Hosting Websites on Bare Minimum VPS/Dedicated Servers


Some of us are paying hundreds or thousands of dollars per month on a dedicated server with multiple cores, gigabytes of memory and a huge disk array. Some of us, however, only have a few bucks spare each month to pay for a low end box…

This website is dedicated for running websites and services on low end virtual private servers, where you only need to pay a few dollars a month to get full root access. Most of them will be CPU, memory, space and bandwidth limited, but can still be a work horse if tuned properly.

We will be listing virtual server deals for less than $10 per month, shared hosting for $2.50 per month, reseller hosting for $5.00 per month and dedicated server deals equal to or less than $50 per month along with other services and managed products. We will also be writing about getting more out of your servers with helpful tutorials and guides.

But Why?!!

5 reasons why you want to use a low end box.

About Us is made up of a small team that have a common interest in the community and the low end box field as a whole.

Contact LowEndBox

Just in case you have any question that you wish to contact please do so via our help desk.

Spams or unsolicited commercial emails will be silently ignored.


Q. What offers can be listed on LowEndBox? What is your listing criteria?

We post offers for VPS services, dedicated servers, domains, shared hosting and VPN services,

  • Service specific criteria is available for view on our submit an offer page.
  • We will not list offers that only have yearly billing option, if the provider is under 1 year old.
  • We will only list one offer per provider per 30 days.
  • Providers under 12 months old need to display valid public WHOIS information on their domain.

Q. I am a VPS hosting provider. How do I get my offers posted?

Please contact us (using the email address above) and tell us about your hosting package. It must meet our listing criteria, and please include

  • Amount of memory, disk/storage space, bandwidth, CPU, port speed, and any other information about your plan that you can provide
  • Type of virtualization, i.e. Xen, OpenVZ, VMWare, etc…
  • Location of your servers and which data center are you hosting with (test IPs and files are a plus)
  • Company name and domain
  • Pricing (promotion codes if applicable)

Q. Why don’t you reply my email?! Why don’t you list my offers?! ARGHHH!!!

Because we are busy and get dozens of e-mails a day. If you are sending us your latest VPS offers, please check whether you have met the listing criteria. Especially if we have already previously written about your offer over the last 30 days.

Some of the common reasons why you don’t get listed:

  • You emailed me less than 30 days after your last offer was featured here. It goes straight to archived and I probably forget about it.
  • You emailed me too many times and I probably have flagged you as a spammer.
  • Your web hosting “business” is full of issues. Incomplete website, dodgy domain registration details, cryptic terms of services, using nulled software etc. Make sure you have those issues fixed before submission (otherwise you’ll probably get public ridicule from the community here).
  • “Please re-list my offer” usually goes to the bottom of list. If you can’t bother to improve your offers over the last 30 days, I probably won’t bother list it again either.
  • You are less than 12 months in the industry and are using private WHOIS.

Q. Can you fix/update a recent post about my company?

Yes, please contact the help desk above with the subject [FIX] <your company name> and include the changes in there. We will get to it as soon as possible. Please note that we will not remove information, it will just be striked through.

Q. What information do you need to publish my offer?

You can see a list of information that we need in our Helpdesk Knowledgebase.

How do I get my offer listed?: Please submit a new ticket at

VPS Offer Template: Click Here
VPN Offer Template: Click Here

LowEndBox is part of the VSNX family. We appreciate your feedback, please don’t hesitate to let us know how we’re doing at our helpdesk.