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Evolution Host Returns with More Free Systems! (Free 64GB VDS to Qualified Applicants!)

Back in October, Mike from Evolution Host contacted us with an opportunity for the community to obtain a free VPS from his firm.

Now he’s back again and giving away another 30 high spec virtual dedicated servers, free of charge!  These are big beefy systems with 8 vCPUs, 64GB of RAM, and 500GB of NVMe SSD.

Here’s a bit more info in their own words:

Evolution Host are back at it again with our latest product launch. This time we’re introducing our high-spec VDS Hosting to the world. VDS (Virtual Dedicated Servers) are a hybrid mix of VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting. Bringing the flexibility of a virtual server to a dedicated server. Making somewhat of a tradition of this, we’d like to mark the occasion of this new product launch by presenting the LEB community with an opportunity to claim their very own ultra high specification VDS from Evolution Host.

This offer is open to everyone in the LEB community who has a popular website and/or a large social media following. We would recommend everyone who is interested apply as we may have an alternate offer available if you don’t meet the criteria required for the largest specification server. Please note that if you’re offered one of our lower tier packages, it likely means that your website was not eligible for any offer – therefore we may request the occasional honest review of your experience with the server.

There is no exact criteria to make you eligible for the offer but a good start would be a ranking of at least 25 on https://moz.com/free-seo-tools or a social following of 5k+.

The relevancy of the applicants site will also be taken into consideration. No pornographic content, warmongering content or anything that breaches our terms of service will be accepted.

These VPSes are permanently free with no other costs.  They do request a backlink or some sort of co-promotional arrangement depending on the site/social account that you apply with.  And naturally, you must obey their terms of service.

Evolution Host has been in business since 2013 and was formerly registered as evolutionhost.co.uk.

Now read more to get full specs and learn how you can apply!

Here’s the specs on these VDSes:

  • 8 CPU Cores at 4Ghz+
  • 64GB DDR4 RAM
  • 500GB NVMe SSD
  • 2Gb/s Port
  • Advanced DDoS Protection
  • Linux or Windows
  • Europe/US Locations



“We use a variety of hardware combinations however our most common configuration can be found below.”

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 5.0GHz
– 64GB DDR4 2400 MHz RAM
– 1 x 4TB HDDs
– 2 x 512GB SSDs
– Software RAID 1 with off-site backups
– 1 Gbps

AMD Ryzen 7 3800X – 8 c / 16 t – 3.9 GHz / 4.5 GHz
– 128GB RAM
– 2 x 4TB HDDs
– 2 x 960GB SSDs
– Software RAID 1 with off-site backups
– 1 Gbps

Intel Xeon-E 2288G – 8 c / 16 t – 3.7 GHz / 5 GHz
– 128GB RAM
– 2 x 6TB HDDs
– 2 x 960GB SSDs
– Software RAID 1 with off-site backups
– 1 Gbps

Strasbourg, France
Test IPv4:
Test file: https://pulse.evolution-host.com/1GB.zip
Frankfurt, Germany
Test IPv4:
Test file: https://lazer.evolution-host.com/1GB.zip
London, UK
Test IPv4:
Test file: https://imperial.evolution-host.com/1GB.zip
Warsaw, Poland
Test IPv4:
Test file: https://logic.evolution-host.com/1GB.zip
Montreal, Canada
Test IPv4:
Test file: https://diamond.evolution-host.com/1GB.zip
Oregon, USA
Test IPv4:
Test file: https://exodus.evolution-host.com/1GB.zip
Dallas, USA
Test IPv4:
Test file: https://nucleus.evolution-host.com/1GB.zip
Virginia, USA
Test IPv4:
Test file: https://brave.evolution-host.com/1GB.zip
Singapore, Asia
Test IPv4:
Test file: https://liquid.evolution-host.com/1GB.zip
Helsinki, Finland
Test IPv4:
Test file:  https://impact.evolution-host.com/1GB.zip

If you apply and receive a VPS (or even if you don’t), be sure to comment below and let the community know about your experience!



  1. Hello LEB community,

    Mike here, I’m happy to be able to celebrate the launch of VDS Hosting in the Evolution Host product line by participating in another one of these offers to the LowEndBox community.

    Don’t be shy and send in them applications!

    December 20, 2020 @ 7:02 am | Reply
  2. I tried the Asian machine and it was great. Twitter has followed you.

    December 20, 2020 @ 10:23 am | Reply
    • Mike Brown:


      Great to hear!

      December 20, 2020 @ 2:45 pm | Reply
  3. I’d be interested in some free resources for a project which I think would be mutually beneficial, however…
    – I’d need IPv6 (and only IPv6; you can keep your IPv4 addresses!), I think you offer this but it’s not mentioned in the LEB post?
    – I’d probably prefer the resources to be spread across different locations rather than a single machine – and I’d expect the usage to be very bursty so dedicated CPU cores aren’t required (and may well be wasteful!)

    Should I still apply?

    December 20, 2020 @ 12:37 pm | Reply
    • Hey Ben,

      Thanks for reaching out.

      Absolutely, feel free to include any of your specific needs in your application. We have a section to include any comments.

      Best of luck!

      December 20, 2020 @ 2:45 pm | Reply
  4. i have applied too lets see how it goes :)

    December 22, 2020 @ 3:48 am | Reply
  5. What about upgrades from the previous giveaway? Worth a shot right? I got a Enterprise VPS and it has been 100% awesome and has been a complete pleasure.

    December 22, 2020 @ 7:14 pm | Reply
  6. Evolution Host was a sponsor for 2 months. Mike is a really nice guy and answers fast and their server was really good! Uptime could be better but since it was a free server we can’t complaint at all and are really thankful for this. It helped us to receive few players (more than 40) during our 10 years anniversary on one of our Minecraft servers.

    We decided to stop to work with Evolution Host because for us it was to much requirements (make social network ads, do reviews on websites, etc.) which doesn’t fit our non profit organization mindset.

    If you are low budget / non profit, you should really think about Evolution Host to help your project.

    Thanks for all Mike, all my best for 2021 ^^.

    December 22, 2020 @ 10:58 pm | Reply
  7. Sent in an application. The faster single-core speeds would be pretty awesome for our use-case. Looking forward to hearing a response.

    December 24, 2020 @ 2:50 am | Reply
    • Hey,

      That’s typically what we offer. The vast majority of our CPUs turbo between 4Ghz – 5Ghz.

      That should certainly meet the needs of your project.

      December 27, 2020 @ 10:43 am | Reply
  8. WARNING : this Evolution Host not provide free servers as they claim , they are fraud its all about cheap reviews. so how it works ? you apply for free server they will say OK u got it , they will give server for free for one month , after that they will be asking u if u want to keep server for few more months then write good review for them on these sites which they sent you . so its all fraud as few lowendbox users highlighted here : https://lowendbox.com/blog/breaking-news-free-vpses-from-evolution-host-available/
    so i request lowendbox admin to ban these guys from this platform .

    i have email chat proof .

    December 27, 2020 @ 12:30 pm | Reply
    • Hey Tyson,

      We’re not sure why you would label this as a fraud, that seems to be quite outlandish.

      We have clearly stated in our offer that in certain cases we may request an honest review of your experience with the server. This is typically requested of those who don’t have a particularly popular website.

      To clarify, we never request a “good” review. We simply ask that you publish a review of your experience with the server, good or bad.

      With these offers, we provide high quality servers free of charge – this is a valuable service that we are providing for the LEB community.

      We have provided hundreds of free servers to the LEB community throughout the years and 99% of the project owners we interact with are over the moon that we accepted their request for a free server. They are more than happy to share a review of their experience using the server.

      We’re sorry you feel this way, however we do wish you would not make an attempt to ruin this opportunity for others simply because you are not happy with your own experience.

      If you would like to discuss this further, feel free to reach out to us directly.

      December 28, 2020 @ 3:55 pm | Reply
      • Conan:

        Just to back this up. Mine is running for almost year now. This is definitely real and not a fraud.

        Only thing is I’m on a (E5-2690) host so doesn’t seem everyone is getting the newer nodes. Not really an issue for me.

        Also they never required me to post a review either and their support has been really helpful. Performance has been great too and didn’t have any downtimes.

        January 27, 2021 @ 6:29 am | Reply
        • Hey Conan,

          Thank you for your feedback and support! We certainly appreciate it :)

          February 7, 2021 @ 1:57 am | Reply
  9. Alexander Nt:

    Why would anyone in the world, could offer ANY close to that specs FOR FREE?? The hell right, that’s just impossible i’m not only gonna apply, i am just happy that i see it! xD Imagine i pay 1200 euro monthly for 2 Servers with ddos protection, hell yea i’m happy cause i’ve what i’ve wanted, but this?? Well this is huge, this is crazy right? I am running big applications, those guys needs power however, i’ve NEVER, yes NEVER seen FREE of charge VDS like that, there’s something behind it, no way they offer these for free, just no way, imagine, only the hardware needs money, what about electricity? Oh don’t forget, how about the internet?? And hell yea, what about the hardware firewall if there’s any, how about the network design? Well guys, this has to be some joke!

    April 26, 2021 @ 1:50 pm | Reply
    • Hey Alexander,

      Glad to hear you’re excited about these offers, we are too!

      I can assure you, there’s no joke here :)

      Many people have qualified for the offer listed here and many more have qualified for smaller servers.

      Feel free to apply and we’ll get back to you!

      June 21, 2021 @ 9:50 pm | Reply
  10. Rajnish Kumar Singh:

    Hey Mike,
    I have applied for free VPS and free VDS, but didn’t received any…

    May 31, 2021 @ 6:29 am | Reply
    • Mike Brown:

      Hey Rajnish,

      Thanks for reaching out!

      As long as you’ve applied with a valid website URL you should certainly have heard back from us!

      As we have no outstanding requests (as of typing) feel free to apply again if you haven’t received a response.

      June 21, 2021 @ 9:52 pm | Reply

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