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First Host Rep Roundup Rodeo (HR3)!!

Rodeo image from Mexico

As announced a few days ago, Low End Talk Host Reps now have opportunities to post offers here at Low End Box during our weekly Host Rep Roundup Rodeo, called “HR3” for short.

This is the first HR3! Yaaay!! 🤩

However, no LET Host Rep has as yet taken advantage of this new opportunity to advertise their great deals! 🤦‍♂️

In order to use in some not too unreasonable way my time and the free advertising space — both previously allocated to our LET Host Reps — I’m gonna comment on a few ads already posted on LET — VirMach, @BrianHarrison of Reprise Hosting, and Interserver.

Host Reps, if you want free advertising on next week’s Low End Box HR3, please PM your offers to me, @Not_Oles, before midnight UTC next Tuesday, March 22.


The Provider bumped to the top of the page over at Low End Talk when I just now looked is VirMach

VirMach says:

VirMach is back, and this time we have Ryzen. Multiple locations are immediately available, and we are launching our Tokyo, Japan location as a pre-order, with servers ready and being shipped out on the next business day, networking and power set up, and IPv4 reserved, meaning that there’s not going to be that long of a wait. We also have another new location available: Denver, Colorado, which will arrive at the datacenter tomorrow. Immediately available locations include Phoenix and Seattle, and San Jose will join the immediate availability list soon.

This will be the lowest prices we will offer for Ryzen, over the next 12 months.

“Ryzen” is an eye catching word these days on the Low End!

It seems like quite a lot might be happening about how UPS shipping affects these offers!

Last, but maybe not least, it looks like the early bird discount might have expired on March 14:

Use coupon code “EARLYBIRDPREORDER2022” before 03/14/2021

Good luck to VirMach on quick resolution of shipping issues, significant expansion, and Ryzen!

@BrianHarrison — Reprise Hosting

Another ad on LET’s first page right now is from @BrianHarrison of Reprise Hosting.

I haven’t yet met @BrianHarrison, and I’ve never been his customer, but his advertising style always has appealed to me. I like that he uses his name. I like that he has antique servers where everything is dedicated. I like the list of public reviews. I like that Brian participates in the discussions on his offer threads.

Haha, one thing readers might guess is that I’ve thought of trying one of Brian’s servers. Maybe someday I will ask Brian for a quote on a double SSD setup with ECC RAM? :)


I was glad to see another ad from my old friends at Interserver.

Until April 15, Interserver is offering Lifetime 20% Off on Linux VPS slices, Storage VPS slices, and Windows VPS slices. I like the “slice” method of keeping the plan structure simple and easy to understand. We can buy anywhere from one slice up to sixteen slices.

Here’s what Interserver said when they were asked whether they were going to keep their LET provider tag:

Yes, we are keeping the provider tag. It’s better to try and see how things go before jumping to conclusions. Hosting advertising is highly competitive. One can burn $1000 in google ads within half a day and have little to show for it. Some threads on this forum are highly entertaining so I have no issues with doing whatever we can to support it.


Congrats to VirMach, Reprise Hosting, and Interserver on their interesting offers on Low End Talk! Congrats to all our Low End Talk Host Reps on their new opportunity for free advertising here at HR3!

El caballero @Not_Oles :)

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