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¡Hola México! AWS Plans $5B Investment in a New Cloud Infrastructure Region in Mexico

By 2025, Amazon Web Services plans to launch an AWS cloud infrastructure region in Mexico. This new AWS Mexico (Central) Region will provide more options for various sectors including developers, startups, businesses, government, education, and nonprofits to operate their applications in the public cloud with data centers based in Mexico.

AWS is set to invest more than $5 billion (approximately MXN $85 billion) in Mexico over a span of 15 years as part of its long-term commitment to the region.

Raquel Buenrostro, Mexican Secretary of Economy, expressed enthusiasm about AWS’s expansion and investment in Mexico. She said that this move is indicative of the nation’s favorable conditions, which can support the nearshoring trend across various sectors. She also welcomed the initiative by AWS to invest in training Mexican students, small and medium-sized businesses, and digital entrepreneurs.

AWS MexicoThe new AWS Region in Mexico will start with three Availability Zones, which makes a total of 105 Availability Zones for AWS spread over 33 different worldwide geographic areas. AWS plans to construct five more AWS Regions and another fifteen Availability Zones in Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Thailand, and the AWS European Sovereign Cloud.

“Our commitment to investing in Mexico underscores AWS’s enduring pledge to customers, by enabling them to harness the power of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning,” stated Prasad Kalyanaraman, Vice President of Infrastructure Services at AWS. “We eagerly anticipate supporting customers in Mexico by addressing data residency preferences and delivering cloud-based applications swiftly, catalyzing the nation’s digital evolution and stimulating economic growth.”

Availability Zones form part of AWS Regions and are geographically distinct locations housing varied infrastructure. To ensure high availability for apps that utilize multiple Availability Zones, these have to be sufficiently nearby yet positioned far enough apart to guarantee business continuity for customers. These zones, each encompassing its power, cooling, and physical security measures and interconnected by high-capacity, low-latency networks, offer customers prioritizing high availability the possibility to create apps operative across several Availability Zones.

Besides reducing latency and fulfilling cloud service demand across Latin America, the AWS Mexico (Central) Region will cater to customers with data residency preferences or requirements by offering safe content storage within Mexico. This premier cloud technology will be accessible to customers from diverse sectors, including startups, governmental bodies, large enterprises, and not-for-profit organizations, promoting innovation. AWS provides an extensive range of cloud services, including analytics, Artificial Intelligence, computing, databases, Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, mobile services, and storage.

“Our nation has earned Amazon’s trust and this investment is the result of the strong relationship they have established with the Mexican government,” said Emiliano Calderón, Head of National Digital Strategy for Mexico’s government. “This administration promotes a liberal policy for all technology companies, laying the groundwork for digital and financial inclusion and ultimately making technology and innovation more accessible to citizens. We extend our congratulations to AWS for the imminent infrastructure region, which will be instrumental in driving Mexico’s digital transformation.”

Aeroméxico, Banco Santander Mexico, BBVA, Cinépolis, Kavak, Palace Resorts, and Vector Casa de Bolsa are some of the clients in Mexico that are already fully integrated with AWS. Not only private sector, but public sector clients in Mexico like Tec de Monterrey, Nacional Monte de Piedad, and the State of Michoacán government also use AWS for the purpose of cost efficiency and to enhance community services. A range of Mexican startups and small businesses such as Kueski, Rappi, and SkyAlert are employing AWS to gear up their operations at local and global levels.

Since 2020, AWS has introduced seven Amazon CloudFront edge locations in Mexico. This content delivery network is highly customizable and secured. It enhances the speed at which data, movies, applications, and APIs are transferred with low latency to users worldwide. AWS Outposts also made their presence in Mexico in 2020. AWS Outposts are a fully managed solution that allows for the deployment of AWS infrastructure and services to virtually any on-premises or edge location for a reliable hybrid experience.

The expansion of AWS infrastructure in Mexico was further increased in 2023, with the opening of AWS Local Zones in Queretaro. AWS Local Zones are an infrastructure deployment model that moves compute, storage, databases, and other selected services closer to large populations, industries, and IT centers. This allows customers to present applications that require low latency for end-users. Further in 2023, an AWS Direct Connect site was introduced in Queretaro. This site assists users in setting up a private connection linking AWS with their colocation, office, or data center.


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