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What's Going On With LimeWave? Down For the Count?

We featured Limewave a little over a month ago.  They were running a special in Seattle, and even provided some nice art.

And now they seem to be gone.

LimeWave SpinnerNo one has heard from @Dvo on LowEndTalk and his last visit there was January 25.  Meanwhile there’s a thread where people are complaining that they can’t get to their systems.

And their web site is now just a spinning placeholder.

I did try calling their phone number (which despite the wags in that thread actually goes to them, not a dating site) but all it said is “Welcome to Limewave communications.  To leave a message press 5.”

Really surprising because @Dvo has been a member of LowEndTalk since 2012, which is long enough to get him one of the coveted Veteran tags.  Limewave has had a good reputation until now, though if you read that LET thread you’ll see they had an issue back in November.  At that time @Dvo said it was a power issue.

Could this be another type of hiccup?  It does happen.  People have issues where their power or gear gets friend or goes offline.  Usually it’s not a DC issue (they have redundancy for a reason), but that’s also a possibility with smaller/cheaper DCs.

However, the difference this time is that people have been complaining since January 29th with no response, which is an eternity for a customer with a system that is down.  If they had a serious issue, they should be on LET and social media explaining it, not being silent.  After a few days of absolute silence, people are going to draw conclusions and start charging back.  If Limewave sold a lot of prepaid annuals back in December, that could come to quite a bill.



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