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Hundreds of thousands of users visit LowEndBox per month, looking for deals on services from companies like yours. We’re interested in featuring quality companies offering great services at a discount.

If you have a service you would like featured on LowEndBox, submit your offer to our Help Desk. When submitting your offer please be precise, as that will ensure that your submission is reviewed and handled quickly. It is important to include a 6-8 sentences about your organization so that the LowEndBox staff may use it as background detail should you be featured! Having your hosting offer featured on LowEndBox is always free.

Want to submit an offer? Review the basic rules below:

Be active on your featured post

If your offer gets posted, plan to spend some time answering questions and fielding concerns. The best way to ensure you have a successful sale is to be active in the comments section of the post. Hosts who do not respond to their customers and who are not active on their LowEndBox featured post are unlikely to be published twice.

Price Ranges

The following are guidelines.  We are willing sometimes to stretch limits if:

  • An offer is unique (e.g., a geography we’ve never or rarely covered)
  • Is part of a range of services, some of which start below our price limits
  • Is new, different, or interesting in some way

Unmanaged VPS (OpenVZ, KVM, other) and VPN Services: $10 per month and under.

Shared Hosting Services: $7 per month and under.

Reseller Hosting Services: $12 per month and under.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) Services: $7 per month and under.

Domains: Common TLDs (.com/net/etc) less then $6 per year. Specialty TLDs less then $10 per year.

Managed VPS and Application Hosting (E-Commerce, WordPress) Hosting: $30 per month and under.

Unmanaged Dedicated Servers & Colocation: $125 per month and under.

Managed Dedicated Servers: $200 per month and under.

If you have questions or wish to discuss your offer, we invite you to contact us via our help desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am a VPS hosting provider. How do I get my offers posted?

Please contact us (via our help desk) and tell us about your hosting package(s). It must meet our listing criteria, and please include:

  • Amount of memory, disk/storage space, bandwidth, CPU, port speed, and any other information about your plan that you can provide
  • Type of virtualization, i.e. Xen, OpenVZ, VMWare, etc…
  • Location of your servers and which data center are you hosting with (test IPs and files are a plus)
  • Company name and domain
  • Pricing (promotion codes if applicable)
  • What makes your company unique
  • Why buyers should consider your service

Q. Why don’t you reply my help desk ticket?! Why don’t you list my offers?!

If you are sending us your latest VPS offers, please check whether you have met the listing criteria. Especially if we have already previously written about your offer over the last 30 days. Common reasons why you don’t get listed:

  • You submitted your last offer less than 30 days after your prior offer was featured here.
  • Your web hosting “business” is full of issues. Incomplete website, dodgy domain registration details, cryptic terms of services, using nulled software, etc. Make sure you have those issues fixed before submission.
  • You are less than 12 months in the industry and are using private WHOIS.

Q. What information do you need to publish my offer?

VPS Offer Template: Click Here
Web Hosting Offer Template: Click Here
Dedicated Server Offer Template: Click Here
VPN Offer Template: Click Here

Remember that the more time you put into your offer submission the more time we will. Quality offers with detailed information about your service and company makes your offer more attractive to buyers.

How do I get my offer listed? Please submit a new ticket at our help desk.

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