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DotVPS - $4 256MB OpenVZ VPS in Scranton or Netherlands


A quick notice that DotVPS recently celebrated their 1st birthday as a company under Jacks wings. Its been a bumpy first year but its nice to see them still around.

As it has become a custom to release a “special” package to celebrate provider birthdays, Jack has done the same!

This offer is also available on LET and WHT

image Netherlands $4/moimage
Dedicated RAM: 256 MB
Disk Space: 20 GB
Bandwidth: 400GB
Connection Speed: 1000 mbps
Dedicated IP’s: 1 IP

Link: https://dotvps.net/portal/cart.php?a=add&pid=118

image United States $4/mo image
Dedicated RAM: 256 MB
Disk Space: 20 GB
Bandwidth: 400GB
Connection Speed: 100 mbps
Dedicated IP’s: 1 IP

Link: https://dotvps.net/portal/cart.php?a=add&pid=117

image United States
Scranton PA – Volumedrive
Test IP :

image Netherlands
Capelle a/d IJssel – SnelServer
Test IP :


IPv6 is available in Netherlands and scheduled to be launched in Scranton within 3 months.



This post was pulled back because of Chiefs decision not to publish offers from DotVPS. Since the “incident” there has been improvment made by Jack and after internal discussions this offer is now available here on LEB again.

Please do not comment your personal opinions regarding this decision here, make a thread (or more) on LET.


  1. safefaek:

    Capelle a/d IJssel – SnelServer
    Test IP :


    June 12, 2012 @ 7:46 am | Reply
    • Bob:

      Have another look, it’s NL. – BTW I stood with Jack that whole year and didn’t regret it. Yes, some bumps appeared but meanwhile my VPS is running quite smooth.

      June 12, 2012 @ 9:18 am | Reply
    • My UK details are on the ripe details that’s why.

      June 12, 2012 @ 11:48 am | Reply
  2. hazeydaisy:

    Nice network speeds with those test files. Anyone have an i/o test?

    June 12, 2012 @ 8:07 am | Reply
    • Jack:
      root@forge [/]# dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync
      16384+0 records in
      16384+0 records out
      1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 13.9238 seconds, 77.1 MB/s
      root@forge [/]#
      June 13, 2012 @ 4:59 pm | Reply
  3. Thanks for the listing.

    June 12, 2012 @ 11:48 am | Reply
  4. Robert Prost:

    I have been scammed by DotVPS.net
    Purchased a VPS, got shut down a day later, just enough so “Jack” could claim that the 1 day money back guarantee has passed. He has since then kept my money. Avoid! Scam!

    June 13, 2012 @ 6:20 pm | Reply
      • Robert Prost:

        Whatever, I don’t care about whatever excuse scenario scammers generate to stay in business and scamming. I have done my research and you are widely known as a classic ‘PayPal / Intangible Goods’ – scammer. Here is a screenshot of my account details, so people here don’t think that I am untruthful: http://i45.tinypic.com/53ut1w.png

        I ordered and a day later ‘Jack’ took my money and ran. Thank god I was too tired that night to move my site, intended for the VPS, or it would have been down with the indian VPS I got. Your PayPal dispute -> escalating to a claim declaring just one phrase ‘Intangible Goods’ was a textbook operation from the book ‘How do I exploit PayPal’s loophole of intangible goods to rip people off’. Congrats on that and also on successfully stealing my money. I hope you put it to good use.

        I have done my duty now and everyone reading this is now warned and has a choice; to either move to a legit VPS provider or to be ripped off by ‘Jack’ from DotVPS.net

        ’nuff said and regards,

        June 13, 2012 @ 7:33 pm | Reply
        • Daniel @ LowEndTalk:

          To be honest Robert, I had a VPS with Jack and never had an issue.

          June 13, 2012 @ 7:35 pm | Reply
        • Robert,

          You submitted a ticket Telling me I had closed port 80 on your VPS we don’t block ports.
          You then to ask for a refund. – https://dotvps.net/terms-of-service.php#server-refund
          All Virtual Server purchases and services are non-refundable

          I’m not to sure where you got a 24 hour period from?

          yOu then went on to threaten me about Charging back and How your going to post it all over Wjunction , LEB and WHT?

          If anyone would like the proof of the threats feel free to email me at Jack[at]DotVPS.net and You can have the whole ticket with Robert’s name edited out of course.

          June 13, 2012 @ 7:41 pm | Reply
        • Robert Prost:

          Interesting, back then you said my VPS was (D)DOSed … oh well, scammer AND a bad liar. Go ahead and fake your own tickets.

          Here is some truthful PayPal proof instead: http://i50.tinypic.com/95v2p3.png

          As said, now you are warned, use your best judgement to decide whether you want to deal with ‘Jack’ and get ‘jacked’ or just go with another of the 10 gazillion VPS providers out there who are NOT scammers.


          June 13, 2012 @ 7:47 pm | Reply
        • I said you was probably under some type of flood as we hadn’t closed port 80 and we’re an unmanaged provider your vps pinged you even said your plesk cp worked just http didn’t.

          I am not a lier what so ever. And i’m not a scammer you agreed to our terms we followed our terms.

          June 13, 2012 @ 7:50 pm | Reply
        • Robert Prost:

          Enjoy my money, it was the most expensive day of hosting I ever paid. Goodbye.

          June 13, 2012 @ 7:51 pm | Reply
  5. Only 4 More Spaces for VMs in NL.

    June 14, 2012 @ 6:57 am | Reply
  6. Jack:

    We’re currently having issues with IPv6 Please bare with us while we address the issue.

    June 15, 2012 @ 8:33 pm | Reply
  7. Our new Limestonenetworks node is online and up for a box upon for this offer.

    [root@Testbox ~]# wget -O /dev/null cachefly.cachefly.net/100mb.test
    --2012-06-21 17:25:20--  http://cachefly.cachefly.net/100mb.test
    Resolving cachefly.cachefly.net...
    Connecting to cachefly.cachefly.net||:80... connected.
    HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
    Length: 104857600 (100M) [application/octet-stream]
    Saving to: `/dev/null'
    100%[==============================================================================================================================>] 104,857,600 7.36M/s   in 10s
    2012-06-21 17:25:30 (9.58 MB/s) - `/dev/null' saved [104857600/104857600]
    [root@Testbox ~]# dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync;
    16384+0 records in
    16384+0 records out
    1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 10.7014 seconds, 100 MB/s
    [root@Testbox ~]#

    Test files are available here:

    For now it’s on 100mbit port , It may be upgraded at a later date.

    June 21, 2012 @ 12:31 am | Reply
  8. cron:

    do you have 1000mb ram? burst? discount?

    August 4, 2012 @ 5:39 pm | Reply

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