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Exotic Location Alert: Get a New KVM VPS in Uruguay or Kazakhstan for Way Less Than You’d Expect

OWN.TN is an Australian-owned hosting provider that pretty much exclusively operates out of exotic locations.

Namely, Pando, Canelones, Uruguay, and Pavlodar in Northeastern Kazakhstan. You’ll rarely find those as an available location at your favorite hosting provider…

That definitely makes for an interesting offer!

But before we get to the offers, I decided to reach out to the founder directly to get a little bit more background on the birth of OWN.TN.

Here’s what they had to say:

We are a family-owned business registered in Australia. The business was originally founded in early 2021 where we provided IT consulting and management services to not-for-profit organizations. The organizations required a few special geographical locations for custom projects and outcomes.

Since 2023, we have decided to expand infrastructure in two specific locations that we believe can generate the most value for us and our customers, that is Uruguay and Kazakhstan.

I then followed up by asking for their goals and plans for the future:

Our goal is to provide a level of service that is targeted to developers and engineers alike. We would like it to be something you would keep and use for a long time while optimizing for performance and reliability. We are here for the long haul.

We are continuously looking for ways to upgrade and refine our infrastructure in the same locations to provide the next level of experience as technology modernizes.


I also asked for some pictures of the data center because I was incredibly curious about what they look like in these locations.

Here’s what OWN.TN sent over:


Uruguay — ANTEL tier III data center


Kazakhstan — Pavlodar tier III data center

They followed up these pictures by stating, “The two DCs I am colocating in are government owned, taking photos of inside is actually prohibited… I have just confirmed this by reading what is in my contract.”

Interesting, but not at all surprising given the locations. Definitely means you have to balance the line of local politics well, but there’s also a lot of western laws a country like Kazakhstan has zero care about.

For example, when asked about their DMCA policy on their most recent LowEndTalk offer thread they replied:

There is no such policy in Kazakhstan. United States copyright law is not applicable for this country. Our policy allows you to host content as “per laws of where the server is located”.

Hope this clarifies.

Definitely could serve a unique purpose considering it’s exotic location. I should also note as it stands their IP addresses are classified as residential.

Now for the Offers

Here’s what OWN.TN sent over:

Pando, Canelones in Uruguay 
Your server is also powered by renewable energy!

  • CPU: 1x Intel Xeon
  • RAM: 3GB DDR4
  • SSD Storage: 20GB Hardware RAID 10
  • Data Transfer: 500GB
  • Connectivity: Up to 600Mbps*
  • Port: 1Gbps
  • Virtualization: KVM
  • Original Price: $24/month
  • Discounted price: $10/month with coupon “HB5OWDK19”

Click here to order

Test IPv4:

  • Direct connectivity to Europe via EllaLink submarine cable with latency as low as 135 ms to Spain
  • Terrestrial routes for optimized latency within Latin America to Chile, Brazil and Argentina
  • Direct submarine cable routes to Ashburn and Miami USA
  • Optimized routes to Central America via Telecom Italia and Telefonica transit

Pavlodar in Northeastern Kazakhstan

  • KZ-VM 3G
  • CPU: 1x AMD EPYC
  • RAM: 3GB DDR4
  • SSD Storage: 20GB Hardware RAID 10
  • Data Transfer: 3TB
  • Connectivity: 1Gbps
  • Virtualization: KVM
  • Original Price: $22/month
  • Discounted price: $10/month with coupon “DAM1CMLET “

Click here to order

You can take a further $2 off per month off this by the ultra limited super secret code “BLACKFRI” — bringing the total to $8 per month. If this coupon code says invalid by the time you’re able to use it, it means the coupon has already hit it’s maximum amount of uses.

Test IPv4:

  • Optimized routes to CIS region (Central Asia, Russia, etc.)
  • Direct route to Hong Kong via PCCW and Level 3

Should You Bite on This Offer?

At first glance OWN.TN’s pricing may seem a bit steep…

But when you look at other hosts operating in these locations, these prices are very cost-effective.

For example, here’s Onehost.kz, a popular Kazakhstan hosting provider:


The lowest plan, KVM-SSD-0 costs about $9 USD. That comes with significantly less resources than the ONE.TN offer.

Then in Uruguay, it only takes one Google search to realize how absurdly expensive servers in Uruguay are:


So, yes, these servers are a bit more pricey than what you might expect in the US, Canada, Germany, France, etc…

But they are very cost-effective, and this is a great opportunity to add a new exotic location onto your list of idlers.

Why not?

Sir Foxy

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