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Welcome, Skhron: Cheap VPS Offers in Warsaw!

SkhronWelcome, Skhron!

This is LowEndTalk member @tentor’s company.  They’re a small Ukrainian provider and today they’re bringing us some offers based in Warsaw.

They’ve got a bit to say, so let’s dive in with them:

Q: What makes your company unique?

We are a hosting provider powered by family business, which allows us to consider our clients as a unique persons with their dreams, desires, expectations, and a right to be heard.

Q: Why should buyers consider your service?

Here are five reasons to join our family:

First, we are a small company, which allows us to be free from traditional marketing constraints and PR strategies. Our client is a unique person with their dreams, desires, expectations, and a right to be heard, not a money bag.

Second, we love what we do. That’s why we offer fully customizable solutions carefully tailored to your needs. You receive a truly unique solution, not an illusion of choice.

Third, information is a weapon, and we know it pretty well. We know how crucial privacy and security is for modern society. Thus we are not going to accept any compromises when it comes to client data safety and security. And, no, Edward Snowden is not our employee :)

Fourth, we understand that a robust service that is accessible at any time and in any place is one of your top priorities. Also, we like best equipment, technology and practices and we would like our clients to experience the advantages of this approach as well.

And fifth. Are there any services that are more reliable than ours? Definitely yes, as sky’s the limit. Can our client get more attention somewhere else? Certainly, as money can do many things. Is it possible to find a cheaper hosting? Surely, yes. Is it possible to find a hosting provider that pays such close attention to their clients for such a low price? We are (almost) completely sure, that no :)

Q: Where is service?

Our servers are located at Equnix WA3, Poland, Warsaw. Looking glass as well as test IP addresses and test files can be found here: https://lg.skhron.com.ua/

Q: Any special deals for our readers?

For new customers we have LowEndBox exclusive promotion code: LEB_SUMMER23 -8% recurring, valid until 1 September 2023. Applies only once per client.


Cool stuff.  Check out their Terms of Service (note: no adult content) and then read on to see the offers!  And since they’re new, why not drop a comment below with your thoughts?  Thanks!

IP Addresses

All plans include single /64 IPv6 prefix. IPv4 addresses are ordered additionally for 0.65EUR/mo each.

VPS Offers

vCPU : 1 core / 12% FUP
RAM : 512MB
SSD : 15GB
Bandwidth : 512GB in+out
Port speed: 250Mbit
Price : 2.23EUR

vCPU : 1 core / 25% FUP
SSD : 30GB
Bandwidth : 1TB in+out
Port speed : 500Mbit
Price : 5.13EUR

vCPU : 2 core / 50% FUP (client may use 50% of the single core permanently without any penalty)
SSD : 60GB
Bandwidth : 2TB in+out
Port speed : 500Mbit
Price : 9.98EUR




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