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The State of Low End Box and Low End Talk 2020 - March Update Edition

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A few weeks ago we posted inviting feedback from our users about what they would like to see more of on Low End Box. Dozens of people commented and we listened. In the past few weeks significant effort has been spent to make improvements to both Low End Box and Low End Talk and we would like to highlight some of the work for you below!

Completed in the past four weeks:

  1. New hosting platform setup entirely on virtualized resources at numerous hosting providers.
  2. CloudFlare implemented for enhanced security for both LEB and LET
  3. Low End Box WP and plugins all updated
  4. Low End Box and Low End Talk moved to new, distributed (physically and virtually separate) hosting platform
  5. Low End Talk plugins updated
  6. Low End Talk email fixed and SSL fixed
  7. Low End Talk registration fixed (emails are now reliably sent and no longer require administrator approval)
  8. New content writers hired for Low End Box offers
  9. Hired community member Northern (on discord) to write 4 tutorials per month
  10. Fixed the LET help desk (https://support.lowendtalk.com)
  11. Updated and cleaned up the Low End Box offer submission help desk
  12. Removed all references to Deluxe and ColoCrossing
  13. Removed all static banner ads, reducing the advertising footprints on the websites by half
  14. Reduced the amount of ad positions available through BSA to increase the value to our advertisers
  15. Shuffled some content positioning to make LEB and LET visually cleaner
  16. Updated some of the old LEB content pages to make things more consistent and uniform.
  17. Posted this thread on LET and a thread on LEB asking for feedback
  18. Low End Box email subscriber form on the main page is fixed. It will now send you a confirmation email upon joining and then send you notices each time a new offer is submitted.
  19. A social integration has been completed for Low End Box so that posts are automatically pushed to Facebook.
  20. Fixed Low End Box nested comment replies
  21. Low End Box and Low End Talk email are now sending via Amazon SES
  22. The Low End Talk helpdesk now properly sends email confirmations upon ticket submissions to the end user
  23. We’ve been making changes to Low End Box offers that do not conform to our rules or have other issues (thank you community for pointing these things out).
  24. A bug on the mobile theme for Low End Talk has been fixed so that upon hitting the back button your view returns to the previous view instead of defaulting to the top of page.
  25. We are monitoring the loads on the new hosting platform and making changes as needed to make sure the websites stay super fast and stable.
  26. Removed the email mailing list submission form from Low End Talk
  27. Simplified the Low End Talk header
  28. Cleaned up some of the announcement threads so that the main view of LET is cleaner
  29. Added a comment subscription feature to Low End Box so you can get notified of updates if you like

Please consider white listing Low End Box and Low End Talk from your ad blockers. Both websites are ad supported, and as you may know, we removed more than half the ads over the past two months to improve the user experience. The financial support provided by the ads that remain are critical to making sure we can stay online and produce content people are interested in.

We are looking forward to hearing more feedback so please keep the ideas coming.

And thanks for being part of our community!

Jon Biloh

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  1. Amazing work Jon, and the entire team behind LowEndBox and LowEndTalk! Your work is starting to show, the community is amazing, and it’s becoming better than ever before.

    March 23, 2020 @ 10:30 pm | Reply

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