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OnraHost - $7/month 4 VPS Xen-HVM Resource Pool in Los Angeles and more

onrahost-2015-06-17Michael, from OnraHost, has sent in some nice offers for LowEndBox readers. It includes an offer for a resource pool, allowing up to 4 VPS to be created from those resources!

Resource pool

  • 4VMs allowed
  • 768MB RAM
  • 4x vCPU
  • 200GB HDD space
  • 1.5TB transfer
  • 1Gbps uplink
  • 4x IPv4
  • 4x /64 IPv6
  • Xen-HVM/Virtualizor
  • $7/month
  • Order here

  • 256MB RAM
  • 1x vCPU
  • 15GB SSD space
  • 1TB transfer
  • 1Gbps uplink
  • 1x IPv4
  • 1x IPv6
  • Xen-HVM/Virtualizor
  • $2.50/month
  • $25/year
  • Order here

More offers inside!

OnraHost has been around since 2012 and is a registered company in the United States. They’re 100% debt-free and fully own their own hardware. On top of that they guarantee no overselling and offer a wide range of products (from shared/reseller hosting to OnApp Cloud and dedicated servers). These offers are labeled as ‘premium’ because of their undersold character and limited number of servers per host node. Host nodes have enterprise-grade hardware and at least 4 hard drives in RAID10. Reviews of OnraHost have been predominantly positive, but we’d still like to hear from you as well!


  • 768MB RAM
  • 2x vCPU
  • 30GB SSD space
  • 1TB transfer
  • 1Gbps uplink
  • 1x IPv4
  • 1x IPv6
  • Xen-HVM/Virtualizor
  • $4.50/month
  • Order here

  • 1.5GB RAM
  • 4x vCPU
  • 60GB SSD space
  • 2TB transfer
  • 1Gbps uplink
  • 1x IPv4
  • /64 IPv6
  • Xen-HVM/Virtualizor
  • $7/month
  • Order here

Payments can be made using PayPal, Bitcoins (via Bitpay), and credit cards. There’s a money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with their services, which is limited to two days for VPS servers and does not include add-on services or domain names et al. For all the details on this and more, please read their Terms of Service.

Network information

QuadraNet – Los Angeles, CA, USA
Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2607:fcd0:0:a::2
Test file:



  1. William:

    Possible to buy additional IPs and thus create further VMs within a plan?

    Possible to create IPv6 only VMs, if yes how many?

    August 21, 2015 @ 1:32 am | Reply
  2. Wulfy:

    How much would it cost (in total) to up the resource pool plan to 2gb (and 4gb if possible) and what is the cpu allocation for this plan?

    August 21, 2015 @ 11:59 am | Reply
    • For this new Resource Pool offer we are just doing to “double everything up”. So for example if you wanted 2x 768MB plans, it would cost $14/month. 4x 768MB plans would be $28/month etc. etc. CPU Allocation would be 4x CPU’s for every plan… again just double up.

      So 3GB would be $28/month. 2GB would come in at about $21/month.

      August 21, 2015 @ 3:23 pm | Reply
  3. Ryan:

    Does this ‘resource pool’ allow deploying servers across multiple regions? That is, could I have one east coast and one west coast server? Or one in Europe and one in the US?

    August 21, 2015 @ 10:45 pm | Reply
  4. Brian L.:

    I am a new customer to Onrahost and let’s just say that I am EXTREMELY happy with their services so far. I am a noob when it comes to VPS admin/setup and they have been there to help me every step thus far, offering advise, instruction and help when I screwed things up! I’ve never had a host go this far to help me and wanted everyone to know. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Thanks so much!

    September 1, 2015 @ 8:35 pm | Reply
  5. TE:

    Signed up last year, and so far so good. Decent service. Only thing is I noticed it does block some IPs from supposedly ‘malicious’ IPs. So be aware that there’s a network filter in place! (I didn’t see any opt-out either)

    February 15, 2016 @ 11:55 pm | Reply

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