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Advin Servers: 2vCPU + 4GB Ram VPS for $24/Year? Yes Please.

Recently over on LowEndTalk, @advin posted a new thread on behalf of Advin Servers with some new offers.

By offers, we’re talking 2vCPU + 4GB ram for $24 per year. It’s a bit nutty.

In fact, so nutty that you may think Advin Servers is a scam. They aren’t.

I’ve essentially watched Advin grow from just some person beefing with @ezeth in Boomer.host‘s Discord to becoming a full-fledged business owner, and I’m happy for them.

At first glance, Advin Servers may seem like a hobbyist side project with prices arguably too low; but I can assure you Advin Servers is the real deal and Advin doesn’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon.

Further, since they’ve stepped away since posting their last offer (a year ago), they’ve put a considerable amount of work into improving unsexy backend things and processes, like customer support response times.

You love to see it.

That said, let’s dive into what you’re really here for…

The New Advin Servers Offers

Currently, Advin Servers only has the following live offer:

KVM Standard VPS
This lineup features various processors, such as AMD EPYC 7B13, EPYC 7502, RYZEN 3900X, and other various processors depending on availability and the specific location. This lineup is broadly available in 9+ locations worldwide, in regions such as Singapore, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Nuremberg, and more! Up to 10 Gbps network port depending on location, generally with Gen3 or Gen4 NVMe SSD.

KVM Standard S
High Frequency (4 vCores)
16GB DDR4 ECC Memory
4TB Bandwidth (1 Gbps)
Advanced DDoS Mitigation

[Order here]

There are also a couple of bigger sizes available, but nothing smaller.

This offer is available in multiple different locations right now, however… what I think you might be interested in most are the new pre-order offers that Advin announced.

The New Advin Servers Pre-Order Offers

I’ll let Advin explain it:

KVM Premium VPS
This lineup features our brand new AMD EPYC Genoa 9554 series of processors (featuring an all core boost of 3.75 GHz), with the latest generation DDR5 ECC memory and RAID10 Gen4 NVMe SSD, making for one of our most fastest servers running on enterprise and server-grade hardware. All KVM Premium VPS are currently pre-orders. The estimated deployment date is currently November 16th, 2023, but it may be subject to delays. Only available in our Nuremberg, DE location for the time being.

KVM Premium XS
AMD Genoa 9554 (2 vCores)
0 dedicated, 2 burstable cores
4GB DDR5 ECC Memory
40GB NVMe SSD Storage
5TB Bandwidth (10 Gbit)
Located in Nuremberg, DE
Pre-order ETA Nov 16th, 2023
$4/month – $9/quarter – $24/year

[Pre-order here]

KVM Premium S
AMD Genoa 9554 (4 vCores)
1 dedicated, 3 burstable cores
8GB DDR5 ECC Memory
80GB NVMe SSD Storage
10TB Bandwidth (10 Gbit)
Located in Nuremberg, DE
Pre-order ETA Nov 16th, 2023
$8/month – $18/quarter – $48/year

[Pre-order here]

After salivating over these beefy VPS offers, I decided to follow up with Advin over messages and asked him a few things:

SirFoxy: “Howdy. Do you own the pre-order gear? If so, what DC are you in & what are the host nodes looking like?”

Advin: “Hi, yes, we own the hardware. We are in Hetzner NBG1. We just use them for rackspace & power but we have our own transit.

Currently, node specifications look like:
AMD EPYC Genoa 9554
1024GB DDR5 ECC Memory
4 x 8TB Gen4 NVMe SSD
40 Gbit Private + 20 Gbit Public
Located in Nuremberg, DE”

SirFoxy: “Who/whom are you using for transit in Nuremberg?”

Advin: “Since Nuremberg is a new location (launched in September), we are only with Cogent for now as we push a lot of volume. We are working on onboarding more carriers such as GTT or switching to a solution such as DataPacket in the near future, but, that would require a connection to another facility (specifically Interxion Frankfurt) which we are still working out the logistics of. Hetzner NBG is super limited in terms of transit options, unfortunately. We have a backup link to another on-site carrier which we can failover to if Cogent were to have problems. It’s not an ideal solution, but we have a decent sized port with Cogent and Cogent has actually been relatively stable/without many problems in Europe. The only problems that we have faced have been to Deutsche Telekom; they were recently involved in a lawsuit with Cogent for intentionally congesting internet links.

If you are interested in testing speeds, you can run a speedtest from your system to our Ookla speedtest server:

speedtest –server-id=60677

Alternatively, you can ping″

SirFoxy: “Interesting read and case. Cogent’s not that bad, they just have a bad rep lol. You’re growing pretty fast and run a tight ship! I have faith in you.”

Advin: “Yeah, Cogent isn’t really as bad as people like to make them seem like they are. They are a massive carrier with a ton of capacity, but only using Cogent is not the most ideal solution and something that I am looking to change in the short future.”

SirFoxy: “For sure. Well, thanks for your time. Is there anything else you’d like to add?”

Advin: “No problem! That’s about it. The only thing else I’d mention is this does include a 14-day refund guarantee and feel free to join our Discord here. Thanks!”

Awesome stuff. Now for the ultimate question:

Should You Pick Up a New VPS From Advin Servers?

I’ve just consulted with my magic conch shell:


And well, according to my magic conch, there’s approximately a 97% chance of customer satisfaction by purchasing a new VPS from Advin Servers.

Plus, you’re covered by a 14-day risk-free money-back guarantee, so, statistically, those odds rise to about 99.9% because if you hate it, you can get your money back.

A win/win scenario with little to no risk, really.

So… why not?

P.S. If you like free stuff, the new Advin Servers thread might interest you.

Sir Foxy


  1. J:

    So, ALL of their offers in ALL locations appear to be at ZERO available and no order (or Pre-Order ) is possible…
    GREAT start… :-)

    November 9, 2023 @ 3:51 pm | Reply
    • Hello,

      Unfortunately, we ran out of stock within 48 hours of the initial post due to super high demand for our services, including our KVM Premium Genoa VPS. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this, but we really did sell almost all of our stock, which was the full 1TB.

      In regards to the rest of our lineups, yes, we are also out of stock. We own our hardware in almost all of our regions, meaning that restocks can sometimes take longer as we have to get more hardware shipments inbound to each of our locations, which will take some time. Along with this, we have super high demand for our services. If stock does pop up, we usually sell out really quickly.

      Thank you!

      November 10, 2023 @ 4:28 pm | Reply

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