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Wait, is it still Cyber Monday?!? Silicom Networks Must Think So – Shared From $3/Year!

I guess Silicom Network didn’t get the word that Cyber Monday is over.  They’ve got a great offer for you: Shared hosting (DirectAdmin) starting at only $3/year with unlimited bandwidth! cPanel shared hosting with unlimited disk (must be web-related) and unlimited bandwidth for $24/year Great deals on DirectAdmin and cPanel reseller, too! They are registered in […]

CYBER MONDAY: VisualWebTechnologies is Back with Great Deals on Shared Hosting Starting at $3.94/Year!

Welcome back for Cyber Monday, VisualWebTechnologies! Fresh off their Black Friday offer, they’ve returned with some great deals on shared hosting: DirectAdmin starting at $3.94/year! cPanel starting at $7.48/year! Great reseller offers, too! VisualWebTechnologies is registered in India. Their Terms of Service is available on their web site. They accept PayPal, Credit/Debit Card. Here’s a little about […]

BLACK FRIDAY: It’s Official Now! BTW, Did You Miss Out on Any of these Early Bird Deals?

OK, now it’s officially Black Friday. We know you guys didn’t really want to wait until it was officially Friday so we start our Black Friday season on Wednesday, then post more on Thursday, and by the time Friday comes along we are in high gear, dropping offers like clockwork.  But now it’s officially Black Friday. Been busy?  […]