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Providers: Thank You for an Awesome Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Providers, we couldn’t have done it without you.  Your willingness to bring incredible cheap VPS, cheap cPanel, cheap DirectAdmin, cheap dedicated servers, and all manner of other cheap services to our audience is what sets our community on fire every year. Below is a complete list of the providers who brought you all the goodness […]

Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2021 Special Awards!

Some providers’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers are straight-up mind blowers, while others target a niche.  Last year we had quite a few interesting offers we gave special awards to.  Yesterday’s post on the top offers was one view of the best of the best.  Today’s is by category. Straight Up Mind Blowers RackNerd: […]

CYBER MONDAY: HostSlim has a Mind-Blowing 4GB VPS With Unlimited Bandwidth for 4€/Month!

Take us out in style, HostSlim! Get a 2 core, 4GB VPS with UNMETERED BANDWIDTH for 4€/month!  Includes 150GB of SSD. HostSlim also is offering: Cheap DirectAdmin shared hosting for 20€/year! An e3-1230v2 cheap dedi with dual HDD and unmetered bandwidth for 49€/month! HostSlim is registered in the Netherlands. Their Terms of Service is available on their […]

CYBER MONDAY: CloudServer is Offering an 8GB RAM KVM for Only $10/month! Cheap Windows VPSes, too!

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If you need a big VPS, either Linux or Windows, CloudServer has you covered this Cyber Monday: Get an 8GB KVM VPS with 4 cores, 5TB bandwidth, and 100GB of SSD for only…this is ridiculously cheap…only $10/month! Or a 5GB RAM Windows VPS for $4.50/month!  Thank you, CloudServer, for these mind-blowing offers! 🤯 Their WHOIS is public. […]

BLACK FRIDAY: Reset Your Expectations! 8GB KVM for £9.99 /mo ($13.50 USD) from SpeedyPage.uk!

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Some folks just know how to make an entrance.  Case in point: SpeedyPage debuting on LowEndBox this Black Friday with two crazy wonderful offers: Get an 8GB KVM VPS for £9.99 /mo ($13.50 USD) – includes 12TB of Bandwidth! Or get cPanel with 15GB of space and UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH for £9 per YEAR ($12 USD)! Both prices […]

Have You Seen the LowEndBoxTV YouTube Channel?

Have you checked out the LowEndBoxTV YouTube channel lately?  We launched in May of this year and six months later we’ve to a wealth of content for you: Many tutorials on everything from creating your own self-hosted disposable webmail to hosting your own DNS to firing up a WordPress site in only 3 commands New […]

BLACK FRIDAY: It’s Official Now! BTW, Did You Miss Out on Any of these Early Bird Deals?

OK, now it’s officially Black Friday. We know you guys didn’t really want to wait until it was officially Friday so we start our Black Friday season on Wednesday, then post more on Thursday, and by the time Friday comes along we are in high gear, dropping offers like clockwork.  But now it’s officially Black Friday. Been busy?  […]

BLACK FRIDAY: The LowEndTalk MegaThread is Coming!

Besides all the amazing offers here on LET, we also have the traditional LowEndTalk MegaThread up and running. @FAT32 knocked it out of the park last year, and @Nekki for a couple years before that, and now they’ve COMBINED FORCES in what’s shaping up to be an epic marathon of memes, massive discounts, and WORDS […]

VPS BLACK FRIDAY: Welcome, If You’re New Here!

This year we’ve got lots of new people visiting our site and enjoying their first Black Friday.  Maybe you clicked a link from one of our video tutorials, or maybe you came across our site from browsing.  However you got here, we welcome you and offer a brief introduction. LowEndBox.com goes back to 2008 and is […]