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Community Roundup: October 2012

We recently decided to launch a ‘Providers Roundup’, which would be an editorial piece for providers to share their latest interesting news. However we’ve decided instead to call it the ‘Community Roundup’ which will cover a much broader range of news; well anything community related, such as community projects and of course provider news. Feel free to leave a comment below if you think were missing something.

rage4 Rage4

A new DNS service launches

After 6 months of development, on October 1st 2012, GBHouse officially launched their latest project, Rage4. Rage4 is a new DNS service. Unlike many other DNS services, Rage4 works on a pay-as-you-go billing model, which means that users only pay for real usage. Every domain, which uses Rage4, receives 250,000 free requests per month. It’s only after you exceed this figure that you will be required to part with any money. This simple to use service, comes with many free features such as GeoDNS, failover support, API access and server monitoring. Rage4 also operate their own Anycast network; which is spread across the most strategic global network points.

They have sent a few promotions for LowEndBox readers: move at least 10 domains to Rage4 DNS and get an extra 100k free requests for each domain (350k free requests per domain recurring) or, if you wait till the 11th November, on Einherjar Blot – move your domain to Rage4 DNS and get extra 250k free requests for each domain (500k free requests per domain recurring). They have also sent a little promotion for providers; if you become a Rage4 Partner, you will get a 5% discount from flat fee (50EUR for each 250 domains per month [no request limits]) and all Partners will get a 15% discount for ModulesGarden DNS Manager for WHMCS.

They have recently partnered with two LowEndBox hosts, Castlegem and FlipHost. Peter, developer of rage4, tells me that GBSHouse is always on the look out for new partners. You can view more about Rage4 here: http://www.rage4.com/Home/Features or on their LowEndTalk thread.

edisat Edis

Raspberry PI Colocation

EDIS has been offering free Raspberry Pi colocation since May, however, over the past month; the demand has exploded, due to multiple technology sites featuring their service. Geek.com and HackerNews, are amongst sites who have reported and featured EDIS’s Raspberry Pi colocation. For those who are not familiar with the Raspberry Pi, it is a small computer which was developed by a bunch of folk from Cambridge University with the intention of stimulating coding for children. Each Raspberry PI colocated will receive: 1 IPv4; /112 IPv6 on request; 100Gb Traffic per month; free reboots and free local hydropower (green energy). I know a few of you have already sent, or are about to send, your Pi’s to them.

The above picture was provided by EDIS, showing some Raspberry PI’s waiting to be racked. You can view these threads here for more information: initial edis offer & recent thread or visit their dedicated page here: https://www.edis.at/en/server/colocation/austria/raspberrypi/.

prometeus Prometeus

Community member gets hired by Prometeus & more.

Prometeus, who won the top providers q3 poll, are pleased to officially welcome, community member, Maounique to their team. After several months of running their support board and helping with various tasks while learning things; Prometeus have decided to recruit Maounique to help support further growth and oversee the launch of a Cloud service for the LowEnd Market. Salvatore, who owns Prometeus, commented “the M in proMeteus will [now] be filled :-)”.

Prometeus are also currently working on an ultra LowEnd IPv6 only vps, which they hope to launch within the next month. Prometeus are also celebrating their 20th LowEnd node, having finally, after 3 months, brought another new Xen node online. Salvatore jokes, that having responded, to many questions about when Xen stock would be available, with “Soon”; he’s surprised Francisco hasn’t sued him.

stormvz StormVZ

StormVZ expands to Dallas, Texas.

StormVZ have expanded their Virtual Private Server range to Dallas, Texas. This latest location will join their other two current locations: Gosport, Hampshire and New Jersey, USA. StormVZ, a UK based company, first launched in early September when they began offering test servers for the LowEndTalk community to try and test their service. Since then, StormVZ has been featured on LowEndBox.

ugvps UG VPS

UGVPS has expanded to Chicago, Illinois and Newcastle, UK.

UG VPS, who were founded in early October, have already expanded to 2 new locations during the course of October. The new locations are: Chicago, Illinois (USA) and Newcastle, United Kingdom (Europe). In Chicago, UG VPS are located within a Dupont Fabros Technology Center and for Newcastle they are with OpenITC at the Wildcard Networks datacenter. They had their first offer published on LowEndBox a few days ago.


As I stated above please leave your feedback with us. If you’d like to be included on the December 1st issue, you can email me at liam@lowendbox.com


  1. Damian:

    I’ll be the first to say: I quite like this post/format/whatever it is, and I hope to see more.

    November 2, 2012 @ 2:56 pm | Reply
    • eastonch:

      Me too!

      November 2, 2012 @ 3:20 pm | Reply
    • Asad:

      Yeah, it’s pretty cool. Good work Liam.

      November 2, 2012 @ 6:45 pm | Reply
      • Yeah, pretty cool. Hopefully next time more people will be involved.. ;)

        November 2, 2012 @ 6:52 pm | Reply
  2. And I’m the second one :D
    Congrats to M

    November 2, 2012 @ 3:20 pm | Reply
    • maounique:

      Thanks ! I am finally out of my day job so I can concentrate more, hope to have some fun in these two months :)

      November 2, 2012 @ 9:36 pm | Reply
  3. Sonic:

    It would be great if update weekly :D
    Monthly seems long time :(

    November 2, 2012 @ 4:03 pm | Reply
  4. craigb:

    Like this – thanks and keep em coming!

    November 2, 2012 @ 7:01 pm | Reply
  5. pubcrawler:

    Good feature piece. Hope there will be more of these with expanded information.

    This post was the who’s who of my recent dealings.

    Very impressed with Rage4. Good operation, fast responses and very nice to deal with for DNS. Best DNS company I’ve used at *ANY* price.

    Congrats to Maounique and Prometeus. Good to see some financial sharing going on and companies actually growing staff.

    November 4, 2012 @ 8:23 am | Reply
  6. Great summary. Will be making a submission next time. Especially liked the post about Edis. Always wanted to follow up on it after seeing the news.

    November 4, 2012 @ 11:44 am | Reply
  7. Stefan:

    Terrible service, UGVPS is the WORST I EVER HAD, and I had a lot of them. I would avoid these kids big time, they oversell, they have no experience whatsoever, and they don’t reply on my tickets when my VPS is down for weeks, and they pop up with answer, it’s online, even though it was offline previously 3weeks. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM.

    December 28, 2013 @ 9:19 pm | Reply

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