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Are They Really Even Millennials? We Investigate. Check Out This $30/YEAR for 1TB Storage VPS from MillenialHost

mlnl.hostIt’s been a minute since we had MillenialHost on – not since February 2022 in fact!  You guys were overdue.

They stopped by to drop a nice storage offer on us:

  • 1 CPU, 1GB RAM, 150GB HDD, 2TB bandwidth – only $30/YEAR
  • Or add 1TB HDD to that for only $30/YEAR more

So that works out to 1TB of storage for only $5/month.  Service is in the Netherlands and bigger plans are available, too.  On the bigger plan, there are some bonus options for doubling RAM, bandwidth, etc. – see below.

Service is in the Netherlands.

MLNL.HOST is a company founded by 2 individuals, who combined, have 15+ years of experience in the web hosting industry, and have run several companies in the past. We’ve operated our Datacentre in Hong Kong for 10+ years, and with that comes a lot of experience which we’re trying to bring into our day to day, and the longer term objectives of the firm.

Fun fact: We started off as Millenial.host, and soon realised that we’d misspelt our own company name – and the next best thing to having a correctly spelled name is a name where we remove ALL the vowels. Definitely makes our name seem intentional and not a mistake. Not at all. Say our name now. MLNLl…. Rolls right off the tongue doesn’t it.

Check out their web site, read their TOS, and then say to yourself, wait!  These are millennials I’m dealing with.  I need to go to their social media:

Hold up…what’s going on here?!?  They are on X and Facebook (aka Boomer media), but they haven’t posted a single thing on Instagram and don’t have a TikTok.  How millennial really is Millenial Host?  Do I need to check MySpace?!?


Promo Details

  • All Storage NL plans are 50% OFF (if Annual, you get 50% OFF AND 2 months free, which works out to ~60%)
  • Every order can choose 1 resource to DOUBLE for free (e.g. RAM, Disk, Bandwidth) (except NL – 1G plan)
  • Instant Setup

Looking Glass

Node Specs

2 x Intel Xeon E5-2650L v3 (24 cores)
128+ GB RAM
Multiple HDD’s with a limited number of customers to prevent IO issues
Incoming Port: 10 Gbit
Outgoing Port: 1 Gbit


KVM – NL – 1G – LEB Exclusive
1 vCPU
1 GB RAM (+1 GB for $1 after discount)
150 GB HDD (+1 TB for $3 after discount)
2 TB Bandwidth (+1 TB for $1 after discount)
Full Remote Management – Reboot, Reinstall, VNC
Full rDNS Management
1 x Dedicated IPv4 (+1 IP for $1 after discount)
Coupon: LEB23-MLNL-NL
Cost: US$20/Semi-Annually or US$30/Annually ($2.5/mo)

KVM – NL – 2G
2 vCPU
2 GB RAM (+1 GB for $1 after discount)
500 GB HDD (+1 TB for $3 after discount)
5 TB Bandwidth (+1 TB for $1 after discount)
Full Remote Management – Reboot, Reinstall, VNC
Full rDNS Management
1 x Dedicated IPv4 (+1 IP for $1 after discount)
Double 1 resource for FREE – e.g RAM, Disk, Bandwidth, IPs
Coupon: LEB23-MLNL-NL
Cost: US$5/month or US$50/Annually (~US$4.2/mo)


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