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Cheap Full-Service Hosting in Spokane from Layer!

LayerThere was a time when if you wanted to be a hosting provider, all you had to do was rack some gear, sign up for networking, and hang out your shingle.  That boat has long sailed.  In today’s hyper-competitive market, you need to bring something to the table that makes you unique.  Some people compete with niche offerings or unique software, and some compete by adding value and services to the relationship.

That’s what Layer does.  They’re a full-service shop that can take you by the hand and walk you through logo and brand design, social media marketing, and VPS hosting.  If you just have an idea or are just getting started, their consultancy can take you from dream to reality, putting your digital footprint online.

Of course, this is LowEndBox, so your question is “well what does the VPS hosting cost”.  Not much:

  • 2GB RAM, 2 cores, 5 backup slots, 3TB bandwidth (plus another 3 free – see below), IPv4 + IPv6, KVM for only $4.99/month!

Service is in Spokane, Washington which is a less common geography.

Here’s a bit more about them from their owner, LowEndTalk’s @rsk:

We’ve had offers on LEB and LET going all the way back to 2012 under our previous brand. We have rebranded into Layer (a registered company in Dubai, with trade license number 900809, and real offices) 3 years ago, and have been working really hard in Dubai with local businesses – where we are offering all in one service contracts for social media management, infrastructure management, web design services, hosting, and more. With a major focus on B2B.

We currently host our customers out of Dubai, Germany, New York, and we have just expanded into Spokane, WA!

This expansion will help us improve our service offerings, and provide additional services to the wider public, by shifting from our traditional B2B approach to B2B as well as B2C. Services for all!

Check out their TOS and then read on to learn more about Layer and their unique offerings!

Datacenter Info

Datacenter: Tierpoint Liberty Lake – Spokane, Washington, United States
Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2602:fafd:f50:1::a
Test file: https://spk-lg.layer.ae/100MB.bin https://spk-lg.layer.ae/1GB.bin
Looking glass: https://spk-lg.layer.ae

Host Node Specs

AMD Ryzen 9 7950X
2x 4TB NVMe
2x 10TB HDD
10Gbps uplink

The Exclusive Offer

2048MB DDR5 RAM +1GB Additional FREE by mentioning LowEndBox in order comments
1x vCPU +1 vCPU Additional FREE by mentioning LowEndBox in order comments
50GB NVMe space (PCIe 4.0)
3TB transfer +3TB Additional FREE by mentioning LowEndBox in order comments
10Gbps uplink
1x IPv4
/64 IPv6
DDOS Watch™
5x FREE Backup Slots
Automated rDNS
Spokane, WA (North West USA)
Coupon: H14HUZ9UNT
$4.99/month (price after coupons/discounts)

Layer’s website VPS plans page : https://layer.ae/amd-ryzen-nvme-vps-plans/

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is allowed? What isn’t?
A. TLDR; All legal services are welcome at Layer. We do NOT allow adult content, spam, phishing, hacking, DDoS, public proxies, mining, port scanning, TOR, IRC, and public tracker torrents on our network.

Q. What kind of support is provided?
A. Our products and services are completely unmanaged. Support will be limited to network and access related queries.

Q. Are these services activated immediately?
A. If this is your first order with us, the order will require passing our fraud checks. If you already have an active service with us, your new order will be provisioned automatically.

Q. Some IPs are geolocated to Dubai? What is this all about?!
A. We are waiting for some geo IP DB service providers to update the information on their side. You can verify your service location by a trace route if required.

Q. Do you limit any ports? Is mailing allowed?
A. By default port 25 is blocked. We can make exceptions if necessary.

Q. My order was rejected! Help!
A. The only time we will reject your order is when/if you used fake information or a VPN. Make sure all the details are correct, and you are using an IP matching your signup details. If you are still facing issues, please contact us.

Q. Are the resources dedicated to me?
A. No, they are provided to you on a fair share concept.

Q. Can you help me upload an ISO?
A. Certainly! Please open a ticket and provide us with the details.

Q. Are Windows Servers allowed?
A. Currently, we do not support Windows on our platform.

Q. Can I set my own rDNS?
A. Yes, rDNS can be set automatically in our VirtFusion control panel.

Q. Can you announce my IPs?
A. Certainly! Please open a ticket and provide us with the details.

Q. Your website lists services for social media management, creative content, photography, and web design. Are you a hosting provider or a creative agency?
A. Long gone are the days where you focus on one service, especially when our customers are expecting us to manage their social media, create their websites, manage the servers and infrastructure, and so on. This is why, we, as Layer decided to provide all our services publicly on our website for both our B2B and our B2C customers.

Q. My question is not listed here .. what can I do?
A. Please contact us.


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