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WHMCS License Verification is Buggy Garbage Because Oakley Capital Can't Afford to Fix It

Poor Oakley Capital only rakes in millions a year from WHMCS licensing fees, and they have to pay themselves fat salaries, so there’s little money left over to maintain the product.

What are we talking about?  WHMCS’s license verification tool.

WHMCS License Verification

The way it works – in theory – is that you type in a domain name and if that site is using a cracked or nulled version of WHMCS, the site will be reported as unauthorized. In red, even, so you know it’s serious:

WHMCS Unauthorized

The theory here is that legitimate users who pay enormous sums to WHMCS will be outraged if they come across a site that is using WHMCS for free, so they’ll tattle.  It’s a little weird because enforcing its licenses is WHMCS’s job.  It sends a message that WHMCS’s license enforcement is weak or that perhaps the software is easily cracked.  To my knowledge, all security rests with ionCube encoding.  The security of that encryption is a matter of opinion.

The Only Problem: WHMCS License Verification Doesn’t Work

At one time, we used to routinely check WHMCS licenses for hosts on LowEndTalk and LowEndBox, but we stopped because there are so many false positives that it’s a worthless tool.

The issue appears to be that if the admin doesn’t login to his WHMCS often enough, the system will flag it as unauthorized.  Even when he does, he may still have to manually force a reissue of the license once WHMCS has flagged it as bad.

We just had a round of “OMG this host is using WHMCS and it’s cracked!!!!1!!” on LowEndTalk.  There’s been discussion threads elsewhere (WHT), and we’ve discussed it on LowEndBox before.  It’s even discussed in WHMCS’s own forum.

Begin Rant

You’d think that a company which has the financial heft of WHMCS’s backers would be able to fix basic bugs in their software.  Instead, they shrug.  There are so many WHMCS alternatives that users should consider before throwing more money at this miserable company.

End Rant



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