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RamNode - 10% Off - $13.50/year 128MB OpenVZ and more in 5 locations


Nick, from RamNode, is back with a special offer for the LowEndBox community. They are giving away 10% off for life on any new order or upgrades using the promo code ANY10. This is available in all their 5 locations: New York, Atlanta, Seattle, Los Angeles, and The Netherlands.

RamNode owns their own hardware and network equipments, including their own racks in Dataplace – The Netherlands. They also have their own US IP space from ARIN (AS3842). These are all positive indicators that they are into this business for the long term. Depending on location, their network blend includes PCCW, GTT, NTT, TeliaSonera, and Cogent.

To those who are new to this community, RamNode is one of the popular host at LowEndBox and LowEndTalk. We have featured them numerous times before and they have built a very good following. They came first in the last couple of Quarterly Top Provider Polls and customer reviews are generally positive. I highly recommend their service as I am also a current customer. Feedbacks are always welcome at the comments section below.





Note that the promo code any10 is applicable to other plans at their website. Listed above are some of the plans that fits within the LEB criteria.

RamNode accepts payments via PayPal, Credit Card and Bitcoin. DDoS protection is being offered in all locations at additional cost. cPanel licenses are available for $13/month while DNS hosting is provided for free. Nothing illegal in the US or anything that is disruptive is allowed. Adult content, Tor (relays only; no exit nodes), IRC and VPN are all allowed. TUN/TAP and PPP are available. For new customers, note that there’s a 3-day refund policy in place for the first invoice, first service only! As always, kindly check their Terms of Service and Acceptable Usage Policy before purchasing any service.

Network Information

Telehouse Chelsea – New York City, New York
Looking glass: http://lg.nyc.ramnode.com/

55 Marietta – Atlanta, Georgia
Looking glass: http://lg.atl.ramnode.com/

The Westin – Seattle, Washington
Looking glass: http://lg.sea.ramnode.com/

Equinix – Los Angeles, California
Looking glass: http://lg.la.ramnode.com/

Dataplace – Alblasserdam, The Netherlands
Looking glass: http://lg.nl.ramnode.com/


  1. Thanks Jonathan!

    June 18, 2015 @ 1:21 pm | Reply
  2. somedood:

    nick can i email you a personal request?

    June 18, 2015 @ 1:44 pm | Reply
  3. Troll:

    You should remove your corporate title from WHT and spend it on something else worth wild Nick. Waste of money. Plus, it’s disrespectful to your current customers.

    June 18, 2015 @ 2:01 pm | Reply
    • Lee:

      Oh really, stop hiding and sort your issues out.

      June 18, 2015 @ 5:23 pm | Reply
    • ramnode:


      not worth wild.

      July 17, 2016 @ 4:01 am | Reply
    • ramnode:


      not worth wild.

      July 17, 2016 @ 4:01 am | Reply
    • hostnoob:

      worth wild?? it’s worthwhile

      July 17, 2016 @ 4:09 am | Reply
  4. Alex:

    RamNode is the best!

    June 18, 2015 @ 3:12 pm | Reply
  5. LadyS0ft:

    how it is equivalent to 0.9 CPU?

    WordPress ¿1? WordPress ¿2?

    ¿100 users without plugins?

    June 18, 2015 @ 4:00 pm | Reply
  6. KiAnXineki:

    1 year, 1 incidents

    The support is contacted me in less than 5 minutes


    nerderlands server (128MB CVZ)


    Number of cores : 1
    CPU frequency : 2300.007 MHz
    Total amount of ram : 128 MB
    Total amount of swap : 64 MB
    System uptime : 2 days, 4:18,
    Download speed from CacheFly: 60,7MB/s
    Download speed from Coloat, Atlanta GA: 3,41MB/s
    Download speed from Softlayer, Dallas, TX: 6,74MB/s
    Download speed from Linode, Tokyo, JP: 4,66MB/s
    Download speed from i3d.net, Rotterdam, NL: 93,8MB/s
    Download speed from Leaseweb, Haarlem, NL: 77,1MB/s
    Download speed from Softlayer, Singapore: 3,63MB/s
    Download speed from Softlayer, Seattle, WA: 8,88MB/s
    Download speed from Softlayer, San Jose, CA: 6,88MB/s
    Download speed from Softlayer, Washington, DC: 9,66MB/s

    June 18, 2015 @ 5:32 pm | Reply
  7. I got their 128MB CVZ at $15/year a few months ago and it has been a great experience. It’s amazing how much can be done on such a little server, and it’s doing it all even faster than my old shared web hosting!

    My only complaint would be that the provided DNS isn’t really suitable for doing anything fancy, so I’ve stuck with my registrar’s DNS for the time being.

    June 18, 2015 @ 7:35 pm | Reply
    • Thanks for your kind words! We may look at replacing the DNS system (which is just cPanel for now) at some point next year.

      June 19, 2015 @ 2:40 pm | Reply
      • Good to hear. My recommendation on that front would be to go with something that doesn’t treat subdomains as a rare and precious thing. And something that handles geolocation would also have me buying more servers from you. :-)

        June 19, 2015 @ 3:30 pm | Reply
      • gags:

        A very sincere recommendation from me too… Just provide a good Geo-redundant DNS system and it will make you a complete great provider. No wise tech would host critical DNS on their Production VPS, it should be hosted elsewhere for a failsafe setup… I hope you will consider this! Good luck — keep up !

        July 3, 2015 @ 8:00 am | Reply
  8. David:

    Bitcoin on RamNode? Finally, yeah! Ordering VPS for year RIGHT NOW! :)))

    June 19, 2015 @ 2:30 pm | Reply
    • :D

      June 19, 2015 @ 2:40 pm | Reply
      • David:

        I’ve got VPS immediately after payment. Server runs very fast, I wonder what optimizations are processed on the node, because all things like IO, CPU, network work like on dedicated server, not shared. I have chose the NL location, I like the pings. Long live RamNode. Thanks Nick! :)))

        June 20, 2015 @ 8:31 am | Reply
  9. Much props to their customer response. I purchased a VPS, added cPanel, and asked about setting a PTR record – got a response in 7 MINUTES! We are now testing options to migrate about 150 domains, which won’t be fun as 100 of them aren’t on cPanel currently. Very happy so far (that kid in a candy store feeling)

    June 19, 2015 @ 4:09 pm | Reply
  10. Mathew:

    Ramnode is rock solid. They are in a different league compared to the rest of LEB. I recommend them anytime.

    June 20, 2015 @ 2:45 am | Reply
  11. Alex:

    Ramnode has been my provider since 2013 and it has a very rock solid servers + great staff

    +1 to Nick and his staff. It’s been a great year being with Ramnode and definitely worth every penny. Keep it up Ramnode! :D

    June 20, 2015 @ 2:42 pm | Reply
  12. Aldo:

    Do I recommend RamNode? Yes
    Performance is great.
    Uptime is great(Only VPS downtime is when I took it down myself).
    Support is great.
    Can’t go wrong with a VPS from RamNode to be honest.

    Atlanta Premium SSD VPS (OpenVZ)
    CPU model : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1240 V2 @ 3.40GHz
    Number of cores : 2
    CPU frequency : 3400.157 MHz
    Total amount of ram : 512 MB
    Total amount of swap : 256 MB
    System uptime : 18 days, 13:19,
    Download speed from CacheFly: 84.4MB/s
    Download speed from Coloat, Atlanta GA: 50.2MB/s
    Download speed from Softlayer, Dallas, TX: 83.0MB/s
    Download speed from Linode, Tokyo, JP: 5.47MB/s
    Download speed from i3d.net, Rotterdam, NL: 5.17MB/s
    Download speed from Leaseweb, Haarlem, NL: 11.1MB/s
    Download speed from Softlayer, Singapore: 11.7MB/s
    Download speed from Softlayer, Seattle, WA: 43.4MB/s
    Download speed from Softlayer, San Jose, CA: 52.1MB/s
    Download speed from Softlayer, Washington, DC: 90.3MB/s
    I/O speed : 561 MB/s

    June 21, 2015 @ 7:57 pm | Reply
  13. Nick L:

    I decided to go with the $13.50/year offer because I needed a small vps with a little storage to use as a simple backup server and I love it so far! Ramnode’s owner has the same first name as me so obviously their services rock ;).

    Some network porn:

    wget freevps.us/downloads/bench.sh -O – -o /dev/null|bash
    CPU model : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 v3 @ 2.40GHz
    Number of cores : 1
    CPU frequency : 2399.988 MHz
    Total amount of ram : 128 MB
    Total amount of swap : 64 MB
    System uptime : 5 min,
    Download speed from CacheFly: 110MB/s
    Download speed from Coloat, Atlanta GA: 34.6MB/s
    Download speed from Softlayer, Dallas, TX: 56.9MB/s
    Download speed from Linode, Tokyo, JP: 11.3MB/s
    Download speed from i3d.net, Rotterdam, NL: 16.2MB/s
    Download speed from Leaseweb, Haarlem, NL: 35.6MB/s
    Download speed from Softlayer, Singapore: 12.7MB/s
    Download speed from Softlayer, Seattle, WA: 39.9MB/s
    Download speed from Softlayer, San Jose, CA: 40.6MB/s
    Download speed from Softlayer, Washington, DC: 95.1MB/s
    I/O speed : 926 MB/s

    June 22, 2015 @ 7:53 pm | Reply
  14. Đạo Nguyễn:

    I am using the Ramnode cheapest package , so great to backup data :D

    June 23, 2015 @ 10:16 am | Reply
  15. Tom:

    Support USED to be good
    2+ hour ticket now, no response. Meanwhile, they’ve shut the server down for supposed “CPU abuse”, telling me to fix it, but refusing to respond.

    Yeah, this is NOT professional what so ever

    June 23, 2015 @ 4:12 pm | Reply
    • Hi Tom, your ticket was not “2+” hours without a response, although the time before the second reply from our staff member was perhaps longer than normal due to a high ticket load this morning. The original message from the on duty tech included a screenshot of the CPU load in question. It was high and disruptive enough that he needed to take action. We’re happy to continue to work with you via ticket, but it’s simply not true that anyone “refused to respond” to you. I think you’ve been with us long enough to know that we’re here to help. We appreciate your business.

      June 23, 2015 @ 11:28 pm | Reply
  16. Chandra:

    Ramnode always top of the list for us! Have servers with them for over a year. Fast and reliable + top notch service from Nick and his team. Can’t complain at all. Very happy to do business with them. In fact will be ordering several vps from this latest promo soon!

    June 26, 2015 @ 1:15 pm | Reply
  17. ls:

    Fast ramnode servers
    Hopefully some day offer UNMANAGED dedicated servers

    June 26, 2015 @ 11:10 pm | Reply
  18. simonindia:

    i have the same plan as this offer i need say that i have never had a downtime i had a request and put on a ticket once they replyed within 5 min Awesome service and friendly people over there

    Good job RamNode :)

    June 27, 2015 @ 3:46 am | Reply
  19. Rodion:


    128MB CVZ (Netherlands)

    High speed, low ping.

    Simple control panel for server.

    I like it!

    June 30, 2015 @ 8:57 pm | Reply
  20. I have all 9 of my production VPSes with RamNode now, awesome service. Nick is doing an awesome job

    June 30, 2015 @ 9:31 pm | Reply
  21. melemonsqueezer1:

    Ramnode has been amazing the past few months. I have used my vps to host everything from wordpress to a VPN. Recently I have been running out of ideas to use my vps for, but that hasn’t stopped me from running my owncloud server. With owncloud I can have my own secure “dropbox” for files. Recently my server got hacked about 3 hours after I had made a dumb security mistake. I got notified that my server had started sending out Dos attacks. I contacted support and they said they would reinstall my server for me. I don’t know of any other host that would do that. I have used the OVH classic server, and they suspended it for high CPU. I have never had this issue with ramnode.

    July 1, 2015 @ 2:27 pm | Reply
  22. Yohanes:

    Is this offer still available Nick?

    July 8, 2015 @ 11:08 am | Reply
  23. Sebastian:

    I’ve had a VPS in the US for many months now and everything is great. Low price for the specs, great performance, no downtime so far, fast and good support. They’re the best VPS provider I have had.

    The only downside is that they don’t offer VPS in the UK and I can’t find a UK hoster with comparable prices that is even nearly as good as Ramnode. :)

    Highly recommended.

    July 8, 2015 @ 10:45 pm | Reply
  24. Inori_Shizuka:

    <3 ramnode

    July 10, 2015 @ 12:41 pm | Reply
  25. Ramnode’s service is fantastic. I recently renewed for a 2nd time a 128meg CVZ in the Netherlands I use as a VPN & opened a low priority ticket to apply the promo code – it was applied in 6 minutes. The only downtime in 2 years was advised in advance: 30 minutes to replace a RAID card & a 10 minute loss of networking the previous year for a networking upgrade.

    October 6, 2015 @ 4:37 pm | Reply
  26. Hdd11:

    I have make payment via Paypal but I got refund after few minutes. And my account registed was remove. And also my IP was banned. Why this happen? I try for the second times using another account and same thing happen.

    October 16, 2015 @ 9:48 pm | Reply
  27. David P.:

    Hello, be careful, although it’s on all AUP they have just enforce a policy that block any attempt of using torrent protocol, it was legal or illegal.
    This means I can’t download an ISO linux image any more…

    November 28, 2015 @ 12:31 pm | Reply
  28. nice server.. i have use for my web

    November 18, 2016 @ 12:29 am | Reply
  29. Three and a half years later…..

    We have 2 VDS servers, 3 VPS servers, and a shared reseller account as well. Customer service is still top notch, and we couldn’t be happier.

    Well, we could, if they had a Canadian data centre too – we’re stuck with the other guys until then :)

    December 21, 2018 @ 3:56 pm | Reply
  30. I’ve been using RamNode’s VPS for several years, and I have to say that I’m very satisfied with regard to price and features.

    March 25, 2019 @ 2:37 am | Reply

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