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We Stand With Those in Darkness

Ukraine Candles

As we hurry about our busy holiday schedules and fill our calendar with family, friends, and shopping, we remember those whose immediate concerns are less festive.  Specifically: finding warmth and light.

Due to an unrelenting campaign by Russian forces against the civilian power infrastructure in Ukraine, the country’s electrical grid has suffered repeated catastrophic attacks.  The World Health Organization recently said that “This winter will be life-threatening for millions of people in Ukraine.”

As a Time magazine article noted, if 350,000 people are predicted to die in the EU just because of higher electricity prices, how much worse will it be in a country where electricity is unavailable for long periods of time?

At times, up to 10 million people in Ukraine have been without power in a country where winter temperatures routinely plunge to subfreezing and stay there.

We stand with the people of Ukraine and pray that the guns will soon be silent and peace will return.  We encourage all readers to help by sending donations to relief agencies this holiday season!  (Don’t have time to find one?  Here’s a link to the Ukrainian Red Cross).  🇺🇦❤️



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