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Automattic is Smoking Crack: Wordpress.com Launches a 100-Year Plan for Only $38,000 Upfront

Wordpress LogoYes.  Seriously.

The 100-Year Plan ensures that your stories, achievements, and memories are preserved for generations to come. One payment. One hundred years of legacy. US$38,000.

WordPress (the software) was launched in 2003 and wordpress.com came along in 2005.  So a service that has not been around for 20 years yet is willing to promise they’ll be around for another 100.

Of course, if they’re not, you won’t be around to complain.  But your grandson might be.

Navigate life’s milestones with ease. Whether you’re gifting a site to a newborn or facilitating a smooth transfer of ownership, we’re here to assist every step of the way.

Well, assuming they’re still there.

They list five bullet points as selling features:

  1. Century-Long Domain Registration
  2. Even More Peace of Mind (this mainly means they back stuff up robustly)
  3. Enhanced Ownership Protocols
  4. Top-Tier Managed WordPress Hosting
  5. 24/7 Premier Support

#4 and #5 are fluff.  #2 is to be expected.

#1 is a little daffy.  If they’re selling you a wordpress.com subdomain for 100 years, that’s not very exciting, but if they’re guaranteeing you whatever .com then perhaps that’s more attractive.  I’m guessing they won’t give you a .rich for 100 years – that’d be a lot more than $38,000.  I’m sure there are limits…I mean, what if you sign up for some country TLD and 100 years from now, that country no longer exists?  Lots of precedent there!

And what are the Enhanced Ownership Protocols other than keeping track of who to pass the domain to when you die?  That’s what wills for for, actually.

Their base package is $25/month, so 100 years times 12 months times $25 is $30,000.  Getting that and a little more upfront is probably good business.

But from a consumer perspective, it’s hard to take this seriously.  You know what we say about lifetime deals

Domain names themselves haven’t been around for 50 years yet, nor has the Internet.  Will people still be using domain names in 2123?  Web browsers?  100 years ago radio was just emerging as a mass media medium.

If you’d prepaid for 100 years of telegram service in 1923, you’d be feeling a little silly about now.



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  1. Hi there, I better build a solid computer with 3k$ with 8 tb nmve raid 6 storage… It will keep up for at least 20 years from now….

    August 28, 2023 @ 2:45 pm | Reply

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