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How to Keep Your Wordpress Site Secure

How to Keep your WordPress Site Secure

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If you host your website on WordPress and are looking to tighten the security, then you’ve stumbled across the perfect article! Security is one of the most crucial aspects of any website. It makes sure that your website and your user’s data is safe and does not fall into the wrong hands. Thousands of websites are blacklisted daily due to malware and phishing practices. That is why you need to make sure that your WordPress website is safe from all those threats. We have brought these tips so that you can make your WordPress more secure and resilient to attacks.

Use strong passwords!

This might seem obvious; however, many people still do not use a strong enough password for their online accounts. This is mostly because strong passwords are hard to type and to remember. However, nowadays, there are many password managers available, such as LastPass, that can store those strong passwords for you.

Keep your server updated.

The security of your WordPress can only be as good as the server it is hosted on. The first thing you need to do is to keep your server updated. Both the operating system and the software should be kept up to date with the latest firmware. Updates can seem annoying at times; however, they bring essential bug fixes and keeps your system safe against many security threats. 

Keep your WordPress Version and Plugins updated.

WordPress has a large group of contributors; thus, it keeps receiving several updates throughout the year. To be more precise, WordPress gets two major updates that bring new features in a year. Other than that, there are smaller updates, once or twice a month, that fixes bugs and defends against security threats.

You should always keep your WordPress updated, in addition to any plugins that you use. You can check for updates from the WP-admin portal.

Secure your workstation

The security of your website could be compromised if your computer is vulnerable to malware. For example, your WordPress credentials could be stolen if your computer has been affected by a keylogger.

That is why you should always use anti-virus software on your computer. Moreover, it is also a good idea to keep your browser and operating system up to date.

Make a backup of your WordPress

Even if you follow all the steps above to tighten your WordPress website’s security, you should still take regular backups. This can be done via both paid and free WordPress plugins such as VaultPress.

How do you keep your WordPress based website secure? Any other tips or tricks? Share them in the comments section below!

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