declined.

He was convicted on all counts.

At sentencing, it was brought up that he could have avoided jail time altogether if he had pleaded guilty. So the defense argued for time served.

He was instead sentenced to 1 year.”

Christopher Cantwell: “That is how I come into contact with the JTTF, one Agent Phil Christiana out of Boston.”

Sir Foxy: “Okay, so, what’s the outcome of your civil case?”

Sir Foxy: “You’re still stuck in jail pending your federal case, right?”

Cantwell Held Liable for Millions of Dollars Due to Civil Case

Christopher Cantwell: “I beat the central allegation, but I was still held liable, joint and several, for millions of dollars in punitive and compensatory damages. Then $14+ million in attorneys fees on top of that.

If I do not prevail on appeal, these people will strip me of every surplus I come to possess until I am dead.

I am actually held liable for James Fields, if you can believe that, even though I met the boy for the first time, and only briefly, while we were in jail together, just because we were codefendants in the action.

At the time this paled in comparison to being in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.”

Sir Foxy: “How is the appeal process going for you?”

Cantwell Appeals Civil Case Result

Christopher Cantwell: “But, if you are asking about my experience of the situation. I receive the verdict, am sent back to my cell at the Central Virginia Regional Jail, where I have only a ‘flex pen’ about 4 inches long to write with, and I am told that I must now figure out how to prepare a post trial motion and begin my appeal after that.

My cellmate at the jail, we did not think I’d be there very long, had not done much to make room for me in the cell. Once I realized the Marshals were not coming quickly to move me, I asked him to clear a shelf for me. He said “I’ll think about it” and I informed him rather sternly that he was certain to do as I asked.

He then put a slip in the door claiming that he feared for his safety, and I was moved to solitary confinement with no access to the law library.”

Christopher Cantwell: “I told the court about this and asked them to intervene, or at least to extend post trial deadlines.

The deadline was extended but the Court declined to intervene.

I was then shipped back to the Communications Management Unit at the United States Penitentiary in Marion, Illinois, where I spent the next two weeks in a COVID quarantine with minimal access to resources needed for my legal work. I asked for a further extension.

Shortly after getting out of quarantine, a COVID outbreak nonetheless ensued, and the entire prison was locked down for the next three weeks.

More extensions.

The prison would not allow me to access my legal materials, even after the lockdown ended, so I asked for yet more time, and filed what I could of my post trial motion just in case they said no.

The Court did not rule on this until subsequent to my release from Federal Custody on December 19th 2022, at which point, they denied my motions both for more time and for a new trial or to set aside the verdict.

Christopher Cantwell:  “The appeals process is not something I have a great deal of faith in. But it is also not something very involved. You make your filings. You wait.

The last I heard about the case was in August when the court consolidated the appeals of me and my co-defendants, which were initially filed separately. I await word from the 4th Circuit on what they want next.”

Sir Foxy: “But that would financially ruin you, though? If not favorably solved?”

Christopher Cantwell: “I am already financially ruined, but this would preclude the possibility of recovery, yes.”

Sir Foxy: “Alright. So civil case result is (kind of) over, let’s talk about the federal trial out come and your sentence. What’s that like?”

Introducing ‘The Bowl Patrol’ Extremists That Resulted in the Federal Case

Christopher Cantwell: “After I was released on bail in Charlottesville, some guys come into my online social orbit while I’m still on house arrest.

They call themselves ‘The Bowl Patrol’ and they are big fans of a fellow by the name of Dylann Roof who gunned down 9 black churchgoers in Charleston South Carolina in 2015. The name references Roof’s ‘Bowlcut’ hairstyle.

These guys were a little edgy for me, but they also had good photoshop skills, and made funny memes, and I was at the time in thrall to the idea that my legal woes were an effort to silence me, so I rebelled against this by allowing the Bowl Patrol to syndicate their ‘Bowlcast’ podcast on my website.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Fast forward to October of 2018, when Robert Bowers walked into the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh and gunned down 11 senior citizens at a Bris for a homosexual couple’s adopted child.

The Roof jokes were one thing, given the temporal distance, but with the bodies not yet cold, the Bowl Patrol were trying to egg my listeners on into carrying out the next shooting.

Here is where I drew the line.

I banned them from my platforms and blocked their phone numbers from the Radical Agenda call in lines.

They decided this made me a sellout, and they decided they had a moral obligation to destroy my business.

They spoofed their caller ID’s used proxies, and somehow managed to gain control of a botnet in service to this purpose.

I suspect they were being aided in this by Ukraine’s intelligence agency, but that is a whole other can of worms that we are not going to be able to do justice today.

At the same time the Bowl Patrol makes this decision, shortly after the shooting, the JTTF launches a ‘full field investigation”=’ into me. They put pole cameras outside my house and much of what I got in discovery from the criminal case was pages of black ink they had been so fully redacted.”

Sir Foxy: “2012->2018”

Christopher Cantwell: “Well, I’m fast forwarding from 2017 to 2018 now. 2012 was a sort of movie flashback to provide context.”

Christopher Cantwell: “An affidavit, not provided to me in discovery, but later released by some news outlet while I was incarcerated, showed that the JTTF had been investigating me for unspecified RICO and hate crimes conspiracy allegations.

I have never been questioned nor charged for anything of the sort.

In discovery, it was shown that the FBI was following me around wherever I went taking pictures of me.

Now, if you understand anything about how the law is supposed to work in the United States, you don’t “investigate people” you investigate “crimes”.

I’ve still not been accused of whatever “crimes” they used to justify these investigative techniques.”

Sir Foxy: “I know that in the United States, law enforcement agencies can pull your location and monitor you via your favorite social media apps or phone triangulation, all without the need for a warrant.”

Christopher Cantwell: “They need a subpoena, but they can get it with a standard lower than probable cause, it’s a law passed by Congress, the statute escapes me at present.

In any case, the point here is that the FBI was intensely investigating me as of 2018, this was not a minor interest like after the 2012 incident where they seemed to largely step aside.

In 2018, they began actually following me around and taking pictures and monitoring my comings and goings from cameras placed outside my house.

That’s important to understand, because I filed a complaint with the FBI in February of 2019.

The Bowl Patrol had managed to deface my website by using a login I had failed to disable when I banned them from the rest of my platforms.

No user data was compromised, but this was an unauthorized access nonetheless, and my website has e-commerce functions. I am responsible for the identities and payment information of my users and I do not take that responsibility lightly.

They had posted on the site pretending to be me, with grotesque pornography and terrorist propaganda.

So I reported this to the FBI, along with the denial of service attacks.

The FBI did not respond to my complaints”

Sir Foxy: “Internals beefs.”

Christopher Cantwell:https://archives.radicalagenda.com/exhibits/fbitip1.pdf

Sir Foxy: “The fed case stems around an internal beef, right?

For that matter all of your crimes are white on white crime, right?”

Christopher Cantwell: “My ‘victim’ is a guy who I called local and federal law enforcement on repeatedly, is why I’m spelling this out.”

Sir Foxy: “The guy in context for the fed case, is that the guy from Bowl Patrol?”

Christopher Cantwell: “I haven’t committed a crime since I was a teenager, but all of my convictions stem from my interactions with White heterosexual males. Yes.

Now, in Charlottesville I pleaded guilty to assaulting a Jew and an Asian tranny, but the accusation there was that I sprayed a white man with pepper spray, and that they were ‘affected by the overspray’


This is the transcript of my preliminary hearing in Charlottesville which gives the most thorough account of what I was accused of down there and how the case completely fell apart.

The guy who was my victim in the fed case is a man by the name of Ben Lambert, aka Cheddar Mane.


Archive link because they don’t understand that their content isn’t worth paying for.

In any case, I report the Bowl Patrol for the defacement and harassment in February of 2019.

During all of this, I have a good relationship with the local police department. I have to, because I was a concealed carry permit holder and a regular recipient of violent threats.

If I called 911 every time I had somebody threaten me on the internet, this would cause trouble. So I had a regular email correspondence with a local detective.

Whenever I got a threat or something like that, I would email him.

In May of 2019, I notify him of yet another death threat.

He notices that the volume of my threats exceeds the usual noise level, and he invites me to come to the KPD and discuss the matter in person. I take him up on the invitation, during which I explain in some detail the Bowl Patrol adding to my routine issues with Left wing criminals.

While I’m doing this, the JTTF is in the parking lot taking pictures of my car.

So, note the timeline.

October of 2018 “Full Field Investigation” following me around taking pictures cameras in front of my house, subpoenaing google et all tracking me electronically.

Feb 2019, I complain to the FBI about this harassment and defacement of the website.

They are threatening my life, calling me a rat ,which is an extra crime, witness intimidation.

While I’m reporting this to the local police, FBI is taking pictures of my car instead of pursuing the criminals.

In June of 2019, Lambert shows up in one of my Telegram chats and starts flooding it with Bowl Patrol memes.

I knew Lambert’s true identity, and had warned him some months back, that if he didn’t cut the shit, I was going to dox him.

I suspected he was still involved in the campaign the whole time, but I couldn’t prove it, so I kept his secrets.

When I caught him, I warned him that he was about to get doxed, and he basically begged for mercy saying he hadn’t done anything wrong.

I say “If it’s not you, then give me the identity of Vic Mackey” the screen name of the most notorious member of the group.

He says he does not know this information, which I know to be a lie. So he is lying to me and I am certain of this.

He knows that my knowledge of his identity stems from his meeting a woman I dated briefly, and whom I at one point had asked to marry me.

She wisely declined.

He says to me “You got the information from her, so I guess you don’t care what happens to her, do you?”

Since I in fact care very much, this pisses me off like you would not be capable of understanding, and I reply “As a matter of fact, I don’t, so if you don’t want me to fuck your wife in front of your kids, you better get scarce”

He takes screenshots of this conversation and publishes them online with his identifying details redacted.

The FBI, monitoring me, sees this, and takes notice.

When Mr. Lambert publishes this conversation, his complaint is that I am a “rat” and a “doxer”. He says nothing about rape. Nothing about violence.

He does not call law enforcement.

He does not take measures to protect his family from a threat he takes seriously.

So, a month AFTER I’m in the police department talking about the bowl patrol while the FBI is in the parking lot taking pictures of my car, four months after I’ve reported them for harassing me and defacing my website. In June of 2019, this thing with the private chat occurs and he leaks the screenshots.

In October of 2019, a full year after my full field investigation has begun, and with absolutely no good reason to prosecute me for whatever supposedly justified their surveillance, JJTF Boston travels to St. Louis and confronts Mr. Lambert.

Alt-Right Personality Lambert From Bowl Patrol Opens Fed Case on Cantwell

Sir Foxy: “Lambert was officially involved with the show when it was on your platform?”

Christopher Cantwell: “Yes. He was on the episode in which I was a guest, and on every subsequent episode to the best of my knowledge.”

cheddar mane lambert

Sir Foxy: “Gotcha, so that’s where everything stems from. Lambert.”

Sir Foxy: “And it’s a federal felony because it’s interstate communication?”

Christopher Cantwell: “Lambert is the blunt instrument. Do you think the FBI gives a fuck about him? No. They have been investigating me for years and coming up with nothing because I am not a criminal.”

Christopher Cantwell: “So they go to Mr. Lambert, and they say, in essence ‘We’re here about Cantwell threatening to rape your wife.'”

Christopher Cantwell: “Lambert before this has never said I threatened to rape his wife.”

Christopher Cantwell: “You see?”

Christopher Cantwell: “The FBI tells him ‘You don’t want us to send CNN to your house, right? That would ruin your life. Will you testify that Cantwell threatened to rape your wife? We have victim assistance funds available.'”

Christopher Cantwell: “Prosecutors take the earlier demand for Vic Mackey’s identity, a thing of value, connect that to this alleged rape threat. in an interstate communication, and say that I have in interstate commerce threatened to rape a man’s wife if he does not give me a thing of value. They charge me with extortionate interstate communications on this basis, and threaten me with 20 years in prison.”

Christopher Cantwell: “I took the case to trial. Just like in Charlottesville, I said I’ll plead guilty to any misdemeanor you want to avoid a trial. Lock me up for as many years as you can come up with an excuse to, but I am not going to forfeit my carry permit over this obvious bullshit.”

Cantwell’s Federal Felonies, Sentenced to 41 Months in USP Marion

Christopher Cantwell: “Charged with 3 felonies. Cyberstalking 5 years, Reputational Extortion 2 years, Extortionate Interstate Communications 20 years. I went to trial. I was convicted on all but the Cyberstalking. My criminal history was what the federal government calls level 3. My base offense level on the top charge was a 20. This produced a sentencing guideline of 41-51 months. Prosecutors asked for 51. My defense argued for time served under §5K2.10 seeking a downward departure on the basis of the victim’s conduct contributing significantly to the outcome.”

Christopher Cantwell:https://www.ussc.gov/guidelines/2015-guidelines-manual/archive/2011-5k210

Christopher Cantwell: “Despite the fact that this was very obviously the direct result of his behavior, a not so thinly veiled threat against my love interest mere seconds before my outburst, I was not granted this leniency. I was sentenced to 41 months in federal prison. I was sent to the United States Penitentiary in Marion Illinois, a maximum security prison, and held in the highest security unit, the Communications Management Unit, with terror suspects and arms traffickers. That is where I made friends with, among others, Viktor Bout, Matthew Hale, and Bill White. Names which will make for interesting Googling for your readers.”

Cantwell Was Locked Up With Russian Arms Dealer Viktor Bout

Sir Foxy: “I know who Viktor Bout is, but not the others.”

Sir Foxy: “So, how much of that do you do? And then you get out and do what? Just go back to doing the shows?”

Christopher Cantwell: “In the feds you do 85% of your time by default. That comes out to about 35 months. You’re supposed to serve 10% of the time sentenced a halfway house, which should have had me out in 31. They screwed me out of almost all my halfway house time, and I was incarcerated for a total of 34 months, with one month in a halfway house.”

Christopher Cantwell: “The halfway house would not allow me to do my job from the place. I was not even allowed to do interviews. No media contact was permitted.”

Christopher Cantwell: “So, promptly on the morning of December 19th, I moved into the windowless shitbox apartment from which I am writing this message, and I began producing my shows.”

Cantwell Gets Freed, Moves Into His New Windowless Shitbox

Sir Foxy: “No windowed shitboxes available?”

Christopher Cantwell: “The whole point of a halfway house is, you get a job, you get yourself established, you move into an apartment. I was not permitted to do this. So I took the cheapest place I could quickly find in under a month, and this was it.”

Sir Foxy: “Someone made a fund for you when you were incarcerated though, right?”

Christopher Cantwell: “Since then, I have invested all of my time, resources, and energy into getting my media business back in gear, and I have managed to pay my bills on time as a result of this.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Not when I was incarcerated. At the time of my arrest, there was no GiveSendGo or anything like that. We had been deplatformed from all crowdfunding. The only way I could receive money in jail/prison, and I got a bit of this, was by people putting money in my commissary account. When I got out, I became acquainted with the new systems that emerged, and in this way, I was able to raise funds.”

Sir Foxy: “Okay, now that you’ve established the story about all of the civil/criminal aspects, explain more of the deplatforming aspect. Both infrastructure, email, financial, whatever.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Also pertinent to the story, I was podcasting from the jail while I was held pre-trial. A guy I used to work with, he would record our phone calls and publish them on the website. Once I got to the federal prison, they put a stop to this by blocking his contact. That was my main connection to the outside world and my audience.”

Sir Foxy: “As well as your opinion on the targeting aspect of the criminal and civil cases and what aspect that has to do with de-platforming. And if you think it’s particularly relevant due to the type of content you publish.”

Cantwell’s Take on De-Platforming

Christopher Cantwell: “In 2017, your punishment for running afoul of the thought police on Facebook was, at worst, a 30 day prohibition from posting or commenting. You got your account back after that. Youtube, you got a strike, it expired, you continued. Twitter was unique in banning accounts at that time. Nobody had been banned from financial services.”

Christopher Cantwell: “After Charlottesville, the absolute hysteria that ensued, everything changed. I was in a matter of a couple of days banned from Facebook, YouTube, PayPal, Stripe, BluBerry Podcast Stats (which broke all my mp3 links), Coinbase, I’m failing to recall them all, but it was EVERYTHING, save for Telegram and Gab, and back then, Telegram was mainly a private messaging service, I don’t even think they had ‘Channels’ back then.”

Christopher Cantwell: “My website was hammered with DDOS attacks which cloudflare was apparently unable to protect me from. I had already been compelled to move my website off one host prior to this due to DDOS attacks from the Rainbow Mafia. I forget where I was hosted when SHTF post CVille.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Actually, my timeline is incorrect here. Sorry. Thinking about it… A lot has happened obviously. So, at the time everything goes crazy after Charlottesville, I have no help with any of this stuff. I have a dedicated server hosting the websites with cPanel at Ezzi.net, my former employer.”

Christopher Cantwell: “I wasn’t even using Cloudflare then. So the DDOS attacks promptly made my website unreachable. I used to be the operations manager for their datacenter. Ezzi. But I had moved on from there in… 2007 I guess it was, and I was in the business of building datacenters for awhile, so I had less to do with the actual maintenance of servers.”

Christopher Cantwell:ChristopherCantwell.net and RadicalAgenda.com were originally on a HostGator shared plan, and though they claim to be unlimited, I quickly found the limits, hence the dedicated box. In this way, I got re-acclimated to server maintenance. But I was no PHP dev and didn’t fully comprehend what all was going on behind the scenes in WordPress, which is how all my sites run.”

Christopher Cantwell: “After I get out of jail in Charlottesville, a fellow approaches me on Gab offering to help. I gratefully accepted. He got me on Cloudflare and improved some of the caching stuff to make the website less subject to malicious activity.”

Christopher Cantwell: “But, you know, shit happens. And thus begins this process of me getting kicked off one provider after another. Biggest problem was my mail and radio servers. Can’t stream or SMTP through cloudflare.”

Christopher Cantwell: “And Mailchimp was among those things I immediately got banned from which I failed to recall earlier, then several others. I started calling places and talking to sales reps, I tried to explain the situation to them so they understood what they were getting into, I was just denied service more often than I was actually banned.”

Christopher Cantwell: “It became obvious to me that permanent platform bans were a very serious problem that would impact my future options so, in addition to the fact that in my mind I’m running an honest business, I didn’t want to go places and violate their terms.”

Sir Foxy: “CloudFlare hasn’t kicked you off? And then, Youtube? They kicked you off?”

Christopher Cantwell:
“Interestingly, no. And if you look at their reasoning for banning others, it jibes with what I’ve been telling you. I’m not a fucking criminal.”

Christopher Cantwell:
“CloudFlare banned Daily Stormer, most notably, because it was ‘lawless'”

Christopher Cantwell:
“That was the first CloudFlare domino.”

Cantwell on Kiwi Farms

Sir Foxy: “Also Kiwi Farms.”

Sir Foxy: “But I know you’ve seen my article on that one lol.”

Christopher Cantwell: “I don’t know all the reasoning behind all the other Cloudflare situations, but Kiwi Farms (took the words out of my mouth) were accused of facilitating harassment. Well, actually, harassment is a crime.”

Christopher Cantwell: “People seem to forget that online, but it’s illegal. I faced 5 years for Cyberstalking recall.”

Sir Foxy: “What’s your take on Kiwi Farms?”

Christopher Cantwell: “Somebody should tell that to the Left wing activists who act like it’s their full time job to ruin my life, but the federal government doesn’t care if Right wingers are crime victims.”

Christopher Cantwell: “They were not at all kind to me, I was informed while locked up in Charlottesville. So no love lost there.”

Christopher Cantwell: “But if what Kiwi Farms did was illegal, there’s a way to deal with that legally.”

Christopher Cantwell: “It’s not for Cloudflare to determine the guilt or innocence of people accused of crimes.”

Christopher Cantwell: “It’s clear that the targeting of Kiwi Farms had nothing to do with harassment per se. The guy allowed what is dubbed ‘hate speech’ and because this is not a legal term, and because the term is intentionally kept as vague as possible by malicious and cunning strategists, there is no way to determine the accuracy of that allegation.”

Christopher Cantwell: “If Kiwi Farms was doxing Nazis and sending communists to conduct race riots, their activity would be deemed ‘mostly peaceful’ and lauded by CNN.”

Christopher Cantwell: “YouTube was 2nd to go. Right After Facebook. Also UStream, which I don’t even think is publicly available anymore, but was then a popular live streaming platform.”

Christopher Cantwell: “I had no strikes on my YouTube account when I went to Virginia. They just up and deleted the whole thing.”

Is ‘Hate Speech’ Real?

Sir Foxy: “Hate speech actually is real btw.”

Note: In the United States many states include hate crime enhancements for targeting based on things like sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, and so on.

So when you see Christopher Cantwell charged for something like “cyberstalking” above, that crime could include a hate based enhancement if the goal and motive were based on a protected identifier.

Stalking someone, harassing them with hate speech with motivations due to protected identifiers is where the hate enhancement comes out of.

Christopher Cantwell is correct that the federal government does not define any particular “hate speech” laws, but the hate enhancement still applies based on protected identifiers.

This can also include threats that put them in fear of their life, such as threating killing them due to being transgender (which the feds or state could pick up depending on where the threat was made from and who it was made to).

You can see state by state hate crime laws here.

Christopher Cantwell: “Not in the US it isn’t.”

Sir Foxy: “It’s targeting people based on protected identifiers.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Which tells us nothing.”

Sir Foxy: “Causing distress or panic based on identifiers, to be more specific. Washington for example has state legislature based on hate speech. A lot of states do.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Yeah, so you caused a transgender fanatic distress, that’s avoidable 🙄”

Christopher Cantwell: “The concept of ‘hate speech’ is categorically walled off by the Supreme Court of the United States and has overturned local and state laws regarding this repeatedly. ‘Hate speech’ legislation is nothing but a political weapon.”

Sir Foxy: “It is a very skewed line on what is free speech and what isn’t. Most tend to think speech is limitless. But it isn’t. There’s a lot of speech that’s actually a crime.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Where you see these things upheld, is where they attach it to some other crime ‘Harassment’ or ‘Intimidation’ and the motive is considered an aggravating factor. The ‘speech’ itself is still, for now, protected by law. But that’s on its way out obviously.”

Freedom of Speech LARPing

Christopher Cantwell: “And there’s an argument to be made we should do away with the concept of Free Speech. There are hate speech laws in Russia, notably, a subject of some consternation among White Nationalists who find my affinity for the Russkis bizarre… But you know what you’re not allowed to say in Russia. So you mind your Ps and Qs.”

Christopher Cantwell: “In the United States, you say what you think is legal to say, and the FBI follows you around for a year taking pictures of you looking for an excuse, refusing to protect you from criminals all the while, then holds you liable for the predictable outcome of that lawlessness. This is how we persecute dissidents here. We deny them the protection of the law, and then we put them in prison when that runs its course. Is that better than Russia’s laws? I’d say not.”

Christopher Cantwell: “And of course, the pendulum shall swing, and it shall swing hard, and when it does, I see no reason for the Right to be so devoted to the silly concept of free speech. Once power changes hands, throw the communists and the gender freaks and lots of others in prison using the laws they passed. That’s the object of the contest, so far as I see it. The goal of politics is not to win an election. The goal is to control the narrative, and the election follows necessarily. The Left understands that and has for many years. The Right is just figuring this out. God have mercy on the Left when they wield this legislatively.”

Cantwell on Alt-Tech

Sir Foxy: “How do you feel about alt-tech?”

Sir Foxy: “And it’s role in de-platforming / controlling right based narratives.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Well, I’m not sure I can categorically respond to that. I mean, to the extent you’ve got guys right of center working to keep the Left from completely dominating the Internet, great. I think there’s a silly misguided effort to frame this as free speech though, and free speech got us in this mess. Right wingers need to develop platforms for the advancement of Right wing narratives and to use technology offensively against the Left.”

Sir Foxy: “Expand on free speech got us into this mess.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Some sick pervert inserts a gay sex book into a children’s library and then complains that Republicans are ‘book burners’ for telling them to put it on a top shelf of another library. They should burn the goddamn book and imprison the guy who put it in the school. This is information warfare. It’s not a good faith contest of who has the better idea. The Left has rendered this impossible. It’s time to play for keeps.”

Christopher Cantwell: “The deplatforming, the DDOS attacks, the Antifa mayhem, this is narrative control. The Media complicity in all of this criminal behavior. You think all this dishonest violent malicious behavior is really an effort to help the downtrodden? Well informed serious people do not believe that, and increasingly, the average person is figuring it out.”

Christopher Cantwell:

Christopher Cantwell: “Joe Biden’s campaign announcement video for the 2020 campaign, posted April 2019. I’m in that video.”

cantwell joe biden

Christopher Cantwell: “‘And they were met by a courageous group of Americans’ To include a convicted murderer and guys who had been arrested for political violence all over the country. Criminals. Well known violent communist agitators. ‘And a violent clash ensued’ Not ‘They were attacked by nazis’ ‘A violent clash ensued’ Joe Biden understands who started that violence. He condones it. So this is the ‘battle for the soul of America’ he speaks of. These guys march and say things. These guys use violence. The President sides with the criminals, because all that matters is silencing the opposition narrative, and anything is permissible in that conflict.”

Sir Foxy: “But aren’t both sides free to try to control the narrative through their respective biased news sources? Isn’t that the point of free speech”

Christopher Cantwell: “They are operating by the rules of warfare and espionage. The only point of free speech is to appeal to the sensibilities of the population. It is a manipulation tactic. You almost NEVER hear me say ‘free speech’ when I reference this I say ‘My right to tell the truth.’ unless I need to quick get a point across and I’m trying to speak on the listeners’ level.”

Christopher Cantwell: “There is no such thing as free speech. LowEndTalk is never going to become a platform for male enhancement product spam and I am never going to allow people to advocate transgenderism on anything I control. This is not just about private property, we all have interests in the affairs of the State, the State takes our property by force through taxation and inflation, we have ownership rights in that institution, and we ought not be made to subsidize that which we find repugnant to our values. Speaking in the common spaces, on the streets, in the parks, etc… This is precisely such a subsidy. There is no reason we ought be forced to finance that.”

Christopher Cantwell: “So if some lunatic wants to preach transgenderism in a public school, that freak and I cannot share a common taxing authority. Only conflict can result from this.”

Christopher Cantwell: “I should have the right to say what I believe true, because my ideas have merit, not because some misguided fanatics 240 years ago said free speech on a piece of paper. Someone else sees it differently, this presents a conflict of interests. If we share a common State, only bitter political battles can result. We can separate or one can dominate the other. It is a binary choice.”

Sir Foxy: “So are you saying true free speech doesn’t exist and can’t exist?”

Christopher Cantwell: “Free speech never has existed, and never will exist. It is an ideological fiction as absurd as transgenderism. ‘how much freedom of speech should there be?’ is the only conceivably useful phrasing. Because, you know, the restrictions ought to be understood. But the idea of ‘free speech absolutism’ is just silliness and no serious person believes that when you take it apart.”

Christopher Cantwell: “You had conservatives saying that Twitter should only ban illegal speech, that they should not choose algorithmically which ideas to promote or demote. Same for Google, other search engines. Can you imagine a search engine not expressing a preference for one type of content over another? It’s not even logically conceivable. If Twitter should only ban illegal speech, then you are putting Twitter in the position of determining whether people are guilty of crimes, and that is not for Twitter to say.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Then there’ the other dimension. You think of it in terms of private property. The government can’t control speech, they say, but private companies can. Well, we saw how private companies used this power in 2016 and 2020. It was abused for political purposes. The predictable outcome of this is basically campaign finance law violations, in the most mild interpretation. Twitter and the media writ large cover up the Hunter Biden laptop, the consequence is World War 3. That cannot be permitted. Responsible statesmen must not permit such things to happen.”

Christopher Cantwell: “If a platform like Twitter uses its control over popular opinion in a way that is likely to result in warfare, there is no justification for allowing an ideological fiction to get in the way of preventing this.”

Christopher Cantwell: “It’s plain to see, as another obvious example, that the purpose of gender propaganda is child sexual abuse. There is no reason we should allow the transmission of that propaganda, since we know its ultimate terminus.”

Sir Foxy: “Earlier you said ‘Right wingers need to develop platforms for the advancement of Right wing narratives and to use technology offensively against the Left.'”

Sir Foxy: “So, if free speech doesn’t exist, essentially…”

Sir Foxy: “And private companies have often been responsible for enforcing speech…”

Sir Foxy: “Are you saying the solution for de-platformation in a sense is alt-tech creating new platforms that allow relevant narratives?”

Christopher Cantwell: “That actively advance some narratives, and actively combat others, with the ultimate aim of State control and official repression through State coercion.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Engage them on their terms. Warfare and espionage.”

Christopher Cantwell: “The Right sees the Left censoring and says ‘Free Speech'”

Christopher Cantwell: “I see the Left censoring and say ‘Destroy those who would destroy you'”

Sir Foxy: “That would also imply you consider YouTube, Facebook, etc, left-based platforms, right?”

Christopher Cantwell: “The only alternative to this is secession.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Yes. The Republican Party should do whatever they have to gain control over those platforms or destroy them.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Do to YouTube what the Left tried to do to Gab and Parler.”

Sir Foxy: “Now for someone that says de-platforming dangerous narratives is good. What would you say to them?”

Christopher Cantwell: “I would say that I wholeheartedly agree. Though, based on experience, I would guess they had a different conception than I of what constitutes a dangerous narrative.”

Christopher Cantwell: “No more than I am against the Easter Bunny, or the tooth fairy, or any other fiction, but I stand in opposition to all manner of deception, free speech included.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Regulating speech is routine and normal and always has been, the people who say otherwise are deceivers or misguided at best.”

Christopher Cantwell: “I consider this too obvious to require summation. Yes.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Think about why we are here.”

Cantwell Had Both a Korean and Black Girlfriend

Christopher Cantwell: “My first long term girlfriend was a Korean woman. I was madly in love with her.”

Christopher Cantwell: “I dated, on and off, for several years, a black woman, who had at one point become pregnant with my child. She aborted without informing me, and I was distraught to discover this.”

Christopher Cantwell: “My best friend growing up was a boy named Brett Randall, a Jewish kid, and our families would celebrate together during the Christmas season and there was some cultural exchange there and I thought this was enjoyable.”

Christopher Cantwell: “You grow up in New York it’s not an option to be only around White Christians.”

Christopher Cantwell: “The reason I had Walter Williams on Some Garbage Podcast, was because people were calling me a racist and at the time I considered this very offensive.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Then I came to discover what they meant when they accused people of racism.”

Christopher Cantwell: “They didn’t mean that you hated black people or harbored irrational prejudices.”

Christopher Cantwell: “They meant that you told the truth, and they meant to keep that truth a secret so they could destroy civilization with lies.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Well, if it is a choice between my comfort level, and the very existence of civilization itself, then my comfort level will just have to be reduced.”

Christopher Cantwell: “My most recent guest on the Radical Agenda considered it quite remarkable that I had gotten him to give me four hours of his time. You and I are now approaching 7.”

Sir Foxy: “For sure, we’re wrapping up here”

Christopher Cantwell: “Also, I do not expect that this conversation in its entirety would be the sort of thing LEB readers consume, and so much of what I said here today will necessarily, without any malice on your part, be omitted.”

Christopher Cantwell: “When I work all day on something, I am averse to omissions, especially when they are at the discretion of those who describe themselves as being on the opposite end of the political spectrum.”

Sir Foxy: “Understood. Few final questions, just to summarize things:”

Sir Foxy: “1) During your story we discussed different things that occurred, mostly as a consequence (good or bad) because you ran what some would consider an ‘alt-right’ or far-right show that discusses many different concepts, such as race.”

Sir Foxy: “Including prison, losing the ability to monetize your platform, and so on.”

Sir Foxy: “Do you see a future where your platform and the type of content you produce can coexist without you being de-platformed at all?”

Cantwell’s Plans for the Future

Christopher Cantwell: “The Left will always try to stop me. They have no other choice. Their existence depends on it. That is the contest. Me or them. So, I mean to make it them.”

Sir Foxy: “But in the right now, short term, the only solution is to exist on these hinge alt-tech sites, like Odysse.”

Sir Foxy: “What are your plans for the future? What’s your goal with your platforms?”

Sir Foxy: “After that, I think that should suffice. Thank you for your time.”

Christopher Cantwell: “I sell paywall content subscriptions, among other things. I have a unique business plan for syndication under that system which will allow people to make money off their productions where this was not previously possible, and I have begun to syndicate other producers.”

Christopher Cantwell: “I have no intent on relying on Odysee et al. They are fools for the way they have organized their business and eventually it is going to fail because they did not learn the lessons of those who came before them such as myself.”

Christopher Cantwell: “I mean to build an entire ecosystem. Web hosting, podcasting, live streaming, social networking, and eventually, payments.”

Christopher Cantwell: “I am a very busy man and I am recruiting capable people to aid in the mission. I devote all of my time to this. There is nothing else in my life presently. Once things get a little bit better organized and I stop investing every surplus back into the operation, I’ll seek a wife and take a break.”

Christopher Cantwell: “But for now, the mission consumes me, and I am content with this.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Key point?”

Christopher Cantwell: “Charlottesville was a hoax. James Fields is an innocent man.”

Christopher Cantwell: “And to spare his mother the pain of watching him be executed over a lie by the government she is forced to pay for with her taxes, he pleaded guilty to a crime he did not commit, and unless something changes, he will never leave prison.”

Christopher Cantwell: “I aim to see changes.”

Christopher Cantwell: “I thank you for your time as well, this went better than I had expected.”

Christopher Cantwell: “This is one of my better audio samples:

Christopher Cantwell: “No mention of race.”

Christopher Cantwell: “This is the kind of performance I aspire to.”

Christopher Cantwell: “Perhaps a day will come when our world is not so chaotic, and I can aspire toward producing things of greater beauty.”

Christopher Cantwell: “And now, if you like, I will tell you something off the record…”

Sir Foxy


  1. decryption:

    What the fuck is this? I know it’s hard to get attention these days and you want to get more traffic to the site – but this is the last thing I expected to see here on a website about cheap servers. I’m a bit shocked to see such a radically different piece of content up here than what is normally posted. Is airing the views of ethnonationalists complaining about deplatforming going to be a regular thing?

    December 6, 2023 @ 4:28 pm | Reply
  2. Theo:

    This is interesting, I always love reading the stuff posted here, but not this.
    Idk why, but I was an expecting a tl;dr at the end because of how big article was. Big nope.

    December 6, 2023 @ 5:13 pm | Reply
  3. King_CISSP:

    Contrary to the other comments, I find this completely relevant to LEB. As the article says, you can’t rely on tech services. Today one side might be doing the deplatforming, but as they said, it may come around to the point they become the deplatformed. As a side-less person, you’d imagine I’d never be a target of vitriol, but it’s much easier than you think to draw the ire of others just by not agreeing with absolutely everything others believe. The lead-up is a bit long, but it establishes the background vs the reasoning for deplatforming. If you want a guaranteed online presence, you better learn how to do everything yourself, and there’s honestly no better way to do that than with some LEB’s.

    December 6, 2023 @ 8:49 pm | Reply
    • That’s a good lesson to take from this, and it’s why I lurk on the forums. I manage my own systems with minimal assistance, and I keep current accounts with multiple providers in anticipation of cowardice getting the better of somebody I rely on.

      The article gets a bit long in the tooth with other subject matter, because the story is a compelling one for those with the attention span to follow it.

      People tend to dismiss my deplatforming as just punishment for crimethink, but that’s actually not the story. I was falsely accused of a great many crimes due entirely to my political views, and those false allegations, some never proven, and others absolutely disproven, led to much of this trouble.

      You don’t actually have to *do* anything, to cross these people. They get a bug up their ass, they lie, and pressure people not to do business with you.

      They threaten to do to you, what they are now doing to the other guy, and they make good on those threats.

      If nobody stands up to them, they’ll get us all killed.

      December 7, 2023 @ 7:42 am | Reply
  4. AnCap:

    Awww, poor decryption above, it all flew, over his empty head…

    Stick to your limited cheap servers and don’t ever leave your basement…

    December 8, 2023 @ 7:12 am | Reply
    • A guy who isn’t embarrassed to call himself an ancap in the year 2023 talking about empty heads. That’s amusing.

      I guess you anarchists are very fortunate nobody powerful cares about your ideas enough to try and stop you.

      December 8, 2023 @ 11:12 am | Reply
    • It just now occurs to me that your original comment was in reply to someone else, I read it differently thinking you were replying to me.

      My regrets for the confusion.

      December 9, 2023 @ 4:42 pm | Reply
  5. cantwell_is_a_bottom:

    “I was subjected to one of the cruelest bullying campaigns in the history of communications.”

    aww dwid ywou gwet bwullied bwaby :3?
    lmaoo what a crybaby

    everything about this dude is just identity politics, hopefully he takes his meds soon.

    Also why is he talking about his sex life unprompted? Is he a democrat trying to appeal to identity politics?

    December 8, 2023 @ 1:18 pm | Reply
  6. supercringe:

    “I want to make clear that Christopher Cantwell’s opinions don’t represent LowEndBox, LowEndTalk, me, or anyone else affiliated.”

    including this statement does not absolve you of platforming a racist. If you really wanted to write an article about this shit bag, you should have actually written an article, complete with fact checking and sources. instead you’ve posted the interview transcript with a Nazi…yikes

    December 8, 2023 @ 4:08 pm | Reply
    • The sources are there in the form of video and documents.

      If he fact checked me, he’d be accused of endorsement, because you know as well as I do, that I am telling the truth, and always have been.

      December 8, 2023 @ 8:22 pm | Reply
  7. AnCap:


    Though nowhere near as tragically-amusing, as watching you go from a principled and moral position of libertarianism, to a full-blown unethical statist.

    December 8, 2023 @ 5:29 pm | Reply
    • What you describe as “principled and moral” is more accurately a willful defiance of observable reality. If you had any clue what you were talking about you wouldn’t think it virtuous to attack me. You do not see this type of behavior from the likes of Lew Rockwell, much less Hans Hoppe. You do not even understand the philosophy you purport to adhere to, otherwise your views would more closely resemble those of a monarchist than one who shows up thinking he can peacock his virtue by whining about. racism

      December 8, 2023 @ 8:22 pm | Reply
  8. LET Bro:

    Sieg Heil brothers stay strong!

    December 8, 2023 @ 8:13 pm | Reply
  9. AnCap:


    You’re sputtering wholesale-nonsense.
    Stop projecting.
    I repudiate all your invalid criticisms. You offer zero proof for your ad hom attacks.
    In fact, the contrary is the truth: Statism doesn’t work, freedom does.
    Stop wasting my time.
    You’re dismissed.

    PS. I never even mentioned racism. So WTF?

    December 8, 2023 @ 10:47 pm | Reply
  10. evergreen:

    What an embarrassing post. “The following 7+ hour (edited down) interview took place as a result. I want to make clear that Christopher Cantwell’s opinions don’t represent LowEndBox, LowEndTalk, me, or anyone else affiliated.”

    Reminds me of when people were posting “I do not give Facebook or any associated entities permission to use my pictures, info, or posts, both past and future” to their timeline.

    “if a society’s practice of tolerance is inclusive of the intolerant, intolerance will ultimately dominate”

    On that note i’m outta here, have fun hosting nazis and their ideas.

    December 9, 2023 @ 4:05 am | Reply
    • Some people call this the tolerance paradox, but it’s better described as an implausible deception.

      Your ideas lack merit.

      They cannot withstand rational scrutiny.

      I invite this and make it as public as possible because everything about me is better than you, and I can demonstrate this reliably under any unit of measure save for the comforts this fallen empire showers upon craven imbeciles like yourself.

      My worst vices are more virtuous than your highest aspirations and you know it, so all you can muster is malice coercion and deceit.

      Your time is over, and every race of people on this planet will soon come to celebrate your long overdue demise.

      December 9, 2023 @ 4:45 am | Reply
  11. Mike Tyson:

    Lmao at all the redditors in here putting their moral outrage above all else all because they think a guy on the internet they’ve never met is a big bad wacist. The absolute state of brain dead NPCs today. Double LMAO at AnCap, what an absolute fruit cake. None of these nimrods have the slightest concern for things that matter at their core, they’d throw it all away because of… NAZIS! Pathetic.

    December 10, 2023 @ 7:26 pm | Reply

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