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6G is Coming And It Will Make You a Cyborg: The Industry's Wild, Wild Predictions for Life With 6G

6G ExoskeletonWe’ve seen 3G, 4G, and now 5G rolling out, at least in the developed world.  Some random stats:

  • About a third of North American mobile traffic is via 5G
  • 95% of Singapore is covered by 5G
  • By 2026, 90% of South Korean mobile traffic will be 5G
  • 90% of Germany is covered by 5G

Etcetera.  5G is a success.

So naturally people are think about 6G.

Of course, it doesn’t exist yet.  To quote Wikipedia: “As of 2023, there is no universally-accepted government or non-government standard for what qualifies as 6G technology and it is still in the early stage of development.”

But here’s some wild quotes on what to expect:

Marcus Weldon, president of Nokia Bell Labs: “What it really comes down to is mixing the physical world…the digital world–software systems, AI systems, and biological systems. You mix those together in real time. I have a permanent AR overlay.”

NTT Docomo: Envisions a “cyber-physical fusion”: “Many services utilizing cyber-physical fusion will be created in the 2020s and will be used practically in all environments, but more advanced cyber-physical fusion will be required in the 2030s. By transmitting and processing a large amount of information between cyberspace and physical space without delay, tighter cooperation between both spaces will be achieved, and ultimately, fusion without a gap between the spaces will be actualized. For humans, it will become possible for cyberspace to support human thought and action in real time through wearable devices and micro- devices mounted on the human body.”

Ericsson: “Maybe I want to stay a bit longer than usual in bed this morning, and instead of needing to call for my care worker, I can simply think and my 6G-connected exoskeleton will arrive seconds later, communicated via think.”

Cyber-physical fusion?  Exoskeletons?  Are we still talking about a wireless network or Cyberpunk 2077?

It’s too early to hazard a guess about what 6G will really be like, but here’s some reasonable guesses:

  • It’ll have faster throughput than 5G.  Duh.
  • It may improve latency.  5G is already pretty low-latency.  4G is 40-60ms.  5GB reduces this to less than 1ms.  How much lower can we go?
  • It’ll be capable of greater density.  5G supports 1 million devices per square kilometer and 6G will no doubt greatly improve upon that.
  • It’ll use higher frequencies.  The higher you go up the spectrum, the more data you can carry.  6G might approach terahertz speeds.  (Random braindfood: check out the extreme opposite of the scale).  Of course, higher frequencies mean shorter range.  Sorting this out will be a key engineering challenge.

And apparently it’ll link your brain directly with your powered exoskeleton in the garage, like Iron Man.  Neat.



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