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Global Phishing Attacks up 58% Year-Over-Year, Powered by Generative AI

PhishingAccording to Zscalar, “global phishing attacks have surged nearly 60% year-over-year, with generative AI technologies like voice phishing and deepfake phishing playing a significant role in the escalation.”

“Threat actors are now exploiting generative AI and other advanced technologies to craft more deceptive attacks, often leveraging trusted platforms,” according to Deepen Desai, Chief Security Officer and Head of Security Research at Zscalar.

Two trends are evident.  First, the ability to send bulk phishing attacks is widespread in the hacking community.  From leaks that put millions of emails on the market to the ability to harvest from social media and other sites, there has never been a bigger array of potential victims.  Generative AI makes it trivial to create, tweak, and personalize enticing messages.

Second, spear-phishing is more potent every day.  Phishing is usual done via shotgun: emailing all 100,000 employees at a large company.  Spear-phishing is a targeted attack where the malicious actor may hand-craft specific messages to infiltrate executive, administrative, and other mailboxes which could lead to high-payoff results, such as deep exploitation or direct money transfer authorizations.

And generative AI makes it all easier, because now everyone speaks every language perfectly, can sound like they’re business insiders, and can carry on detailed conversations effortlessly.

Download the full report on Zscalar’s web site.


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