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DediOutlet: Exclusive Coupon Codes on Cheap Dedis in Kansas City, USA with 100TB Bandwidth! ­čś│

Tags: , , , , Date/Time: February 8, 2022 @ 4:43 pm, by raindog308

Welcome, DediOutlet! They’ve been in the hosting game since 2015 and we’ve had a few cheap VPS and shared hosting providers offer services based on DediOutlet systems.  Now we’re publishing our first offer from DO themselves. Cheap dedi servers in Kansas City start at only $50/month! Special deal to cut the first month to $25 also! […]

Bruce Buffer is EXCITED About a LowEndBox Announcement! (Weekend Update for June 12, 2021)

This week we saw some awesome cheap dedi deals, some great tutorials on DNS and chattr, cheap VPS in India, plus an announcement that got Bruce Buffer pretty excited.  All this and more in the LowEndBoxTV weekend update! And remember, we always appreciate when folks subscribe to the channel!  

Need a Cheap Dedi? How About $24.95/mo with 10TB in Seattle! Thanks, Reprise Hosting

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Welcome back, Reprise Hosting!  They’re bringing us some awesome dedi offers: $24.95 for a 6-core/12-thread L5640! Or $34.95 for a 12-core/24-thread dual model! Granted, it’s an older chip (Q1 2010) but if you crave isolation and burning CPU 24×7 – not to mention 10TB of bandwidth per month – these cheap servers might be the […]