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OVHcloud Launches Cloud Local Zones in Spain and Belgium, Sets Sight on Global Expansion

One of the prominent entities in the European cloud hosting arena, OVHcloud, has inaugurated its premier public cloud ‘Local Zones’ in Brussels, Belgium, and Madrid, Spain. This strategic initiative forms part of OVHcloud’s ambitious plan to transform cloud deployment, leveraging an imaginative, flexible approach that employs cutting-edge technologies from gridscale, a recently acquired entity that’s now part of OVHcloud.


We’ve periodically featured OVH, and even when we’re not featuring OVH by name, we’re probably featuring them in fact because so many low-end hosts ride on their platform.  And why not?  They’ve got massive DDoS protection, cheap servers, and popular locations, all of which make an ideal environment for a provider who wants to get into business easily.

OVHcloud has achieved a significant landmark with the commencement of Local Zones in these two major European metropolises, offering clients enhanced access to its public cloud services. These cloud zones will deliver reduced latency and adherence to local data residency laws, both critical factors for firms in sensitive sectors like consulting, healthcare, and finance. OVHcloud aims to deliver superior performance and regulatory compliance by locating services closer to the end-user.

The state-of-the-art software stack from gridscale will serve as the technological bedrock for this advancement, facilitating lightning-fast cloud capacity deployment across global locations within a few weeks. Besides accelerating OVHcloud’s capability to meet customer cloud services demand in new territories, this lean approach offers a more cost-effective solution compared to traditional data center expansion. By utilizing data center colocation facilities, these agile and adaptable Local Zones emerge as a competitively-priced alternative in the public cloud computing infrastructure market.

OVHcloud has lofty goals that expand beyond Belgium and Spain. They aim to establish up to 150 Local Zones worldwide by 2026, based on their ambitious strategy. This growth plan is designed to solidify OVHcloud as a leading entity in various domains, meeting the rising global demand for cloud services. In 2024 alone, the company plans to launch as many as fifteen Local Zones. Suggested potential locations include major European and U.S. cities such as Prague, Marseille, Milan, Amsterdam, Zurich, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago, Dallas, New York City, and San José.

The establishment of these cloud infrastructure Local Zones would highlight the importance of data residency for businesses while showcasing OVHcloud’s dedication to providing an “open and trustworthy cloud environment.” The close proximity of data processing and storage facilities to data sources or end users could provide a competitive edge, especially for sectors that have strict latency and data security regulations. The new Local Zones promise single-digit millisecond latency, which could be beneficial for applications like cloud gaming, ecommerce, content delivery networks (CDNs), and real-time data processing.

Customers who utilize these Local Zones will be able to access a broad array of public cloud capabilities such as networking, computation, block storage, and local public IP addresses. OVHcloud, adopting an iterative development approach geared towards continuously enhancing the customer experience, intends to expand these services soon. Additional services, including object storage and Managed Rancher Service for multi-cloud Kubernetes administration, are on the agenda.

The launch of these Local Zones would show OVHcloud’s dedication to security and compliance and showcase its innovative spirit. Both new cloud zones have achieved ISO/IEC 27001 certification, bolstered by further endorsements in cloud services security (ISO/IEC 27017) and personal data protection (ISO/IEC 27018). These certifications ensure that customers can count on the highest security standards when deploying services within the OVHcloud environment.

“We are incredibly proud to announce today the opening of the first two OVHcloud Local Zones,” said Henrik Hasenkamp, CEO at gridscale. “We’ve been able to integrate and deploy gridscale’s technology just five months after joining the OVHcloud family, offering customers new options to consume OVHcloud Public Cloud, with added performance and data residency. This is just the beginning of an ambitious roadmap targeting a total of 150 Local Zones by 2026. We just can’t wait!”

OVHcloud’s Local Zones situated in Madrid, Spain, and in Brussels, Belgium are now available in beta. Clients may initiate public cloud services directly from the OVHcloud client interface.


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