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Nodes and Modes: Maintaining Galera Replication for MariaDB

Tags: , , , , Date/Time: September 23, 2021 @ 12:00 am, by raindog308

In a previous tutorial, we showed you how to setup Galera replication for MariaDB so you could have multi-node, multi-master clusters.  We also saw how MariaDB painlessly replicates data.  In this tutorial, we’re doing to forcibly interject a little pain into the process by seeing how Galera deals with down loads and replaced nodes. Once […]

Painless MariaDB Replication with Galera Clusters

Tags: , , , , , Date/Time: September 22, 2021 @ 12:00 am, by raindog308

Galera is MariaDB’s multi-master replication technology which makes it a snap to setup highly-available multi-node MariaDB clusters.  In this tutorial we’ll walk through setting up a cluster and also look at some replication events. Cluster Design For Galera, you want to use odd-number clustered sizes: 3 nodes, 5 nodes, etc.  It’s possible to run a […]

Automating mysql_secure_installation in MariaDB Setup

Tags: , , , , Date/Time: April 27, 2021 @ 12:00 am, by raindog308

Lots of people want to automate their system setup, and this is frequently done by either using the provider’s new VM hooks to run a script at setup time or later using something like Ansible. If you are trying to automate MariaDB/MySQL installations, it’s easy enough to install MariaDB (e.g., apt-get -y mariadb-server) but you […]