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Engineering education plus strong customer focus! -- Interview with @rajat of VisualWebTechnologies

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One of the benefits that we Low End folks enjoy is meeting Providers here in our Low End Box Interview Series!

Sometimes the Interviews get started when Low End Talk Members ask for a particular Provider to be interviewed. Other times, Providers take the initiative and ask for interviews.

When @rajat asked for this interview, the first thing I immediately noticed was how polite @rajat’s messages to me were. Being polite is super nice!

Furthermore, it’s just my two cents, but I thought I sensed a polite tone surrounding the entire discussion on one of @rajat’s recent Low End Talk ads.

I’ve really enjoyed working on this Interview with @rajat! Please continue reading to learn more about @rajat and about Visual Web Technologies.  And check out their offer we just published.

And, sssshh! There might be a special deal in here. . . .

Interview with @rajat of Visual Web Technologies!

Question: Hi @rajat! Where are you located?

Answer: I live in India.

Question: What did you do before Visual Web Technologies?

Answer: I studied Mechanical Engineering. It’s not directly related to what I’m doing now, but it still gave me good insight into the hosting industry. And then I started website development in 2012. I also provided shared hosting services to local area businesses for around 2-3 years. That helped me a lot to understand customers’ needs before starting VisualWebTechnologies.

Question: How did Visual Web Technologies get started?

Answer: In 2013, we were searching for a suitable Shared Hosting and VPS for our applications, requiring moderate RAM but lots of CPU power. However, the market at that time was limited to very few choices.

So to solve the problem, we launched Visual Web Technologies.

In the early days, we used a room at a co-founder’s house as our office, equipped with just a few tables and laptops. Those were hard times that we would never forget.

Question: What was the most difficult part of starting up? How did you conquer the difficulty?

Answer: Definitely the web hosting. I can share that not everyone is fully aware of what is the right tool for them to achieve the goal they have in their mind. This is not something to be worried about though! And it’s definitely not something that should stop anyone from making the move to dive into the web hosting world. Everything is hard at first! We do not expect everyone to know everything!

Like all other businesses, the first challenging aspect is having profit. To achieve that, we need to be persistent on service quality and not making quick money with unsustainable deals.

Both the most enjoyed and the most challenging aspect is communication with customers. Technical and administration seems easy if you have qualified staff, whereas clients can’t be predicted or controlled in any way. Which is great, because every day brings new challenges and new, exciting projects.

Question: What are your plans for Visual Web Technologies in 2022?

Answer: In addition to our data centers in Dallas-US and Germany, we’re currently finalizing the deployment of our third global datacenter in India very soon.

Also, we have plans to launch a fully managed VPS service built on DigitalOcean and AWS infrastructure before the end of 2022. This will enable us to open hundreds of new geographic cloud locations.

Unlike any other hosting provider, we’ll give clients a choice between our own datacenters and DigitalOcean/AWS. It will allow all customers to compare the speed and costs of various solutions effectively.

Question: Is there anything more that you would like to share with our readers?

Answer: Reliability and support are the most important elements of a great hosting service. You should always choose a hosting provider with professionals having years of experience in the industry. They can provide you with the necessary support quickly. It will make your life a lot easier. Also, make sure that the provider is offering the same uptime rate as promised in the SLA.

Question: Do you have a special offer for our readers?

Answer: Here are offers links for shared and reseller hosting:

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Low End Box thanks @rajat and Visual Web Technologies for suggesting this Interview and for supporting our platform!


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