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Story Time! The Offers You Don't See

HmmmStory time!

Back in December, a very new company asked if we’d post an offer for them.  They were about 60 days old at that point.  I said sure because their site was in order and didn’t look slapdash.  I wrote it up and scheduled it.

A few days later, they ticketed back and said “due to unforeseen issues, we’re closing shop.”

The hosting market is tough.  It’s easy for new competitors to setup shop, with many coming and going every year.  This means margins are thin, customer acquisition costs are high, and there’s also managing the swiftly-depreciating gear, dealing with security and attacks, and answering help tickets.  Many a hardcore, totally-committed, born-to-the-life hosting CEO has burned out before the one-year mark.

Then there’s the reskins.  Here’s one that came by recently:

Creation Date: 2022-12-30

And yes, this is posted on January 3rd…four days after the company was started.  But if you look at the site, other than a paucity of announcements, it actually looks pretty legit.  Terms of Service doesn’t look stolen, template is not the same old, nice logo, and a knowledgebase stocked with over fifty articles.  Only problem is that it’s the same group that’s renamed themselves four times and ripped off a LowEndTalk member for $1500.

Now, just because we share an offer doesn’t mean we’ve done a background check on the host or anything but we try to mark where caution is indicated and filter scams where we can.

So how to find a good provider?

We recommend signing up on LowEndTalk and then reading reviews or asking questions.  The community’s experience is vast and they can steer you to a good provider (and a good deal!)


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