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SHOTS FIRED: Virtuozzo Takes Aim at VMware Refugees

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Virtuozzo, a front-runner in delivering alternative cloud platforms, has unveiled a no-cost migration plan for cloud providers running on VMware. This move follows adjustments made to the VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP) post its acquisition by Broadcom. And by “adjustments” I mean “taking its partners back behind the shed and shooting them in the head.

Further details can be found here.

Since the Broadcom acquisition closed, VMware has been doing its best to communicate clearly to its customers that it doesn’t like them.  First, it forced them all into a subscription program, which was neither requested nor wanted.  Then it caused internal chaos by reorganizing VMware, which translated to external confusion.  And finally it nuked its channel program, putting thousands of resellers and value-added consultants out.

Not surprisingly, its competitors have been beating feet to customers’ doorsteps, nothing that they don’t require a subscription, have a steady workforce that isn’t being rearranged, and are happy to sell through partners.  Damage is being done.

Oh, and I’ve heard through the grapevine that one of Broadcom’s revenue ideas is to require audits of its big customers.  Most of these big Fortune 500 contracts have language in which the vendor can require an audit (usually done by one of the Big Four accounting firms) with the goal of finding cheating.  Customers hate them, not necessarily because they’re intentionally cheating but because their internal license management isn’t perfect and it sucks nonproductive time out of its staff.

“VMware has long been a synonym for the cloud, and it’s disappointing to see the negative effects of the Broadcom acquisition on VMware cloud partners and their ventures,” opined Alex Fine, CEO of Virtuozzo. “We recognize the critical demand for alternative cloud providers – regional CSPs and MSPs that deliver customized, sovereign, economically viable, well-designed, and supported cloud infrastructure services for SMEs, large enterprises, and public bodies that rely on robust, affordable cloud. If you were using VMware, but no longer can, we’re here to lend a hand.”

God bless ’em.

Virtuozzo’s promotional offer includes gratis professional services for VCPP members who find themselves unable or unwilling to comply with the new VMware terms following its takeover by Broadcom. Virtuozzo aids these organizations in continuing their cloud service provider operations while shifting to a more affordable and sustainable solution for public, private, and hybrid cloud setups.

Yeah, that’s their sales lingo but I don’t mind passing it along for anyone who’s reeling from the VMware experience.

Are you sticking with. VMware?


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