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IonSwitch - 1GB SSD KVM @ $3.50/month - Seattle, WA

Nick from IonSwitch, a new provider being featured for the first time have submitted an exclusive offer to celebrate their recent launch. All services are based on secure SSD arrays in Seattle, Washington.

They had this to say:

IonSwitch, LLC is a newcomer to the field, but our team consists of multiple professionals who are heavily experienced in the network and hosting field. We offer a fairly uncommon location in Seattle, WA (at least in the low-end space), with premium hardware and a very premium network at a very competitive price. We operate our own BGP Network (AS395970), which consists of Telia, Spectrum (Wave Broadband), Cogent, Hurricane Electric, and direct peering with over 100+ providers on the Seattle Internet Exchange, some prime examples being Google, Amazon, TELUS, Dropbox, Google, and many more!

They are a registered limited liability in Delaware with filing #6377101. Their Terms of Service can be found here.

They accept PayPal as a form of payment.

– 1x vCPU
– 10GB SSD space
– 1TB transfer
– 100Mbps uplink
– 1x IPv4
– /64 IPv6
– KVM/Virtualizor
– Coupon: None needed!
– $3.50/month
– $35.00/year (2 Months Free)
– [Order Now]


– 2x vCPU
– 25GB SSD space
– 2TB transfer
– 1Gbps uplink
– 1x IPv4
– /64 IPv6
– KVM/Virtualizor
– Coupon: LEBPROMO
– $6.00/month
– $60.00/year (2 Months Free)
– [Order Now]


Hardware Information:

– 2x Intel Xeon E5-2650 CPU
– 128GB RAM
– 4x 500GB Samsung 850 Pro
– RAID10
– 10Gbps uplink

Network Information:

Sabey Intergate West – Seattle, WA, United States
Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2605:fb80:e000:09b2::1
Test file: http://lg.ionswitch.com/static/100MB.test
Looking glass: http://lg.ionswitch.com/


  1. Phil:

    Very quick setup, fast VPS, fast network. But why do i only get 1.8GB of RAM when they are selling 2GB ?

    [root@sea1 init.d]# free
    total used free shared buff/cache available
    Mem: 1883728 55396 1401692 8520 426640 1663768
    Swap: 0 0 0

    [root@sea1 init.d]# free -h
    total used free shared buff/cache available
    Mem: 1.8G 54M 1.3G 8.3M 416M 1.6G
    Swap: 0B 0B 0B

    May 5, 2017 @ 9:16 am | Reply
  2. CR:

    Are there any other options available? e.g. 4GB (or more)? 200GB or more HD or SSD?

    May 5, 2017 @ 12:29 pm | Reply
  3. xen0blade:

    So, why exactly are you sending sensitive information, including my password for both the service and the VPS itself, in the clear? This is not only unprofessional, it’s insecure. This service is worthless for anyone.

    May 11, 2017 @ 9:25 pm | Reply
    • xen0blade:

      This issue has been resolved to my personal satisfaction. An update from IonSwitch should be forthcoming. I’m pretty proud of IonSwitch for taking ownership of their mistake and correcting it. Thanks Nick Bogle – IonSwitch for being upfront about it.

      May 11, 2017 @ 10:11 pm | Reply
  4. Derek:

    do you support windows ?

    May 17, 2017 @ 7:04 am | Reply

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