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Special $1 per GB Cheap VPS for 3 Months (After That, Still Cheap) From Enwebhost in Chicago, USA! PS: Unlimited Bandwidth!

Tags: , , , Date/Time: December 6, 2021 @ 12:00 am, by raindog308

Welcome, Enwebhost! They’re a French company that has some interesting deals in their Chicago, US location on cheap VPS systems with unlimited bandwidth: 1GB VPS for $1/mo for the first 3 months, then $5/month after that 2GB VPS for $2/mo for the first 3 months, then $10/month after that 4GB VPS for $5/mo for the first […]

ACTION REQUIRED: How Big Was Your LowEndHaul This Year?

Welcome back to our Post-Black-Friday-Cyber-Monday “Action Required” Series, where we ask you, our loyal readers, for your input.  We’ll be doing a series of polls for the next week or so and then we’ll publish a summary of responses.  Please watch for the ACTION REQUIRED title in our posts and vote! And now, our second […]

AcroServers: Offering VMs in 40 Cities Around the World!

Got anything left in your wallet after Black Friday and Cyber Monday? You have to feel a little sorry for the providers who follow the stunning BF/CM offers we just got done sharing.  If you can’t join at that price level, best thing to do is differentiate yourself in some way. That appears to be AcroServers‘ […]

PureVPN: Extra 10% Discount on top of 82% OFF Cyber Monday Special – Huge Savings

Tags: , , , Date/Time: December 2, 2021 @ 1:02 pm, by Jon Biloh

Welcome to the LowEndBox community, PureVPN!  We are excited to feature this fantastic 10% exclusive LowEndBox discount coupon code on top of PureVPN’s already great Cyber Monday deal (still available). Get 10% OFF Their already huge Cyber Monday Discounts using coupon code “lowendbox” For example, you can order a 2 year PureVPN for $262.80 normally, […]


This year as in previous years we had some outstanding Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers. I started to make a top 10 list…but there are just too many good deals!  So we’ll just call this a Top List.  Some of these deals may still be available! The Classic Cheap VPS CWVPS: 4GB KVM with 60GB […]

Did You Miss Any of These Amazing CYBER MONDAY Offers?

Cyber Monday was again packed with awesome offers from our community providers, including: CWVPS: 2GB with Unmetered Bandwidth for $25.95/year in NY/LA/Chicago/Dallas! RackNerd: VPS from $8.49/year! Only $12.79/year for 1GB VPS! Generous Bandwidth and Available in 6 Locations! CloudServer: 8GB VPS with 5TB Bandwidth and 100GB of SSD for $10/month! 5GB Windows VPS for $4.50/month! […]

CYBER MONDAY: HostSlim has a Mind-Blowing 4GB VPS With Unlimited Bandwidth for 4€/Month!

Take us out in style, HostSlim! Get a 2 core, 4GB VPS with UNMETERED BANDWIDTH for 4€/month!  Includes 150GB of SSD. HostSlim also is offering: Cheap DirectAdmin shared hosting for 20€/year! An e3-1230v2 cheap dedi with dual HDD and unmetered bandwidth for 49€/month! HostSlim is registered in the Netherlands. Their Terms of Service is available on their […]

CYBER MONDAY: TODAY ONLY! 8GB Windows VPS for Only $9.95/Mo from SolidSEOVPS – and Other Unlimited Bandwidth Deals, Too!

Tags: , , , , Date/Time: November 29, 2021 @ 6:00 pm, by raindog308

Welcome to Cyber Monday, Solid SEO VPS! They’re bringing us a hot, hot, hot one day only deal on some awesome Windows VPS systems: Get an 8GB Windows VPS for Only $9.95/month! Or 16GB for $24.95/month! Amazing.  But remember: those prices are for today only so act now! They’re also bringing us a nice deal for bandwidth-hungry users: […]

CYBER MONDAY: WebHorizon: 1GB KVM in Poland for Only 90 Cents a Month! Going…going…

Tags: , , , , , Date/Time: November 29, 2021 @ 2:00 pm, by raindog308

WebHorizon is back!  After their awesome Black Friday offer, they’re back with a few great offers for Cyber Monday: 1GB KVM for 90 cents a month! Bigger systems available up to $3.60/month for a 4GB KVM! These systems are located in Poland. 🇵🇱 Note there is limited stock, so jump on this now! WebHorizon is […]

CYBER MONDAY: Minds Officially Blown! DediPath: 8GB VPS for $39/Year!

Tags: , , , , Date/Time: November 29, 2021 @ 1:00 pm, by raindog308

8GB VPS for $39/year. Oh, and it comes with 10TB bandwidth. <mic drop> 👍 DediPath is one of our community advertisers and we thank them for their support! 👍 More great offers below, including a dedi server with UNMETERED BANDWIDTH for only $39/month! Their WHOIS is public. They are registered in Delaware, USA. Their Terms […]

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