Please note that these plans are beta plans, meaning that certain functionality may be reduced. Nested virtualization may not be enabled and we may unexpectedly reboot your VM at any time with or without notice. It also may take a few days for your order to get fully activated, as we manually review orders for these plans. We do not guarantee a specific CPU model, but usually it’s Ryzen, E5v3/v4, or W-series CPU’s.
Sounds like just the kind of bleeding edge experiment that would appeal to our readers!  Here’s a little more about Advin:

“Hey there! We’re a Advin Servers, a small hosting provider based in Delaware (USA). We originally started in 2020, and have been growing ever since. We primarily offer budget services, and we specialize in offering services that provide a good “bang for your buck”. We’ve been growing rapidly within the past few months, and would like to provide a special offer for the LowEndBox community!”