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Top Reasons to Choose a Cheap VPS

Top Reasons to Pick a Cheap VPSMost of the offers shared on LowEndBox are surrounding cheap VPS offers. In this post, we’ll be doing something different. We will be going over the top reasons why you should choose a cheap VPS.

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Cost – On a budget, or looking to get the most for your buck? LowEndBox is a great place for those who are cost-sensitive and on the hunt for a cheap VPS. Commonly found within LowEndBox posts are exclusive, yet within budget VPS offers. These offers include various allocated resources, at prices that are within the LowEndBox rules – which happen to qualify as cheap VPS. This is what makes LowEndBox special – as the offers featured vary, and it totally is up to consumers to choose which provider best fits their needs.

Backup – As with anything IT, you definitely want backups, especially in the day and age where ransomware is off the charts, and folks are working remotely due to the effects of COVID-19. A cheap VPS with a sufficient amount of storage is a good use case as a backup server. Or for those who want to implement DRaaS (disaster recovery as a service) or similar environments.

VPN – A lot of users use a cheap VPS particularly to set up their own VPN. Some use cases include bypassing the GFW in China as it is a communist country, this allows consumers to browse the internet without censorship. Are you in the market for a cheap VPN solution? Try one of the communities cheap VPS offers.

Dev Environment – If you are a developer, we understand developing takes time, and with that you’re most likely looking for a cheap VPS for the duration of your development, testing and so on. A LowEndBox cheap VPS can be a great choice. Most VPS’s include a control panel (such as SolusVM or Virtualizor) where you can instantly reinstall your VPS server to a different operating system, making this perfect as a dev environment as you can always test different operating systems and always start over if needed.

Websites That Need Extra Horsepower – if your website is outgrowing shared hosting, which itself is generally cheap, you might be looking for additional resources while still looking at cost, comparable to shared hosting cost. A cheap VPS would be ideal for this. Looking for a cheap VPS? Simply search the community offers, look at provider reviews, community feedback, and choose your next cheap vps. A VPS provides you with more resources and more control compared to shared hosting, and this translates to better performance for your website. If your website visitor count is growing it might be time to consider upgrading to a VPS. LowEndBox is a resource website that is constantly updated with fresh VPS deals.

Game server Hosting – If you are looking to set up a game server for the first time, a cheap VPS is a way to go! Considering setting up a game server such as a Minecraft game server, Garry’s Mod game server, Rust game server, etc? A VPS provides you with complete root access in order to set up and install your game server the way you desire. Compared to slot game server hosting, with a VPS – you are in total control of the server’s environment and are able to customize it in any way you desire, or even set up multiple game servers on the same VPS as long as your server has enough resources to support it. 

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Jon Biloh


  1. Great article! Love the interviews, those are always a great read! Who’s up next?

    July 2, 2020 @ 7:07 pm | Reply
  2. Michael Driscoll:

    I’ve used LEB multiple times over the years. After price, the main reason was for root access. After that, server location. Worked on a few projects that needed extremely low latency in different countries. This was the best site to find the resources I needed at a reasonable price.

    July 16, 2020 @ 12:51 am | Reply

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