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Five Reasons Why LowEndTalk is the Best Place to Sell Your Domain

Domain NamesDo you have some domains you’re looking to offload?  Or are you looking for a new dot-something?

One of the best places to sell domains is on LowEndTalk, where you have a targeted audience of interested people who are eager to participate in auction threads for domains.

Five Reasons Why You Want to Sell Your Domain on LowEndTalk

  • You can set your own specific rules (as long as you comply with the site rules).  Want to do a buy-it-now?  Or not?  Want to allow sniping – or not?  Minimum bid increment?  You have all the control.
  • If you want to hide the domain so it doesn’t show up in Google searches, you can do that.  For example, you use a title like “amazing hosting domain” in the title and use a picture of the domain’s name in the body of the thread.
  • It’s a fantastic place to sell hosting-related domains because you’ve got the benefit of a focused audience yet a large body of potential bidders.
  • Buyers have some skin in the game and aren’t just random anonymous netizens.  Bidders must meet minimum standards to bid, including time in community.
  • There are consequences for people who don’t follow through on their bids.  If they don’t pay, their account may be suspended.

When you’re ready to sell, head over to the domains category and get going!


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