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Dot.AL - $6 512MB OpenVZ VPS in Lenoir, North Carolina

Sadi, from Dot.AL, has emailed in these two exclusive lowendbox offers. We have featured the VPS Basic plan twice before but the VPS Medium plan is a new edition.

VPS Basic

  • 256MB RAM
  • 384MB Burst
  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 10GB Diskspace
  • 400GB Bandwidth
  • 1Gbps Port Speed
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • OpenVZ/SolusVM
  • $4/month – Order Link
VPS Medium

  • 512MB RAM
  • 768MB Burst
  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 30GB Diskspace
  • 800GB Bandwidth
  • 1Gbps Port Speed
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • OpenVZ/SolusVM
  • $6/month – Order Link

Dot.AL have been featured twice before on LowEndBox. We are told that they’ve been in business since September 2009 and are a registered company in Albania – a tiny european country which has a pretty cool flag. According to webhostingstuff, their website has an overall uptime of 99.94%, since it was first monitored in August 2009. Their last two offers have not received many comments, so if anyone on here has signed up with them, it would be great if you could leave a short review below!

Dot.AL tell us that they hope to have IPv6 in the next few months. They accept payments via Paypal or Moneybookers. Dot.AL provide a 7 day moneyback guarantee and a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. TOR, Adult and IRC is not allowed but they do allow VPN/Proxies. You can see their Terms of Service/Acceptable Usage policy by clicking here.

Network Information:

Servers are located with Dacentec in Lenoir, North Carolina.

Test IPv4:
Test Files: http://file.dot.al


  1. “Dot.AL tell us that they hope to have IPv6 in the next few months.” – Something I’ve heard way too many times.

    March 7, 2013 @ 8:17 pm | Reply
    • Also: Disksapce

      March 7, 2013 @ 8:17 pm | Reply
      • Hello D. Strout,

        Well IPv6 integration does not depend on us, since its the Datacenter who need to implement this, and our DC still hasnt done so and we are waiting.

        As for the Disk Space, we are not some kind of company who will put 150 users in one Server, we believe that overselling is bad and we dont do that :)

        If you are interested on getting a VPS from us, you have 7 days money back :)

        Let us know if you have anything else.

        Thank you

        March 7, 2013 @ 9:39 pm | Reply
        • Yeah, I know it’s not up to the providers. I just wish society as a whole (including datacenter techs) would wake up and recognize that IPv4 depletion won’t stop if we ignore it.

          As to disk space, I was referring to the typo. Which it seems has been fixed. I actually don’t care that much about disk space; I don’t usually use much.

          March 7, 2013 @ 9:42 pm | Reply
        • D. Strout,

          We totally agree about this, because we are also suffering since to get a single IPv4 we need to fill a loot of documents. But Integration of the systems buying new routers etc has its own cost and DC simply cant pull IPv6 from nothing.

          Anyway well we will keep asking the DC to add IPv6 and we will gladly add it on the system as soon they will release it.

          Aha i thought you said about low diskspace :)

          Anyway thank you for your comments :) If you have anything else just let us know.

          Best Regards

          March 7, 2013 @ 9:52 pm | Reply
        • Yeah thanks, typo was fixed. (my mistake)

          March 7, 2013 @ 10:00 pm | Reply
  2. I am pasting this from one of the comments in one of our posts:

    Results of my 100mbit vps downloading the 1gb test file:

    [root@smackskit ~]# wget

    –2012-12-26 11:04:31–
    Connecting to… connected.
    HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
    Length: 1073741824 (1.0G) [application/zip]
    Saving to: 1GB.zip

    100%[====================================>] 1,073,741,824 57.7M/s in 26s

    2012-12-26 11:04:58 (38.8 MB/s) – 1GB.zip

    March 7, 2013 @ 9:54 pm | Reply
  3. tom N:

    BOUHT one thanks!

    March 10, 2013 @ 12:52 am | Reply
  4. tom N:

    BOUHT one thanks!

    March 10, 2013 @ 12:52 am | Reply
  5. Samuel:

    Links are not working???

    March 11, 2013 @ 11:41 am | Reply
    • Hello,

      Can you explain better ? are you unable to access the website or the coupon is not working ?

      Let me know.

      March 11, 2013 @ 12:57 pm | Reply
  6. Frank:


    The link does not give the discount, it goes to full price $10.

    March 12, 2013 @ 8:45 pm | Reply
  7. Here is my short review.
    Since UGVPS moved out of Lenoir, I needed another VPS in this location.
    I decided to give Dot.al a try. Setup was not instant but took less than 3 hours.
    The VPS so far has average values for every thing, it’s well balanced and this is a very good thing. Here are details.
    It should be good for any kind of web hosting, email, dns servers.
    It’s too early to comment on uptime and support (which I probably will never need).

    March 15, 2013 @ 11:55 am | Reply
    • Hi,

      Thank you Hostingwizard for your review :)

      If you have any issue just let us know, we will do what we can within our power to help you out.

      March 15, 2013 @ 2:52 pm | Reply

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