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Happy Birthday, HostHatch! Celebrating 13 Years in Business with Awesome Deals!

Happy birthday, HostHatch!  A few hours ago they announced a celebration on LowEndTalk:

…a lot of exciting stuff coming soon, including a complete re-write of our panel that is much faster and responsive.  It will include features such as bandwidth sharing (will be either same location, or same continent, TBD), more than one ISO per account (paid feature), proper snapshots with ability to sync across multiple locations (paid feature), firewalls that are outside your VM, and so on. Our aim is to bring this up by July 1st.

11th April 2024 was our 13th year in business! To celebrate this, we have some specials available for you guys. Note that most of these are similar to our old promotions, so I apologise for not bringing something exciting and new, but we continue to add more value in other areas :)

13 years!  That’s a lifetime in the IT industry.

HostHatch is calling them reruns, but these rerun offers don’t disappoint!  Here’s a few examples:

  • In Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, London and Stockholm (and elsewhere at higher prices), get 6 cores (2 dedicated, 4 fair-share) with 24GB of RAM, 300GB NVMe storage, 50TB bandwidth…only $115 per year!
  • Or if you want more on the storage side, in LA, NY, or Chicago get 4 cores fair share, 4GB RAM, 20GB. SSD for OS, and 4TB RAID-10 HDD, plus 20TB bandwidth…same price!
  • Or if you just want a functional, basic specs VPS, get 2 cores (.5 dedicated to you, 1.5 fair share) with 4GB RAM, 50GB NVMe, and 5TB bandwidth for $29/year!
  • They have smaller storage deals, too, such as 1 core/1GB RAM box with 1TB of HDD and 5TB of bandwidth for $35/year.

Great deals!  And there are numerous permutations available: cheaper prices for a longer term, pay a little more or take less specs in other locations, double bandwidth for prepay, and more.

Congrats to HostHatch for being in business since 2011!  That’s iPhone 4S time frame.  Ivy Bridge years.  Obama administration.  A loong time ago.  They must be doing something right.  What’s your experience with HH been?  I’ve generally heard good things and our community snaps up the storage offers!

So give them a try or expand your fleet if you’re already a customer, and then come back and let us know how it goes in the comments below.




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