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Your DirectAdmin Cost Might Be Going Up By 250%

DirectAdminThe community’s favorite web hosting control panel is raising prices.

The popularity of retail Pro Pack licensing has surged over the past few years while volume growth of legacy licensing (licenses without Pro Pack) has dropped to record lows.

DirectAdmin will adapt to this marketplace change by unifying our codebase and cleaning up the confusing array of licenses that currently exist.


So first, they’re dropping the Personal license.  “New orders of the retail Personal license will no longer be accepted as of August 1, 2023.”  So if I’m a $2/month Personal subscriber, now I need a Personal Plus subscription which is $5/month.  $2 -> $5 = 250%.  Ouch.

To be fair, you are getting the Pro Pack…though if you don’t need its features, that isn’t much comfort.

Farewell, Internal Licenses

Many providers resell DA or offer it for free.  DA is turning this off.

New orders for datacenter products will no longer be accepted as of August 1, 2023.

This announcement only pertains to the sale of new licenses. Existing licenses will continue to function, at the same price, after the deadline (as long as an active payment subscription is maintained).

After the deadline, any license that expires due to cancelled/failed billing will be considered permanently forfeited.


Furthermore, all datacenter licenses will begin showing a legacy codebase flag in the licensing section of the control panel. This will provide additional clarity to the license-holder about why their license doesn’t match the features displayed on our website, changelog, documentation, etc.

There are other changes as well.  Be sure to read all the details.  You might also enjoy our Interview with DA.



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